Photo by Maya Myers

Photo by Maya Myers

The leaves are beginning to bud out on the trees and snowdrops and crocuses are peeking from the ground.  Springtime has arrived, and the season brings with it a sense of joy and anticipation as we look forward to the warm summer months.   Spring is the perfect season for a marriage proposal and we have collected some inspiration for spring proposal ideas.

Flower Viewing

A Japanese tradition, flower viewing is a wonderful way to take advantage of the mild weather and natural beauty of spring. Japanese cherry trees are covered with thousands of light pink flowers early each spring, turning them into an ethereally beautiful sight. For a true flower viewing, people often put together a picnic dinner and a bottle of something to drink, then enjoy their meal while watching the tiny flowers tumble to the ground. Japanese cherry tree orchards have been planted throughout the US, so all you need to do is find the spot and pick the moment.


If your sweetheart is a nature lover, then this might be a great chance to sweep her off her feet with a display of nature’s majesty. Throughout spring, great migrations of birds take place, with thousands of different species and millions of individuals filling the skies. Depending on your location, you might choose to take her to watch millions of snow geese turn the sky white in Malheur, or to watch ruby throated hummingbirds miraculously appear over the horizon in droves after crossing the entire Gulf of Mexico without rest. Make sure that you plan your outing to coincide with the peak of the season, and wait until she’s been dazzled by the natural air show to pop the question.

Fine Dining

Spring isn’t just about enjoying the outdoors! This season ushers a whole new array of foods into the stores and restaurants, and after a long winter of squash, iceburg lettuce and underripe, imported fruit, this is your chance to wow her with a bounty of fresh foods. If you’re both gourmands, this is the perfect opportunity to put together a sumptuous feast of butter lettuce, snow peas, asparagus, wild mushrooms, local strawberries, and the other seasonal delights that are unavailable the rest of the year. She’ll be as thrilled with the effort you’ve put in as she is with the food, but she’ll be blown away when you bring out the ring.

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