Big Bear is California’s most famous mountain resort community located in The San Bernardino National Forest. The gorgeous setting includes pine and oak forests, rare bald eagles, and a seven-mile-long fresh water lake. Big Bear is home to one of the country’s only alpine solar observatories, has a public zoo, golf course, a multitude of restaurants, and great shopping. Popular recreational activities include mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and winter sports.

It’s no wonder that Big Bear is a fantastic place to propose. Instead of proposing in a restaurant, consider one of these top 3 Most Unique Big Bear Proposal Ideas:

Ski Lift Proposal

  • Write your partner’s name in the snow beneath the ski lift ahead of time, and the words “Will You Marry Me?” and instruct your partner to look down.
  • Be sure that when they look up you have your engagement ring ready. Ensure that the ring is absolutely secured with fishing wire or a ribbon so that it doesn’t get lost. Alternatively, you can keep it safe in a secure ring box like the compact boxes made by so that you don’t drop it into the snow.
  • Consider having a photographer or videographer on the lift ahead of you to capture the moment.

Horseback Riding Proposal

  • Arrange for you and your partner to go on a horseback ride together.
  • Have a secluded spot set up ahead of time with a romantic picnic prepared. Serve delicious food and wine –  include flowers and other romantic touches to make it extra special.
  • Help your partner down from their horse, and drop to one knee to propose. Afterward, enjoy your special picnic together as a newly engaged couple!

Big Bear Lake Proposal 

  • Rent your watercraft of choice – a canoe, fishing boat, or pontoon from Big Bear Marina.
  • Take your partner out to the middle of the lake. Tell your partner how much they mean to you, and ask them to marry you. Depending on the type of boat you’ve rented, you may be able to drop to one knee – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice ahead of time so that you don’t lose your balance.
  • Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the moment from a nearby boat.
  • Make certain that your ring is secured so that it doesn’t get dropped accidentally in the lake.

Do you want to propose at Big Bear? The Heart Bandits can help facilitate your dream proposal. Our proposal experts will arrange everything so that you can concentrate on what matters most – your partner. We have a variety of proposal packages to meet your every need, so contact us today! Also, don’t head down the slopes with a bulky engagement ring box.  Head to to pick up a flat engagement ring box that will go undetected until you are ready to pop the question!

Christina Clawson

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