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You probably shouldn’t hide your engagement ring, especially in food. Photo: Daniel Moyer Photography

One proposal trend that just won’t go away is the idea of hiding the engagement ring in something. While it may seem like a cute and creative idea, there are just so many ways that it can go horribly wrong! The ring is a vital part of the marriage proposal — doing something that could compromise the ring itself or the presentation of the ring just isn’t a good idea. In case you aren’t convinced, here are some reasons why hiding the ring should be avoided:

It’s Tacky

I know — you think you are being super creative by hiding the ring in her favorite meal. But too many other people have had this idea for it to actually have that allure. And does anyone really want to just stumble upon their ring, or, even worst, have to work for it? Your beau would much rather have you present the ring to her in it’s pristine condition than covered in cake or stuck in a balloon.

You Could Lose It

Those horror stories really do happen — the ring gets swallowed, blown away, or accidentally thrown in the trash. When the ring is hidden it is just far too easy for it to be misplaced. With the amount of time and money you put into finding the perfect ring, could you imagine loosing it during the critical moment?

It Can Get Damaged

This is very similar to the above reason. Hiding the ring makes losing track of it and putting it in a compromising situation very easy to do. Keeping it anywhere besides its box could lead to it getting nicked or scratched. That diamond may be super hard, but many of the metals used in the band aren’t, and presenting your girlfriend with a damaged ring might be just as bad as suddenly not having a ring at all.

It’s More Informal

This is one of the most important moments of your life, and it should feel like one. No matter how casual you and your girlfriend are in everyday life, this is a time to bring an element of formality. It shows a seriousness and preparedness on your part that is vital — she wants to be assured that you are ready for this commitment and responsible enough to handle everything that comes with it.

Ruins the Classiness

There is no denying that seeing your boyfriend get down on one knee, profess his love for you, and pull out a velvet box with a beautiful ring inside is extremely classy. And women like classy men. Hiding the ring takes away the elegance of presenting it in its pristine condition.

Want to think of a unique way to present the ring to your beau without taking the risk of hiding it? Contact us at The Heart Bandit today and we can work with you to plan out the perfect proposal, including what do to with that ring! Our proposal experts know the ins and outs of the best proposal ideas and just how to make them come true. With us by your side, we’ll make your proposal one to knock her off her feet!

Maggie Tietz

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