You’re either already engaged or married – yet you can’t help but notice that your partner seems less than content with the way you proposed. Perhaps your proposal was spur of the moment, or didn’t go as planned, and now, when people ask how the proposal went down, instead of telling everyone a magical and romantic story, the topic is avoided.  If your partner shows some of these signs, it may be time to re-propose!

Your Partner Avoids Telling People How You Proposed

Whether from embarrassment or simply because there isn’t much to tell –  there is a social expectation that a romantic proposal is part of everyone’s story, and your partner may have a hard time with friends, family, and even strangers asking how you popped the question.  Give your partner a great story!

There Was Never An Actual Proposal

Perhaps you didn’t get the chance, because you were young, or didn’t have the finances at the time, or perhaps a conversation turned to the topic of marriage and you both talked about how you were ready and should go for it.  Either way, if there wasn’t a proposal, it may be a good idea to plan one.  Even if your partner told you they didn’t expect a proposal or expressed that they thought proposals were cheesy, it may be because they didn’t want to put pressure on you or be disappointed – yet a proposal is an important tradition, and proposals can be wonderfully unique and classy if planned properly.  Even if you’re already married, a proposal can be a beautiful way to show your continuing commitment and love.

Your Partner Talks About Other Couple’s Proposal Stories

If you keep hearing about cool proposal stories from your partner, it may be a big fat hint that you should think about upping the ante and planning to re-propose.  There are so many options – it doesn’t have to be hard if you have help!  Check out some of these all-inclusive proposal packages for some great ideas!

Proposals Are Everywhere On Your Partner’s Social Media

Your partner has a board dedicated to unique proposals on Pinterest, or maybe they have a YouTube play list that is a collection of the world’s most romantic proposals.  Perhaps they share proposal stories on Facebook and Twitter regularly.  If you keep seeing proposal-related content on your partner’s social media, it may be something that is on their mind.  Give them something to share online by re-proposing – this time, with help from the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits.   

If you want to re-propose to your partner, don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need a ring – even a symbolic one will do.  Put a modern twist on a classic proposal and use a slim-profile ring box from Ring Stash.


Christina Clawson

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