Photo by Eugene Feygin Photography

Photo by Eugene Feygin Photography

If you’ve been planning to propose marriage for a long time, you might find that your plans are getting bigger and bigger- musicians and catering, a crowd of friends and family, a big public location where the whole world can see you declare your love to each other, etc. In some cases, this more-is-better approach will be perfect, and the whole event will go off without a hitch. On the other hand, there are some situations- and some people- for which a public proposal is not appropriate.

If your girlfriend is a naturally shy type, it would probably be a nightmare for her if you proposed in public, or even with too many loved ones around. A particularly private person would not appreciate sharing their business with the world, and probably wouldn’t enjoy being forced to show strong emotions in public. A complicated personal life or a highly visible career would both make it inadvisable to propose in public, unless it was discussed well in advance.

It is vital to consider the wishes and personality of your sweetheart when constructing your proposal plan.  Does your girlfriend love the spotlight? Is she an extrovert that wants to share her feelings with everyone she meets? Or is she a retiring and thoughtful girl who would rather avoid attention? Additionally, it’s very important to examine your own motives when making your plan. If you are an enormous extrovert, it could be very tempting to design your perfect proposal with lots of flash and fanfare, but if you’re in love with a quiet, private person, then that proposal would be completely inappropriate. Make sure that you’re choosing a plan that fits her, not just you.

It can be extremely difficult to find the solutions to all of these questions, and sometimes outside observers will be able to solve the problems more easily than you alone could. If you are feeling conflicted about whether to propose in public or private, this could be a good time to consult a proposal planner. An experienced professional will have more know-how in this sphere, and will be able to take an unbiased look at your plans and your girlfriend’s personality, and tell you whether or not they match. Additionally, they will be able to offer you guidance in how to proceed with planning your proposal, whether in public or in private. Remember, this is one of the most important days of your life. Make sure that you use all the resources you need to make it perfect.

Unsure about your plans, or stumped how to even start planning? Contact the Heart Bandits. We can help from the first stages of planning to the last steps of carrying out the perfect proposal.


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