Photo by Michelle Able Photography

Photo by Michelle Able Photography

If you and your partner are people of faith, or simply lovers of impressive architecture and art, proposing at a church may be exactly right.  Finding a location that suits all of your needs can be challenging, but not impossible by any means.  Once you’ve found the right venue, its time to pop the question. But how should you do it?  Here are some proposal ideas you can use at a church:

Set the Scene

Once you’ve secured exclusive rights to use the church for your proposal, its time to get to work.  Place hundreds of candles on the steps of the church outside, and plenty more on the alter inside. You want to lead your partner into the environment you’ve crafted especially for them.  Sprinkle rose petals on the ground for them to follow into the church.  Artfully arranged floral bouquets tied to the pews of the center aisle make a decorative (and fragrant) statement that is sure to be appreciated.  Wait for your partner at the front of the church, and be ready to propose.  We can help you do all the decorating if you prefer to leave the stress to us!

Bring in the Music

For an extra special touch, arrange to have musicians play your song.  Consider hiring a string quartet or a pianist, depending on the kind of music you wish to hear.  Keep in mind, some churches do not allow secular music to be played.  Another option would be to hire the church choir to serenade your partner as they walk inside. If you are musically gifted, or a singer, you could also join in and sing to your partner as they approach you.

Pop the Question

Your partner is standing in front of you, and you are now on bended knee.  It’s time to say the words that will secure your future. Pull the ring box out of your pocket, and if you’re using the slim ring box from, then when you open the box, the ring will lift into the air, and come into central focus. What a perfect moment!

Keep in mind that churches, cathedrals, and houses of worship often have rules about what is and isn’t allowed on their premises.  Whatever your proposal plans are, be sure to speak with your coordinator so that there aren’t any hiccups with your arrangements.  Better yet, take the stress of all that planning away, and allow the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits to set up your dream proposal for you. We can handle everything so that all you have to do is show up, and be ready to sweep your partner off of their feet.



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