Photograph by Dan Bates/The Herald


Here at The Heart Bandits-Wedding Proposal Planners we love big, over-the-top proposals, we love small, intimate proposals, and we love THIS proposal!  Kirby Miller is a 5th grade teacher and loves her job.  Unfortunately, because of budget cuts Kirby is being laid off but her boyfriend wanted to make sure she had an amazing memory with her students before she left.  He worked it out with the school principal to propose during one of the scheduled fire drills so everyone could witness it.  And that is just what he did!  Read more here.

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  • Hilda

    Derek and Kirby ROCK!!! Derek had such a sweet proposal that Kirby will remember forever. So excited for them 😀

  • Derek

    Thank you, Hilda 🙂 You, Mike and Emily being at the cabin made it that much more special. It was amazing! Wish we could have had more time to chat!