Ring Stash- Thin Engagement Ring Box

Ring Stash- Thin Engagement Ring Box

This is the most excited Marvin and I have been since we first started The Heart Bandits back in 2010.  When Marvin proposed to me, he bought my ring from Tiffany’s.  The beautiful ring came in a 2″ x 2″ x 2″ gorgeous black velvet box.  However, like any proposal, the proposal was meant to be a surprise and there was no way for him to put the ring box in his jeans that evening without me noticing.  So he made a very stressful decision that night.  He decided to put the most expensive piece of jewelry he had ever purchased directly in his pants pocket, without anything holding it!

Side-by-side comparison of Ring Stash and standard sized boxes

Marvin told me that all night long, he would keep checking to make sure the ring was still there.  He would excuse himself to go to the bathroom to look at it and make sure it wasn’t scratched.  He worried lint would be stuck to it or that he would accidentally fumble it the moment he pulled it out to propose to me.  All said and done, the night was a success, but not without a lot of unnecessary stress felt by Marvin.  When we started The Heart Bandits, we immediately began talking about what product we could sell.  Marvin is an engineer that graduated from MIT, so when he suggested inventing a thin engagement ring box in 2011, we both got very excited about the possibility.  We wanted to do it right so spent a long time designing the perfect ring box that was light and inconspicuous but also durable.  We met with mechanical engineers and designers, tooling companies, went through various prototypes, hired the manufactures, and last but not least, filed a patent.

Ring Stash

The end solution is a gorgeous product that is only 0.5″ thick and made of durable ABS material.  It contains an array of gears to rotate the ring 90° the moment you open it so that it creates an amazing effect.  It also has a latch to keep the box securely closed and protected.  After nearly 4 years in the making, we are proud and elated to offer our clients the perfect solution to hiding your engagement ring the day they propose.  There is no other engagement ring box on the market that is not only thin, but lightweight AND durable.  Don’t hide your engagement ring in your sock, buy Ring Stash today to stash your engagement ring in style.


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