Today we are pleased to feature a marriage proposal by The Heart Bandits that we helped coordinate in Chicago. This was a really wonderful proposal because Ben and Katie were going to be traveling together to Chicago where they had shared special memories before.

Chicago was where they first discovered that they were in love and their relationship would truly last. During their first visit there, they had lunch in a restaurant on the sidewalk after a day of seeing the sites. Ben remembered that Katie was so happy that she even had tears of joy, literally. We knew that the significance of this location would need to be involved as they took the next step in their relationship.

Ben’s marriage proposal idea went down like this. On their visit to Chicago, they went back to the same restaurant, Carmine’s, to have a bite to eat. As they were sitting, a guitarist approached. Little did Katie know though but that guitarist was just for them. He serenaded them with their song, Total Eclipse of the Heart. As he was playing, a staff member, approached and began displaying signs to Katie that contained love notes from Ben to her. The love notes described some of their favorite memories, some of the things he loves about her, and most importantly, if she would marry him. When the last sign was revealed she of course said yes! Congratulations to Ben and Katie!

All the photos below are courtesy of Millicent Wong Photography. The guitarist was Gareth Woods and the sign flippers were staff at Carmine’s.



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