I have never understood where the term playing hooky comes from… I mean what is a hooky? Either way though, it essentially means skipping out on work or school to go do something else. I’m not going to officially say that I’ve ever done it ;), but the idea sounds good, especially if it’s for a personal marriage proposal idea. Since it’s your job we’re talking about, I’m also not going to be an advocate of it, but I am going to throw out some ideas on some great ways to pull it off for a marriage proposal.

fun proposal idea

Try going to wine country while playing hooky for your marriage proposal

Weekend Getaway Trip

This is the best way to pull of a great proposal idea. Basically on a Friday morning you skip out on work and go to a location a few hours away where you and your partner can have some one-on-one time. The fact that you’re having a great time together makes the lead-up to the proposal even better. The picture above is from a weekend getaway trip Michele and I took to Solvang. I can neither confirm nor deny we were playing hooky.

Take Her Away from Work

If you can’t getaway for a weekend or if she can’t leave the entire day from work, you can compromise. You should probably work this out with her boss as well. The idea is to show up at her work unannounced with a grand plan (with flowers in hand as well) and whisk her away for your proposal. The gesture will be romantic and a very welcoming surprise.

Romantic Location in Town

You don’t even have to go far if you’re skipping out on work. You can go to places that are in your own town. Some good places to try are a nice park or the town square. These places may be iconic in your location and would therefore always remind you of the place that you got engaged.

Fun Activity

You all remember Ferris Bueller’s Day Off right? If you don’t or if you’ve never seen that movie then shame on you! But in the movie, they end up doing tons of fun activities while skipping out on school. They went to a baseball game, a parade, art museum, and all around town. What’s to stop you from doing the same thing with your girlfriend as part of your marriage proposal?

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