You’ve all seen them and undoubtedly, you’ve probably cringed when you heard about them. What are they? They are the bad marriage proposals. When you hear that someone recently got engaged, it should be a happy time, not a time when you’re wondering “What was that guy thinking?!”. With the internet these days, people tend to search for the easy solution, so that’s why you keep hearing about pretty bad proposals so often. To help out the poor guys out there, today The Heart Bandits – Proposal Planners are going to tell you the Top 7 Types of Marriage Proposals To Avoid. They’re not pretty, so do yourself and your future a favor and PLEASE avoid these:



The Jumbotron Proposal

What can be said about this proposal that isn’t already self explanatorily bad?  First of all, there’s a pretty good chance that your girlfriend doesn’t even like the sport and she’s only there for you.  Second of all, everything else about it is pretty much awful.  Her feet will be stuck to the ground because of dropped nachos, everyone is noisy, she may not even see the jumbotron, etc.  PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Ring In Champagne Glass

It’s really cliche and we don’t really understand why it’s been done so much.  The ring should be presented in a nice and classy way by you while you are on one knee.  NOT in a potentially dangerous situation where she might choke on it.

Writing It On Your Car

We all know you have an awesome 1998 Ford Taurus.  But please do not immortalize your car and your future together on something that will break down and be sold in a year or two.  Think about her!

While Getting Out Of Bed

Sure you are both well rested but that doesn’t mean that she wants to be proposed to in her pajamas without taking a shower or looking her best.  Most women love to be dressed up and if they will be proposed to, it’s so much better if they are dolled up already.  Keep that in mind.

Proposing Over the Phone Or Internet

There are only very minor exceptions to this, but for the most part you want to be physically there and make it romantic and special.  You don’t want an email emoticon showing your excitement.

Proposing By Placing the Ring In Food

Similar to the champagne glass, this proposal is epic-ally wrong.

Proposing Without A Ring

What are you thinking?  She’s been anticipating this moment her whole life so make sure you give her a ring that will last a lifetime.

There are plenty more marriage proposal ideas that are fails out there so you must be careful.  If you really want to ensure your proposal is everything that she dreamed of and not something that will go down in shame, contact The Heart Bandits-Marriage Proposal Experts and we will help you create a proposal that will make her melt and give you a story everyone will be jealous of.

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