David contacted The Heart Bandits several months ago to start planning his special marriage proposal for Karen.  He was always traveling for work so he found it hard to find time to think of the perfect proposal idea, let alone plan the whole thing.  We spoke with David and one thing he said really stood out to us.  He said on the day when he first asked her to be his girlfriend, he gave her a Tiffany necklace and with the necklace was a card that had the question written out.  Light bulbs went off and we thought, why not propose in the same way!

Here is how it all went down.  Karen thought she was just out for the day in Chicago experiencing touristy activities.  They showed up at Navy Pier and walked into Crystal Gardens.


Karen is shocked when she sees a gorgeous floral arrangement containing her favorite flowers, and a ton of Tiffany inspired color boxes.  She then notices the guitarist playing Spanish music for her as David has her take a seat.


David + Karen Proposal-19


One by one, David handed Karen a card just like the one he had given her so long ago, and a corresponding box containing a gift.  The final gift he gave her was a Tiffany engagement ring with a card that said “Will You Marry Me?”  Karen said yes and was overjoyed.

David + Karen Proposal-16

David + Karen Proposal-49




If you are looking for the perfect proposal idea hire The Heart Bandits to create the concept and provide all of the proposal planning.  Contact us today to get started.

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Gray Photography

Venue: Crystal Gardens

Floral and Design: Exquisite Designs

Guitarist: Neil Dixon Smith


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