Today we are very excited to be featuring a San Diego marriage proposal that we helped arranged for Brad and his girlfriend Saadiya. Brad and Saadiya’s story began after a couple of chance encounters in different parts of the country. He wanted to incorporate many aspects of their relationship and what Saadiya loves into their proposal and he accomplished just that.

Since Brad and Saadiya lived together, he had to meticulously plan the entire day so that she wouldn’t suspect a thing including how the day would start off. Brad told her that he was simply going to take out the trash. Once he left, then a knock came to the door (it was actually a member of The Heart Bandits). She was then given a bouquet of flowers and a note from Brad in her favorite purple color. The note said that she was about to have a very fun filled day. It instructed her get dressed and wait outside in an hour.

When she came outside, there was a stretch limo waiting for her along with a photographer to document this day. Another note inside the limo led her to one of their favorite spots to hang out, Demi Cafe in San Diego. Saadiya was led to a back room where she saw a gorgeous map (in purple again) that showed her and Brad’s story and how all the chance encounters lead them to be together.

They hopped back in the limo to their next stop, which was a very exciting speedboat ride through San Diego Bay. Before they hopped in, Saadiya noticed that Brad had placed very cute signs along the path to let her know she was loved.

The speed boat took them to beautiful Coronado, where they hopped back on the limo again to reach a gorgeous beach. When she was dropped off, she immediately saw a large group of colorfully dressed people surrounding a gorgeous purple picnic and Brad in the middle, with his arms raised for her. She ran to him whereby he told her his feelings and proposed.

She of course said yes! The people in colorful outfits were actually Bhangra dancers that performed a routine for them immediately after the proposal. It was the perfect way to celebrate their engagement!

All photos below are courtesy of Vaylia Photography.


Saadiya reading note below the map

Saadiya reading note below the map



Limo dropping off right before speed boat ride



Cute marriage proposal signs


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