As you’re planning a meaningful marriage proposal, you may decide to organize a surprise engagement party as well. This can be an exciting way to celebrate your engagement as a couple or with a group of family and friends.

Whether you want to go all out with sparklers and champagne, or have a cozy celebration under the stars with just the two of you, planning an engagement party depends on what’s important to you.  

The Spontaneous Couple

Are you an extroverted couple who’s used to celebrating romantic occasions with friends? If so, planning an engagement party directly after the proposal might be the perfect way for you to share your infectious energy with others. If your girlfriend is spontaneous and adventurous (and open to surprises), she’ll be ecstatic to show off her ring at a romantic party full of loved ones who are just as excited as you are!

The Couple Who Loves to Plan

If checklists and color-coded planners are your girlfriend’s specialty, she may feel more comfortable being part of the planning process. A lot of couples will wait and plan an engagement party a couple months down the road after you’ve already announced your engagement.

This is a great option if you want to get creative and have a themed engagement party–Great Gatsby or Mardi Gras themed, anyone? Your plan-loving fiance will also be thrilled to have a say in how you celebrate your engagement!

The Couple With a Huge Friend Circle

Maybe you have a lot of out-of-town friends and family, or your friend circle is too large to gather in one night. Consider having a small engagement party with your closest circle of friends the night of the engagement — the Heart Bandits can help you plan one that matches your proposal theme!

A few weeks later, it’s perfectly acceptable to plan a second (or third…or fourth) party when other friends are available or your family is in town. If you have a wide circle of friends, celebrating your engagement multiple times will keep the magic alive even longer.

The Couple Who Stays Out of the Spotlight

Whether you’re a homebody or simply want to celebrate your engagement with the two of you, your engagement party can be as simple and reclusive as you’d like. Not every couple wants to shout their engagement from the rooftops–you might be more comfortable sitting by the fire and enjoying a glass of wine at your favorite restaurant. If you and your girlfriend prefer to stay out of the spotlight, find creative ways to celebrate in ways that are meaningful to you.

Throughout the process, The Heart Bandits are here to help you plan a creative proposal idea and engagement party that matches your budget and taste. Whether you want a low-key celebration at sunset or a wild party with your closest friends, an engagement party is the first step in a long line of exciting wedding celebrations.

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Emily Barge

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