Photo by: Bryan Tan Photography

Photo by: Bryan Tan Photography

Do you want to personally record your proposal? Are you searching for a way to set it up that is both unanticipated and creative? If yes, consider proposing while you take a selfie. There are so many interesting, fun, and memorable things you can do with this idea.


Pose somewhere beautiful, and just before you snap the picture, hold up a sign that pops the question. She won’t even mind that you obscured the view. If you don’t have a place to hide a sign, try holding up the ring right before you take the photo. Practice the angle, so you get the ring in the shot. Also, remember to go to to get just the right ring box to keep the ring safe before it makes its first appearance in pictures!


Find or create (somewhere where you won’t get in trouble!) a graffiti proposal wall. Lead your special someone to the wall, and don’t let her turn around until you’ve posed for the selfie. Propose as she reads the words you’ve written for her. She will be charmed by your creativity and playfulness.


For this marriage proposal, you are going to pose for a selfie with your sweetie, but actually video record your proposal instead. That way, you can save every single nuance of your love’s reaction to show your grandkids someday.

If you are planning to propose but aren’t sure how to plan a public or private event, contact The Heart Bandits today for personalized advice and proposal planning unique to you and your partner. If you are searching for an alternative to the traditional bulky engagement ring box, go to and find the ultimate thin box solution!

Kristina Gibbs-Ruby

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