Being passionate about this marriage proposal planning business, I can tell you that we can help virtually anybody that comes to us in need of marriage proposal help. There are 4 types of people however, that as expert proposal planners, we are in a unique position to help out the most. Are you one of these types? If so, read on to see how we can help you get a dream engagement.

The Busy Executive

Busy executives are in a difficult position when it comes to their proposal because they have the desire to make a special proposal happen, but they are very limited in time. This limitation really restricts them in going out and finding exactly what they’re looking for. Oftentimes, these executives come to us with some vision in mind but with no clue about how to get it accomplished because they have no time to do the research.

proposal planning help

Are you a No-Clue Romantic in need of proposal help?

The No Clue Romantic

These are the type of guys that try their best but somehow don’t seem to get it right. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the guy that thinks he’s treating his girlfriend to an awesome time but he’s unaware that she’s not having a good time at the sports bar where he’s watching the game. They really do want their girlfriends to feel special and they want a good proposal, but they’re just in need of some help.

The Perfectionist

These are the type of guys that already have the exact idea in mind and need marriage proposal help because they can’t do it all by themselves. They may just need a simple task to be done to make the proposal complete but obviously can’t do it themselves because they’re going to be busy proposing. 🙂

The Surpriser

These are the type of guys that have a hard time surprising their girlfriend. They probably live together and there may be a good chance she sees his emails and calls so it’s important that the proposal plan happens as far away from her as possible. If The Heart Bandits plan the proposal, you can be sure it will be great and she will have no idea it’s coming.

The Heart Bandits are the world’s premier proposal planning company and can help you create the marriage proposal of her dreams. Don’t be left in the dust with a proposal story that lacks emotion and thoughtful. Make sure that you create something that is worthy of your relationship and you will be proud to tell over and over again throughout the years. Contact us today to get started.


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