The day before the most important day in my life, my wedding, Barrie Gillies called me to interview me about my experience as an Engagement Planner at The Heart Bandits for December’s Issue of Brides Magazine. We spent a lot of time talking about why proposals have turned in to such huge events whereas before they were known as private, intimate moments in a couples lives.  Grab December’s Issue of Brides Magazine to read the whole proposal guide or click here.

Below is an excerpt from the article where I explain why I think proposal standards are changing.

Viral or bust As tempting as it may be to blame the rom-com-industrial complex for the proposal pressure cooker, many feel the real force behind this phe- nomenon is YouTube. “Before social media, women didn’t know how other women were being proposed to,” says Los Angeles marriage-proposal planner Michele Williamson, owner of The Heart Bandits Romantic Event Planners. “Now, an awesome proposal goes viral and before you know it, nine million people have seen it.” Make that 19 million—that’s how many hits “Movie-Trailer Proposal” had received at press time since first being posted in May.

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