We are so excited to share with you a recent proposal that we planned.  The Heart Bandits were contacted by Andy to plan our first New York paparazzi marriage proposal.  Andy told us that his girlfriend is constantly mistaken for Kourtney Kardashian and he wanted to plan a paparazzi style proposal that would include all of their friends and family.  We decided to hire 4 photographers and place them along the Mall in Central Park.  Before the proposal, the photographers gathered information about Nancy so that they could scream out questions to her as they were snapping away. Since Andy hired Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits everything went as planned.  Nancy and Andy walked hand in hand down the Mall and Nancy was absolutely shocked when one by one, paparazzi starting jumping out and asking her questions and taking pictures.  Nancy had an absolute blast, as you can tell from the pictures, and she played along the whole time.  All of this was unexpected, but what truly blew her away was what she found at the end of her walk.  From a distance, she saw a ton of people waiving signs and calling her name. As she approached, she saw that it was their friends and family and the signs were love notes from Andy. The very last note was one asking her to marry him. This was a very unique engagement idea and we were so honored to be a part of it.



If you want to create a surprise proposal idea like this, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will help you come up with a custom proposal concept and then plan it all for you.  See many examples of past proposals here.

Photography by Celeb4aday.com



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