I’m sure you either have known a couple like this or maybe this is even your situation. There is nothing wrong with it, but we’ve seen it at times. It’s the couple that has been together for a long time but hasn’t taken the next step of their engagement.

Each couple’s situation is different as to why they haven’t gotten engaged yet, but the fact that they’ve been together so long means that they have a lot to work with to create a perfect proposal idea. The marriage proposal planners at The Heart Bandits are here today to provide some ideas for those types of couples.


Long Term Relationships can sometimes make it harder to come up with a proposal idea

Love/History Book of Relationship

Since you have had so much in your relationship, why not summarize it all in a type of love/history book. You can highlight all the adventures you have been all, all of the firsts you two have done, and the major milestones you have taken. It would be almost impossible to summarize your relationship normally, but if you put it in writing, it will be close.

Customized Song

What can be more romantic than a customized song? It would be unique to you relationship and it would focus on the underlining theme that your relationship has been all about. If you two are known as the happy, adventurous, eccentric, or passionate couple you can certainly have that be the main theme of the song. Have the song be performed by an artist at a surprise and romantic location and it will make for an amazing proposal story.

Place of First Meeting or First Date

Why not bring your relationship full cirlce? Since you have had a lot of places you two have been to through the years, the best place would be at the place that started it all. It has a lot of meaning and will show that you two will always be connected and are taking the next step.

Scavenger Hunt Through Meaningful Places

If for some reason the first meeting place or date location isn’t feasible or available, then the next best option would be to the places that you two have been to that have held meaning. One of the best ways to incorporate them together would be through a scavenger hunt. We just recently did an amazing scavenger hunt for a client in San Diego that we will share pictures of soon so stay tuned to see how it could be done the right way.

On the other hand, having a lot to work with can sometimes make it more difficult finalize a proposal idea. For this reason, it’s best to use a proposal planner to help you create a concept that will encompass all you two have been through. The Heart Bandits are the world’s premier proposal planners and can help you do exactly that. Contact us today to get started!


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