Recently I found out about this couple in the UK where the woman proposed to the man on Leap Day, February 29th, but not only that, she also had the wedding planned in secret for the same day (Read full story here). While I applaud their relationship for being able to be adventurous, I disagree that not having a proposal and wedding the same day is a good idea. I believe it’s best to have a planned proposal and a period of your engagement for these reasons.

No Time to Celebrate the Proposal

One of the best outcomes of your proposal is that you can celebrate with all your loved ones. Michele and I had an engagement party after we got engaged and it was so much fun. You get to tell your
proposal story and just enjoy the moment.

No Engagement Period

The engagement period is nice because you’ve been in a relationship and now you’re engaged getting ready for the next step of married life. It’s nice because you’re taking your relationship forward along a nice and smooth transition. You’re not jumping into a huge step with nothing in-between.

No Wedding Planning Time

Planning a wedding that is custom to both your personalities and your relationship takes a lot of work, time, and input from both sides. If you have your wedding the same day as your proposal you will not have time for that. Also, deciding on invitees is a big decision and you don’t want to leave out anyone you want to be there so you really should take your time with this step.

Lots of Pressure

Getting married is a big step, so imagine agreeing to marry someone and then having the wedding the same day. That’s a lot of pressure for someone to have.

Creating a perfect marriage proposal can be difficult to pull off by yourself. We are here to help though and are experts at every type of proposal. We can give you proposal ideas or help you with the coordination and planning of your perfect marriage proposal. Contact us Today to get started on making your dream proposal come true.  If you are ready to have a New York pop-up wedding, check out Pop The Knot!


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