A couple of months ago, we got the opportunity to meet a very nice guy named Enrique. He had been with his girlfriend Isabelle since 2010 and was very much in love. He wanted a memorable marriage proposal that was personalized and meaningful to their relationship. On their first official date they went to see a concert by Camila, but before they show, they stopped by the Walt Disney Center, where she had a job at back in 2007. For his marriage proposal, Enrique wanted to commemorate both where their relationship first started and the song by Camila that had become “their” song.

Enrique’s wedding proposal plan was set to take place so as to completely surprise Isabelle. He had arranged for Isabelle’s work to be in on the whole thing. She was told to go to a hotel in downtown LA and await a limo to pick her up. As she was picked up she was taken to the entrance of Walt Disney Hall where one of her friends was waiting holding a sign. The sign was the first verse of a love note that Enrique had written her years back. He also gave her a sunflower, which was her favorite flower. She was told to follow a path up the stairs where other friends were waiting with the rest of the verses from his love note and more sunflowers. At the top near the rose fountain, Enrique was waiting for her with a bouquet of sunflowers and the engagement ring where he got on bended knee and proposed. She of course said yes and they were both serenaded by a mariachi trio that sang “their” Camila song. Congrats to Enrique and Isabelle on their beautiful engagement! All photos are courtesy of Embrace Life Photography.

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