So I saw this proposal the other day.  It was of a lovely meteorologist doing her daily job of telling the world about the weather.  She is doing her weather routine when all of the sudden her beau shows up in a suit to propose to her!  As I am watching I get my usual gushy feelings and think about how sweet it is.  But then it got me thinking………….should a man really propose to his girlfriend at work?   In this case it had a unique twist because the proposal was televised due to his girlfriends role on TV.  However, I think as a rule of thumb you should NOT propose to your honey while at work.

I have a few reasons for feeling this way.  First, just the idea of getting proposed to at work is not very romantic.  Us girls dream of getting proposed to our whole lives and we want something magical.  We want to know that our sweeties came up with some amazing proposal concept to sweep us off of our feet.  We want candles or roses or a white horse!  You just can’t do all that at work.  It isn’t the right ambiance.  And then what do you do after he proposes?  Do you just go back to work?  Do you take the rest of the day off to celebrate in your work attire?  It is just so anti-climatic.

Fellas….or ladies……if you are going to propose, do not do it at their work.  Come up with an amazing and romantic proposal that will jump start your lives together.  Hire The Heart Bandits to help you come up with a unique and customized marriage proposal.  You don’t have to rely on the generic ideas off of the Internet anymore!  We are here to help.  Contact us today.


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