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You may be thinking about planning a romantic marriage proposal, but she may be dreaming about the moment she can post her engagement ring selfie on social media. If you’d like to do some pre-planning to make sure you capture the perfect selfie, try some of these tips!


To take the perfect engagement ring selfie, the number one trick is natural lighting. For a warm, bright hue, it’s best to take the picture near a window or outside. The brighter, the better! Standing under artificial light or in a dimly lit room won’t bring out the natural sparkle in your ring—and we know you want to show off every detail!

The background of your photo will also make a difference. If you’re outdoorsy, make sure there are some trees or flowers in the background to add some color. For the artists, try taking a picture in front of a patterned throw pillow or abstract painting for an energetic vibe. With the perfect lighting and background, your followers won’t be able to stop themselves from zooming in.


Depending on the style of your engagement ring, you’ll want to highlight different characteristics in your selfie. You can highlight the setting of your ring by taking the picture at a slight angle. If you’re in love with the shape of your diamond, take an overhead shot.

And don’t forget about your nails! If you don’t have time to get a manicure, swipe on a neutral color for a simple, sophisticated look. You can also avoid capturing any awkward hairs or spots on your hand by tilting your camera slightly instead of taking the photo straight on.


Instead of taking a picture of only your hand, boost your selfie game by adding some timeless romance to the picture. Gently place your hand on your partner’s arm or lace your fingers loosely together, and let the diamond do its magic!

You can also get creative and add a message to your picture. If he proposed at the beach, try writing “we’re getting married!” in the sand and include it as the backdrop. If you got engaged in the woods, carve your initials in a tree and hold your hand in front of it. These are great ways to make your selfie original and authentic!

If you’re still planning your dream proposal, but you know she’s already daydreaming about her engagement ring selfie, get started with The Heart Bandits. We can take care of the details and make your proposal truly special.

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Emily Barge

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