A couple months ago, one of the nicest guys ever contacted us to help with his proposa. His name is Dave and he simply adores his girlfriend Jessica so he really wanted to give her a special proposal.  Since Philly is very cold this time of year, he wanted something indoors.  She loves dancing so the concept of a dance studio proposal was created.  Once the proposal idea was selected, The Heart Bandits jumped into action to coordinate the event.  We contacted Shana from Society Hill Dance Academy and she was excited to help out.

Here is how it all went down.  Dave told Jessica that he had a date planned for Saturday night.  He wanted to take her Tango dancing.  Jessica was super excited because she loves dancing!  Besides, who wouldn’t be happy if their man thought of such a creative date idea?  At 7pm, they showed up for their dance class and there were photographers there taking pictures.  The group was told that the photographers were there taking pictures for the studio, but really it was Jensen Photography, the photographers we hired to photograph the proposal!  After the dance lesson, Dave and his girlfriend were given a tour of the studio since Dave had purchased a dance package and would be coming back in the future.

The last stop of the tour was a studio that was transformed into a proposal paradise.  There were over 70 candles, creating a pathway to an easel that was displaying a picture of the couple.  Next to the couple was a table set up with  a special candle that Dave provided which had meaning to the couple.  Dave walked Jessica up to the easel and explained to her how much he loved her.  He then revealed a sign that was behind the picture that said “Jessica Will You Marry Me”?  Of course she said yes and we couldn’t be more happy for the couple.  Check out the photos provided by Jensen Photography. I am just so honored to have been a part of this proposal.

If you want to create a romantic and personalized proposal like this, hire a Proposal Coordinator. We are Proposal Experts and have a passion for marriage proposal planning. We will create an original proposal concept and then execute the idea for you.  Contact us Today to get started on making your dream proposal come true.  Check out Philadelphia Proposal Ideas here.


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  • How so sweet. A date in a dance studio and then a proposal. Where i could find a man like Dave. Jessica is so lucky having Dave.