“Should I propose to my man?”  I get asked that question on a pretty frequent basis.  Well I am, of course, all for equality so I definitely say yes, a woman CAN propose to a man!  But should she? Before trying to propose to your man, you have to make sure he is the kind of guy that can accept this kind of thing.  Ask yourself the following:

  • Is he a macho man?  Is he going to feel like you are taking away his manhood if you propose? Some men simply aren’t comfortable with the role reversal.  I know mine would not have been!
  • Is he traditional?  If he is the kind of guy who always dreamed of being married and having kids and living the dream, he may not be the kind that would like something so nontraditional.
  • Are you doing this just to rush him?  If you are just impatient and are proposing because you just don’t think he is going to, that is not a good reason.

You also need to make sure you are doing it for the reasons and that YOU will be ok with it.  Are you going to look back and regret that your man didn’t propose to you?  Are you going to be sad when people ask how he proposed and you have to say that you did?  Consider all of these questions before you make your decision.

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