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Pros and Cons of Flash Mob Proposals


As one of The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners, I have seen (and planned) all sorts of small, large, private, and public proposals. Within the last couple of years, the biggest trend that I have seen has been the very public flash mob proposal. When people are thinking of the best proposal ideas, they tend to think that bigger is better. This may be true in some cases but you should always have your partner in mind when planning your proposal. Here are some pros and cons to think about if you’re thinking about proposing using a flash mob.



The best part of a flash mob proposal is that it is elaborate. When you get a large group of people together, it shows your partner that you went to A LOT of effort just for them. Having planned these proposals before, we can easily tell you that it takes an enormous amount of work because you need the helpers, permissions, song, practice, and coordination for it to go off well.

Surprise Factor

The one thing about flash mobs that you cannot argue against is that they’re a huge surprise. They pop out of nowhere in places that lots of people go to so it’s very easy to pull off a surprise. If you want to do this, you can just tell your partner you’re taking her to a nice restaurant in a public plaza and then ‘boom!’, you have a flash mob there just for her.

Amazing Photo/Video Opportunity

Flash mobs with music create an amazing video, as you’ve probably seen from numerous YouTube viral posts. Getting all those people in unison to do a dance for your proposal is a very cool feat. The videos always tend to look amazing and they’re fun to watch.


Very Complicated

The downside of flash mobs is that they’re extremely complicated to pull off. First of all you have to choose a location. Many public places require permits for things like this so you have to be sure they’re ok with it first. The last thing you want is to have everyone there and then be kicked out before or during the performance. Also, getting enough reliable people that can do the dance routine is tough. You need time to practice and that creates lots of difficulties with schedules.

A Trend Right Now

Ever look back at hairstyles of pictures you had 10 years ago and just wonder “What was I THINKING?”. Well that’s because you had the trend back then. Flash mobs are trends now, so if you have a flash mob proposal, you run the risk of not liking it down the road because it’s a trend. If you feel your partner may not like trends, then this may not be a good idea.


With flash mobs, you have a lot of risks to worry about. Merely getting everyone to the location is risky because you never know what might go wrong and who may not show up. Also, putting your partner in the center of attention is dangerous if you’re not sure she will say yes or if she doesn’t like the spotlight.

Having a flash mob proposal has its ups and downs but it can still be a great proposal for you if it fits your relationship. If your partner loves the spotlight and your engagement is the next step, then this type of proposal may work well for you. If you want such a proposal, you will definitely need an experts help. Contact us today to get started on getting the perfect proposal idea and planning down.


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Marvin has always had a love for all things technical, exciting, and fun. With advanced degrees in Engineering from MIT and Penn State University, he has a knack for incorporating ways to make proposals unique, pretty awesome, and always personalized to the couple. He has an analytical mind that thinks through every proposal to ensure that no detail is forgotten and the proposal goes off without a hitch. He loves being a part of one of the biggest days in people’s lives. Marvin loves Crossfit, goofing around with his guitar, watching sports, and spending time with Michele.

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