Surprise wedding after a marriage proposal

I know–sounds crazy, right?

But there are plenty of men who have pulled off a surprise wedding (The Heart Bandits has actually helped plan a few of them!) A lot of times, men will consider proposing one day and surprising her with a wedding the next day. Although, if you’re feeling especially spontaneous, you can even consider planning a surprise wedding the same day as the proposal.

Ultimately, the decision to plan a surprise wedding isn’t an easy one. It’s important to fully understand your partner and her dreams for a wedding. So how do you know for sure if this is something you should pursue? Start with this checklist — and if you come to the conclusion that a surprise wedding is the best option, our friends at Pop the Knot specialize in quick, pop-up weddings that are truly stress-free!

Does she hate planning? If she frequently complains about planning and would rather be alone than coordinate plans with her friends, a surprise wedding could be an exciting and relieving experience for her! By taking care of the details and logistics for her, she’ll be able to enjoy the day without being overwhelmed.

Does she have a laid-back sense of style? While many women say they hate planning, deep down many of them still enjoy having control over their plans. Think about how your girlfriend reacts to various situations, including her style. Does she refuse to let anyone else make decisions about what she wears? Is she picky about how things look?

If you’re nodding your head to any of these statements, it sounds like she still pays attention to the details — in her own way. Deep down, she may dream of a wedding with certain colors and decorations even if she despises planning. Don’t take that away from her if you realize it’s important to her.  

Do you usually plan date nights? If you’re used to creating romantic moments and planning creative dates, planning a wedding might be a great option for you. Think back to every date night or getaway you’ve planned. Has she raved about your taste and how you knew exactly what would make her happy? If she’s confident in your charm, and you’re confident in how well you know her, a surprise wedding might be fun for both of you.

Is she the life of the party? Some women, especially introverts, need some mental preparation before their wedding. Since it typically involves talking to a large group of friends and family, the attention is on both of you. If your girlfriend is the life of the party and thrives in this kind of setting, she may be thrilled to find out you surprised her with a wedding. However, if large groups exhaust her and she tends to stand in the back of a crowd, a surprise wedding may be too much for her to process.

Has she joked about eloping? If she’s joked about eloping because she gets stressed at the thought of planning a wedding, a surprise wedding could be a breath of fresh air. Before you make your decision, though, think back to her reactions if you’ve ever planned a surprise party or hosted a gathering at your house. If she prefers for you to be in the driver’s seat for all of these events, coordinating a wedding might not be a big deal for her.

Whether you decide to plan a marriage proposal or a surprise wedding, The Heart Bandits has the experience and know-how to make your day romantic and personalized. Contact us today!

Emily Barge

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