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UK Proposal Planners Help You With Proposal Ideas


If you follow The Heart Bandits, you probably saw that we were featured in Daily Mail and you know we have UK Proposal Planners on our staff.  We have been lucky enough to have planned several UK proposals and today we want to give you some UK proposal ideas.  Whether you are just visiting the UK or you are from there and looking for some proposal inspiration, we can help.

On the Water

There are some seriously beautiful locations in the UK to propose that are on the water.  One of our favorites is The Waterside Inn where we just planned an amazing proposal involving puzzle pieces since he said she was his missing piece of the puzzle.



Art Galleries or Museums

The UK has no shortage of beautiful art galleries and museums.  One that we absolutely love is the Orleans House Gallery.  We love it because it is beautiful on the inside and out.  Host your proposal here and then the wedding after!

Iconic Locations

If you are visiting the UK, you may want to propose at some iconic locations such as Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, or the London Bridge.  Make sure you hire a photographer to capture your iconic proposal!

Planning a proposal in your hometown is difficult, especially if you live with your girlfriend. It is even more difficult to plan an international proposal.  So whether you live in the UK or are just visiting, contact your The Heart Bandits-UK Proposal Planners today.


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