If you recall, we wrote a blog about Puerto Rico Proposal Ideas last week.  Marvin and I were there visiting last November and there are so many places to propose there, we just had to write another blog about it.  Puerto Rico is a land of stunning forests and breathtaking ocean vistas, but it also possesses an illustrious history and deep cultural roots. The cities and settlements of Puerto Rico are historic and captivating, with a distinct tropical charm. Here are a few man-made locations that might make for the ideal proposal spot:


Old San Juan

If the city life is what you both crave, and you’d rather vacation in the hustle and bustle of a steamy tropical city, then Old San Juan is the place for you. This historic city is the heart of Puerto Rico, and the oldest settlement on the island. The buildings of the city are painstakingly restored and maintained to their full 16th century glory, and provide a tantalizing peek into the history of this gorgeous island. If your girlfriend is a history buff, consider proposing on the ramparts of a historic Spanish fort, overlooking the startlingly blue ocean.

El Morro

If your girlfriend is your princess, perhaps you should take her to a castle for a royal proposal. Castillo San Felipe del Morro, colloquially known as El Morro or Morro Castle, is a sweeping 16th century citadel teetering on the ocean’s edge. The castle’s buildings and grounds have been restored to authentic condition, and the whole citadel is open to tourists. This castle, the location of many historic battles, is the perfect location to pop the question to the queen of your heart.

Raíces Fountain

Maybe your sweetheart is a little more laid back, a little more shy, and you want a sweet and romantic place to go down on one knee. In that case, we recommend heading back to Old San Juan, down the Paseo del Morro, to the Raíces Fountain. This famous fountain is a stunning piece of art celebrating the founding settlers of Puerto Rico, whose mixed heritage gave rise to its unique beauty and culture. For the most impact, arrive at the fountain at sunset, when the golden light shines through the water and creates a dazzling display.

If you are traveling to Puerto Rico and want to have the perfect proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We have planned hundreds of proposals and would love to help you next.


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