If you ever look at my iTunes playlist you will see that I just have a TON of music. Some of the stuff I don’t really know where I even got it from. So to say the least, I’m a huge music fan and love anything that can go well with music.

As a Proposal Planner at The Heart Bandits I’ve learned that having a marriage proposal with music goes hand and hand. Why is it so perfect? Here are my thoughts on it.


Music is Beautiful and Artistic

There’s just something about music that adds a special touch to a proposal. It makes it more beautiful and artistic because it creates an atmosphere that simple words cannot create by themselves. If your proposal idea doesn’t accommodate having a musician there, then consider videotaping your proposal and adding music to it aftwards.

Words Have More Meaning In A Song

Ever wonder why some songs always stick in our minds? When songs are written, they are done so to depict the emotion they’re about. The words in the song may be simple, but when they’re sung, the singer usually displays his or her emotion as raw as possible. You can bring this emotion into your proposal by choosing a song that describes how you’re feeling.

Much More Memorable

If you have a musician at your proposal or add a song to your engagement video, then it will simply be much more memorable. Songs tend to stick in our minds a lot so if you have a song associated with your proposal, it will always remind you of the day you got engaged.

Song Has More Meaning and Relevance to Relationship

If you and your partner have “a song” together, then by all means use it in your proposal. That is a great way to personalize your event and make it relevant.

Contact us today to get started on creating a marriage proposal idea that is unique to you and your relationship. We are proposal experts and can help you get exactly what you always envisioned. Don’t stress out about the details because we will handle that and all you have to do is enjoy your engagement moment.  See examples of our work here.


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