The city of San Jose, CA is in the heart of Silicon Valley. Many tech companies were started here but that doesn’t mean that the entire city is a giant Best Buy. No, it has tons of great places to visit and lots of romantic places to propose. So here are some San Jose Proposal Ideas that will hopefully give you inspiration for a perfect marriage proposal.  All of these locations are great but location is only a small part of the proposal.  Make sure you have a very personalized proposal idea when you propose.  Hire a The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners for professional proposal assistance that goes beyond where to propose.

San Jose Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are always beautiful and San Jose has a gorgeous one. With 6 acres of gardens including a koi pond, bridges, a fountain, streams, and ducks, you can have a very peaceful and relaxing time here. Take your sweetie on one of the bridges and propose.

Winchester Mystery House

I went while in college and I thought this place was the coolest and most interesting place around. For those that don’t know, the house was built from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s by Sarah Winchester, of the Winchester gun magnate family. The house a lot of weird and quirky things about it so it’s perfect for the person that is interested in non-conventional or paranormal things.

Plaza de Cesar Chavez

This is a very good place to propose if you’re thinking about a public proposal. It’s an open plaza in the middle of downtown San Jose so you can have your Proposal Planner plan something creative there. In the summer they have a Jazz Festival here that is perfect for the music lover.

Lick Observatory

Take your partner here to check out their 36” Refracting Telescope and the amazing views of Silicon Valley. There are night programs that include concerts and astrological information. It will be very romantic.

San Jose is a great city to propose in and has tons of engagement ideas options so make sure that when you are ready you have the best marriage proposal you can have by having us help you. We are expert proposal planners and we know the best spots to propose and can help you personalize your proposal to make it unique to your relationship. Contact us today to get started on making your dream proposal concept become reality. We will help you with the proposal ideas, planning, and the budget to make it all that you could have ever imaged.


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