You have the perfect woman for you and now you know you want to propose.  Well, you obviously are going to need an engagement ring.  But have you ever wondered about how the engagement ring made it’s way into the proposal tradition?  Check out this super cute iconographic that outlines the history of the engagement ring.


A couple years ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ira Weissman from about this very subject.  Here is a recap!

What is your view on “going in debt” for an engagement ring?

 This is a disastrous thing to do.  If someone writes me on my website and tells me that they’re going into debt in order to buy a ring, I will try my utmost to convince them of the folly of their ways.    I’m married with five children and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the last thing in life for which you should be going into debt is an over-priced finger decoration!

Everyone has heard of the 4 C’s.  What do you think is the most important thing to look for when buying an engagement ring?

 Here’s my one sentence guide to diamond buying: After you limit yourself to only “Excellent Cut” diamonds, then search for the lowest color grade that still looks white, and the lowest clarity grade that is still clean to the naked eye.  You’ll save bucket loads this way, and your stone won’t look any worse.  (as a refresher, diamond color goes from D, the whitest, to Z, most yellow and clarity goes from Flawless, to VVS, to VS, to SI, to I1) So for example, an H SI2 (that’s been confirmed to be eye clean) with an excellent cut will look identical to the naked eye to an F color flawless diamond.  But the F Flawless will literally cost more than double the price of the H SI2.
A lot of our clients ask us how to estimate their girlfriend’s ring size.  Do you have any tricks?

I’ve heard different tricks, like grabbing one of her rings she doesn’t wear often and going to get it measured at a jewelry store.  Just make sure you buy the ring from a place that will offer you a free re-sizing.  All of the stores I refer people to from my site offer this service.

Such great advice!  After you find your engagement ring, you will need the perfect proposal idea.  Contact The Heart Bandits, professional Proposal Planners, to get started today.


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