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Private and Intimate Marriage Proposal


Dave contacted The Heart Bandits to plan his marriage proposal and he had one must-have criteria; it had to be a private proposal.  He didn’t want some flashy public proposal where people he didn’t know would stand around watching his private event.  To come up with the tailored proposal idea, we interviewed Dave and one thing he said really stood out to us.  He said that one of his best moments with Susie was a night in Hawaii when they danced under the stars.  We decided this would be the perfect proposal idea.  We rented out a theater so he had the whole place to himself and on the day of, he told Susie that he wanted to take her to a play there.  Susie was in absolute shock when she walked in to a completely empty theater.  Watch the video below and see the whole thing.  There were stars hanging from the theater roof to symbolize dancing under the stars, a sign with her nickname on it, Hawaiian flowers, hula dancers, and a guitarist singing their song.

We worked with some amazing vendors on this proposal.  A huge thanks goes out to Butterfly Floral & Design, Maya Meyers Photography (photos coming soon), Bella Films, Bright Entertainment, and Karla Moxley.  If you are looking for a heartwarming proposal idea that stands out from the rest, contact The Heart Bandits.  We will guide you to your perfect proposal idea and then plan it all for you.


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An entrepreneur since childhood, Michele is proud to have left her Air Force and corporate career behind to start her own business that she is truly passionate about. Her “type-A personality” has certainly proven useful when creating dream proposals where the stakes are extremely high. Armed with a Business degree, a no-nonsense attitude, and the drive to do whatever it takes to bring her client’s vision to life, she has successfully masterminded hundreds of perfect marriage proposals. In her spare time, you will find Michele laughing, dancing, and spending time with family.