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Puerto Rico Proposal Ideas


Marvin and I just recently went to Puerto Rico to do some proposal scouting.  Whether you live in Puerto Rico or are just visiting, your girlfriend will be blown away if you propose to her here.  This is  one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and there are so many different proposal options. And the best part is, you don’t even need a passport to visit!  Here are a few Puerto Rico proposal ideas:

 El Yunque


El Yunque National Forest is a fairy-tale setting.  With four separate forests and acres of jungle teeming with rare and beautiful wildlife, including many rare and endangered species. An eco-tour through the lush greenery of the park is an awe-inspiring experience, and the dramatic scenery will be a perfect stage for your proposal. This is your chance to propose near a stunning jungle waterfall with flocks of colorful parrots flying overhead.


A smaller and lesser-known island, Culebra is near the main island of Puerto Rico. It boasts affordable lodging (including camping, if your sweetheart is inclined to the outdoors.) and luxurious beaches, including the world-renowned Flamenco Beach with its long stretches of pristine white sand and stunning blue-green bay. Culebra also offers a fabulous opportunity for snorkeling in clear water that is flush with sea turtles and bright tropical fish. A seaside proposal on a white sand beach may be just the ticket if your girlfriend loves the open air.

Caribe Hilton


Looking at this picture, I miss it already.  If a tropical resort is more your style, you can recline in the lap of luxury at the Caribe Hilton. This top-notch resort complex in historic San Juan offers not only gorgeous hotel rooms, but the option of ocean-view private suites in their new elite villas. Rent a suite on the edge of the endless Atlantic Ocean and propose in quiet and comfort in your own beautiful slice of the tropics.

If you want to plan the perfect Puerto Rico proposal contact The Heart Bandits today. Our work has been featured in New York Magazine, NY Times, and the Anderson Cooper Show!  We will work with you to come up with  the best proposal idea and then execute it so that you are not stressed out and can focus on your big question.  Contact us today!


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