Everyone knows it is amazing to watch a proposal video.  In fact, we posted one of our recent client’s proposal video below so you can see it for yourself.  But besides posting it on Facebook, did you know there are many other things that you can do with it which will make you feel like you are really getting your money’s worth when you invest in proposal videography?


Use it for Your E-Engagement Announcement

You can save some major moolah by sending out an e-engagement announcement to your friends and family.  And in that announcement, how cool would it be to have the video of your proposal?  It will evoke much more emotion than a simple card.  It will also eliminate you having to tell the story of how you proposed, because everyone will ask.

Play it at Your Engagement Party

When you have your Engagement Party, right before you make your grand entrance you can have your proposal video shown to the crowd.

Have it Playing at Your Wedding

Having a slide show created for your wedding can cause some major bucks.  But if you have already invested in a proposal video, you can have that playing while the guests are eating dinner.

Use it for Your Anniversary

When your anniversary comes around and you are looking for a way to show her you still love her, incorporate your proposal video into the evening.  Contact The Heart Bandits for help creating your romantic anniversary date.

Show Your Children and Grandchildren

The last but certainly not the least fabulous reason you should invest in a proposal video is so that when your children say, “How did daddy propose?” you can show them, not just tell them.  Same goes for the grandchildren.

If you need help with proposal planning, proposal videography, proposal ideas, or anything else related to engagements, please contact The Heart Bandits today.


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