proposal ideas at museums

There are some great ways to propose at museums or observatories

As a Proposal Planner at The Heart Bandits, I get to check out some pretty amazing locations. Even if some of the places I’ve been to before, it’s nice to revisit them and think of them from the perspective of a marriage proposal.

This last weekend we visited Griffith Observatory for an upcoming proposal that will be very adorable. It got me thinking of other ways that people can incorporate museums, observatories, or historic places into their proposal. Today’s proposal ideas are going to give you options for doing exactly that.

Propose Through the Looking Glass

Imagine going to a museum and looking at all the exhibits. You think that everything there is beautiful. You then go to a part of the museum that has something behind glass. You look closely and there is a plaque that is asking your girlfriend to marry you. She will absolutely be in shock and it will make for a great proposal story.

On the Picturesque Grounds

Most museums, observatories, and historic places are very scenic and typically have very picturesque grounds. One great way to have a marriage proposal at such a place is to propose at the best location there. Whether it’s an observatory with views of the entire city or a quaint lawn, you can up the emotional factor by adding elements of your relationship here.

With Help from Singers & Dancers

This is always a great idea but it’s even better at museums because it will be a complete surprise. Anytime that you visit this place in the future, it will be impossible to not reminisce on this day. Keep in mind that many museums won’t allow something like this indoors so you have to check with them to see if you can even do it (even if it’s outdoors). The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners can help with this if you need.

If you want help with your marriage proposal idea, then The Heart Bandits are your perfect resource. We can provide you with the necessary marriage proposal help and advice you need because we’re experts in the field. Whether it’s ideas or planning, we can provide you with a proposal story that your partner would love to tell over and over down the years. Contact us today to get started.


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