Creatie geocaching marriage proposal idea

Do you love the outdoors and want to come up with a creative marriage proposal? Consider geocaching! The ultimate treasure hunt, geocaching is a fun way to explore the outdoors and work together to find hidden caches using GPS coordinates. Some are hidden in trees, underground, or in clever objects that blend in with your surroundings.

If the two of you enjoy geocaching, you can transform your favorite hobby into her dream proposal! Start with these few steps.

Get Creative With the Name

Every geocache has a name, and most of the time, they’re witty and creative. When you download a geocaching app and search for nearby caches, you can get an idea of names that are already in use.

When you create a cache as part of your proposal, consider connecting it to your engagement. You could do something as simple as “Marry Me?” or something more subtle such as your favorite song, the day of your first date, or your nicknames for each other.  

Find a Scenic Spot

One of the most important parts of creating your geocache is finding a spot to hide it. For your proposal, try to find a scenic, intimate location–a cliff overlooking the beach, a bench in a garden full of colorful flowers, or a tree-lined trail beside the lake. You can even add extra romantic touches by carving your initials in a tree, or dropping rose petals along the path.

You or the Ring?

Once you find the spot to hide your cache, determine whether the GPS coordinates will lead to you or the ring. If you have other friends who enjoy geocaching, you could ask them to walk with your girlfriend while you wait at the coordinates for her to find you.

You can also consider hiding the ring in your cache a couple hours before you propose, so the two of you can look for it together. Make sure you hide it somewhere with little to no foot traffic, and don’t make the cache public for other geocachers until after she finds it.

Create Memories

Once the proposal is over, why not make the cache public? Add a log to the cache–a piece of paper for people to sign when they find it–and include your love story. You’ll be able to see who finds your cache over time, which is a sentimental way to celebrate your marriage with the world. It could also turn into a romantic anniversary tradition!

Ready to get started? The Heart Bandits can help you plan the details so your marriage proposal goes off without a hitch! We also recommend this skinny engagement ring box from Ring Stash for your geocaching proposal–it’ll help keep it hidden and safe no matter where you hide it!

Emily Barge

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