Congratulations for being a such a gentleman and not only planning your proposal but getting a professional photographer to capture the moments!  I propose you that she or he will LOVE you for it.  So you’ve booked your proposal with our amazing proposal planning team: The Heart Bandits, so that’s one less thing on your mind & no need to worry about logistics.

So now, how do you make sure you both look good & that special cue “The Titanic” music WOW moment is beautifully captured and you have something lovely to share with your friends & family?  We interviewed one of our favorite photographers Petronella from Petronella Photography about some of the best tips for making sure you have the best proposal photos.  Check out the following tips:

  1. Make sure her hair & nails are done well.  She’ll be embarrassed if her nails look bad & won’t want to take photos.
  2. For the best lighting, find out when the sun will be setting and plan to arrive & propose 45min -1hr BEFORE the sun goes down.  You’ll get the best sunset photos and take advantage of golden hour lighting.
  3. BUT if you decide to propose outside at night when it’s dark, make sure both your outfits are in a color that’ll stand out against the night sky
  4. If you’re proposing in winter when most people wear black coats, if possible, make sure both your coats are in a color that’ll stand out against the crowd, especially in a crowded area.  You can ask her or him to wear your favorite beige or red coat.
  5. Take your time going down and staying down on one knee, so her reaction is perfectly captured and nothing is blocked.
  6. Have a good reason for why she needs to be at a certain place at a certain time (eg: restaurant reservation or meeting friends).  Lighting can dramatically affect how well the proposal photos turn out.
  7. Take a moment after she’s had a chance to listen to what you’ve said & fully absorb what’s happening to slowly & carefully place the ring on her finger.
  8. If you’ll have family & friends at the proposal, ask them to stand back a bit and be careful not to block the camera or video team, so the BIG moment is perfectly captured

There you have it!  Proposal tips from an actual photographer who takes proposal photos day in and day out.  Follow these proposal tips and your pictures will be as amazing as the moment is.  One last tip from us, don’t hide your engagement ring in your sock or even worse, your underwear (yes we have actually had someone do it).  Buy an easy to conceal engagement ring box from and you won’t have to worry about hiding that bulky ring box.


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