There are a lot of misconceptions of what proposal planners do out there. Some people hear of The Heart Bandits and think that they put on masks to impersonate the guy doing the proposal. Some people think we’re match-makers. But there are guys (just like me and you) that could really use our services. When a guy is going to propose there are a lot of things he must consider, plan, and execute and since we are proposal experts we can help guide him through the whole process so that he makes this day all he (and she) could have ever imagined. For those that are on the fence about using our services, here are the top 4 reasons you should use us as your proposal planners.

Proposal Planners

Experience and Expertise With Proposals

The biggest reason to hire The Heart Bandits as your proposal experts is because of our experience and expertise. We have done many proposals and have seen what guys go through before they have a plan, while they’re thinking of ideas, and during the actual proposal day. There are a lot of guys that tend to make proposals about them and not their girlfriends and therefore do not think of things that should definitely be included in the proposal. Additionally, I’m one of those guys that has been in your shoes so I know exactly what you’re going through. Once you have the ring and are ready, you could be a nervous wreck. Michele and I are great at coaching guys and helping them out through this process.

Creativity with Special Touches

Let’s face it, some guys just are not very creative and have a lot of trouble when it comes to romance. When you let the experts look at your relationship from the outside-in, we will help you see things in a different light. You will realize that your relationship does have a lot that could be symbolized and incorporated into your proposal. Michele and I are very creative people and we work together with you to get you ideas that are outside-the-box and perfectly in line with what you’re looking for.

Vendor and Venue Partnerships & Advice

From our experience, we have tons of advice we can give you once your idea is set. You may decide to propose at a park with a flash mob, but did you know that many cities require permits, especially if there’s going to be photographers or videographers? If your proposal concept requires a violinist or a guitarist or a painter, etc, then we have great existing relationships with many vendors to fit your needs. If you are looking for the perfect proposal location, then we have tons of recommended places because we scout them out specifically for this reason.

Safety Net for Executing Your Plan

I can tell you from direct experience that on your proposal day, you will nervous. Many times those nerves come from hoping that everything that you are planning goes exactly as you have planned. When you hire The Heart Bandits to plan your event, we will be there to make sure that everyone is in their right place and everything is in order before you arrive. You will have a team supporting you so all you have to think about is the girl right in front of you. By not having to worry about logistics or planning, you will enjoy your moment more and you will feel at ease.

If you would like to have the perfect marriage proposal of her dreams, then contact us today. We are experts in the field of marriage proposals. We will help you with any questions you may have, proper proposal etiquette, and will be there when you propose to make sure that your plan goes as you want it.


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