Getting down on one knee for proposal

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Years ago, the act of getting down on one knee was one of the most recognizable gestures during a marriage proposal. But millennials are becoming less traditional when it comes to engagements–there are no longer so many hard-and-fast rules for proposing.

From a religious standpoint, kneeling is often a sign of spirituality and respect. Traditionally, knights also recognize keeling as a symbol of royalty and honor. While marriage proposals aren’t always based on religion or royalty, the idea of respecting and honoring the person before you sends a romantic message during your proposal. On the other hand, there are ways to show your commitment and respect for your partner without getting down on one knee.

Ultimately, the decision is rooted in your personality and how you want to express your love.

Traditional and Charming

When a man gets down on one knee, many women feel like he is offering himself to her wholeheartedly. By kneeling in front of her, you can show her how much you value tradition and how serious you are about spending your life with her.

As a couple, if you’re both classic romantics who believe in sticking to the traditions that work, getting down on one knee is a sentimental way to express your heartfelt emotions.

Modern and Out-of-the-Box

Are you a modern couple who escapes the norm and enjoys starting your own traditions? If you’re a creative thinker and like coming up with out-of-the-box ways to display your affection, you may find your proposal is complete without the traditional act of kneeling.

Whether you want to propose on a hot air balloon or plan a scavenger hunt across the entire city, your engagement should be just as lively and spontaneous as you are. No matter how traditional or contemporary you want to make your marriage proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you plan every detail.  

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