Today is February 15th and if you didn’t completely forget what yesterday was then chances are good that you’re not in a doghouse right now with your significant other. So if you did remember to do something nice, then you probably have some kind of memento from yesterday that could remind you of the wonderful time you had. Today’s Romance Tip from The Heart Bandits is the creation of a Time Capsule to look back years from now. It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is but it has a lot of bang for your buck. Simply take a box (or a nice container from a stationary store) and place things in it. Super hard I know! After you add things in it, put it away and agree with your loved one to open it on a certain date years from now. For you adventurous people, try burying it in your yard and creating a map of its location so you can discover it 10 years from now, or have your kids discover it. Here are some suggestions as to what you can put inside them.

Love Notes and Cards

I have a little trick up my sleeve when I give cards to Michele. I actually buy lots of love cards ahead of time so whenever a time arises that I want to give Michele a card, I have a collection to choose from and write what I want then. As you can imagine, now Michele has a TON of cards from me J. Love notes and cards are the easiest items to put into a time capsule and they tell a lot of what’s going on in your relationship because you express what you’re feeling at that time.

Keepsakes from Restaurants & Venues

This works great if you’re out of town and go to a cool place. Whether you can have a menu, matchbox, business card, ticket stubs, etc then these things are great and easy to put into a time capsule. They will spark the memory of the great time you had there and will make you want to return.


With many people having digital cameras and phone with cameras. It’s almost like a lost art having photo printouts. But for a time-capsule these are perfect. Print out the best photos of you and your sweetie this year and/or the places you’ve been and place them in the capsule. When you open it, you will look back fondly at the great times you had.

Physical Souvenirs and Memories

If you and your sweetie have something unique from your relationship, like a piece of clothing, hand-made art, or symbolic items then add these to the capsule. Things that hold a lot of meaning and significance will make your heart melt when you see them again down the road. If you’ve ever been to a psychic, then this would be a cute idea to put the prediction in there as well.

If you would like more great romantic ideas , then contact us TODAY. We will help you with romantic date ideas, romantic gifts, anniversaries, and the planning and execution of elaborate dates that will be sure to make her heart melt. Don’t let your relationship lose its fizzle. Add some romance to keep the spark alive.


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