Courtesy of The Daily Breeze: Photographer Scott Varley

Today The Heart Bandits were lucky enough to be featured in The Daily Breeze newspaper. The Daily Breeze is the newspaper that serves all of the South Bay cities in Los Angeles.  We are really excited about this article.

Torrance couple help the love-struck plan proposals, romantic dates

By Muhammed El-Hasan, Staff Writer

Had Cyrano de Bergerac lived in the age of capitalism, he could have made a fortune advising men on how to romance beautiful maidens.

Given that de Bergerac is long dead – and the story of his helping Christian de Neuvillette to win Roxane’s heart is likely pure fiction – this specialized niche is wide open for a couple of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Enter Michele Williamson and her fiance Marvin Velazquez.

The Torrance couple have started a business called The Heart Bandits, with the tag line, “We steal their hearts, you get the credit.” Williamson and Velazquez promise to help you plan the ideal marriage proposal.

“If you want to propose marriage to somebody and you don’t have any idea, you can call us. We’re very romantic,” Williamson explained to me. “There’s not a lot of places for men to find help.


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