When it comes to helping guys come up with the perfect proposal idea, we do our best to make sure that it captures their entire relationship and conveys the emotion that is needed to make a great proposal. Sometimes the need for proposal props comes along and the proposal is absolutely dependent on this prop. But when is using props an absolute for a good marriage proposal? I’m going to help you break it down in this blog.

marriage proposal umbrellas

Using props such as umbrellas can really help out. Picture above from a marriage proposal we planned in 2012 in Portland.

Think about your location

First of all, when you are thinking about your proposal idea and plan, you need to have a location down. Having the location down first will dictate the rest of your proposal. Once you have the location then the actual props you use will fall into place. In the picture above, the location was a bridge next to Multnomah Falls in Portland. The waterfall was very misty so the fact that people were carrying umbrellas fell right into place. The fact that the umbrellas spelled out “Will You Marry Me” made it amazing. 🙂

Think about if it’s natural

It’ll be much easier to pull off using props if the props can be naturally part of the location. If you take a huge cardboard cutout to a classy place, then it will not work out well. If on the other hand, you take candles, roses, and a love note to a classy place, then you’re on the right track.

If it’s not natural, think about the emotion it eludes

There are some cases though where if the prop doesn’t fall naturally into the setting it could still work but only if it brings out emotion from your partner. For example, if you and your girlfriend have a thing about bonsai trees, you can totally bring a bunch of them to a proposal setup that is on a open picnic at the beach. These plants don’t fall naturally into that setting but the fact that they’ll make your girlfriend know you put thought and effort into it will make the proposal more powerful.

Logistics, logistics, logistics

No matter how impactful you think your prop will be, you absolutely must think about logistics about getting it to your proposal location. Your grand piano may be absolutely beautiful on the rooftop of the building you’re going to propose at. Getting it up the other hand, not an easy task. Stick with things that are easy to set up (and tear down) so that you don’t have to be stressed out on your big day. You can also hire a professional proposal planner to take care of that too if case it’s an absolute must.

Are you still unsure about including props in your marriage proposal? Contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits and we can give you one-on-one advice for your specific relationship and proposal so that you can know what will and will not work for you. We’ve have helped hundreds of guys in your position before create amazing proposal stories. Don’t let your girlfriend down by doing something sub-par. Give her something amazing! Contact us today.


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