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Marriage proposals using traditional media such as a newspaper, radio announcement or on live television can go one of two ways, good or bad. The partner being proposed to either sees the proposal as a fun and unique way of their partner professing their love and commitment OR they see it as an embarrassing and unintamite way to ask a very important string of four life changing words. The Heart Bandits team is always here to help you from making bad proposal decisions and today, we will highlight a few pros and cons on traditional media marriage proposals:


Buying ad space in a local or well known newspaper or magazine for your partner to discover while reading is a unique way to propose. Not only will your partner see your act of love but so will all of the other readers.

If your partner enjoys being the center of attention, a public marriage proposal is the perfect way to ask. Incorporate something fun like a flash mob or group of musicians for an extra element of excitement!


Your partner might be thrown off by how public you make you proposal. If you are proposing on live television, during the “Kiss Cam” at a game or in front of a large group of people consider how your partner will react to such an intimate moment with so many people around.

Buying ad space in a newspaper or magazine can be costly depending on how many characters you want to include in your message. If you are adding a picture, that will also cost you more than characters.

A public proposal may feel less intimate to your partner, which is not a good feeling on such a special day in each other’s lives.

If you are planning to propose but aren’t sure how to plan a public or private event, contact The Heart Bandits today for personalized advice and proposal planning unique to you and your partner. If you are searching for an alternative to the traditional bulky engagement ring box, go to www.ringstash.com and find the ultimate thin box solution!

Beth Beeson

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