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Romantic Ideas – Do a Craft Project Together


We all know it is hard to keep coming up with interesting and unique ideas on how to be romantic.  That is why today’s romantic ideas tip is going to require an open mind.  Next time you are looking for a way to be romantic, do a craft project together!  There are many things you can do, so choose something from the list below and just add candles and wine!

Scrapbook or Frames

If you are a guy reading this you are probably thinking, the last thing I want to do is make a scrapbook.  But love is all about making sacrifices and besides, if you add wine, it will be fun!  Surprise your sweetie and go to a craft store and buy a scrapbook, scrapbook supplies like stickers, beads, and ribbon.  Then print out pictures and go home and look like a star!  If you don’t want to do a scrapbook you can also buy frames and decorate those.


Ladies, try surprising your man by creating something he would think is cool like a model airplane or a mini car.

Paint by Numbers

This is fun for all genders.  Get a paint by numbers set from the craft store and create your masterpiece.

If you would like more romance ideas and help, then contact us today. The Heart Bandits are Romance Experts and help you keep the spark in your relationship.


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