The Heart Bandits are so excited to share a romantic marriage proposal with you.  A very creative and romantic man did an excellent job with coming up with a unique engagement idea and posted it on reddit!  We couldn’t wait to share it with you and tell you why we love it so much!  Images are owned by Clinton Caudle. Check out our very own Proposal Gallery as well.

Romantic Setting

This gentleman obviously did some proposal location scouting and came up with an area that had an amazing tree.  A tree symbolizes love and strength and therefore is the perfect place to propose.

Romantic Decorations

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the use of candles in this proposal. They are hanging perfectly from the tree and also create a pathway up to the tree.  This is where some people can really benefit from a Proposal Planner.  Who is going to set all this up for you so that when you show up, everything is perfectly decorated?  The Heart Bandits will!


Last but certainly not least; this guy was smart enough to document his proposal with pictures.  His fiancé will certainly appreciate that when all of her friends start asking, “How did he propose?”  She can show them instead of telling them over and over!

If you want a proposal like this, a Proposal Planner can help you set everything up so that you will not be stressed out and you can just enjoy your moment.  If you want something unique and creative of your own, check out our Personalized Proposal Idea package.  Contact us today to get started planning your proposal.


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