Guyspeak Interviews The Heart Bandits


As you know, The Heart Bandits love helping people get engaged.  Marvin and Michele, the Co-Founders of The Heart Bandits are die hard romantics who love to help create dream proposals.  Today The Heart Bandits were fortunate enough to be featured in the Guyspeak Blog at is a unique website where women can enter their questions to get a mans honest answer on any subject.   Mystery Man sat down with Co-Founder Michele Williamson for an interview regarding marriage proposal planning by The Heart Bandits.  Some of the things we discussed are:

  • What on Earth does a wedding proposal planner do?
  • Other sites offer tips and guides on proposing. You blog about proposing yourself. We do! What do you offer that makes it better than the DIY approach?
  • Are we guys really that bad in the romantic gesture department?
  • Do women ever use your services?
  • What sort of skills do you need to be a proposal planner?
  • The question every guy is going to want to know. What’s it cost?
  • What is the weirdest proposal you ever had to plan?
  • The most exotic/costly?
  • Who is the most famous customer you have ever had?
  • Would you personally be pleased if your SO used a proposal planning service?

If you are curious about the answers, contact The Heart Bandits today to start working on your own customized marriage proposal!


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Marriage Proposal Tips Every Man Must Know

There comes a time when a man knows that he’s found the right woman and he wants to pursue the next step in his life.  The days of hanging with the boys and living for yourself are gone.  You have found “the one” and want to be with her for the rest of your life.  Now comes the fun part, planning your proposal and making it as memorable as possible.  Though your ultimate goal is to have her say ‘yes’, there are still many things to consider and to plan ahead for.  Here are some proposal tips from The Heart Bandits to bear in mind:

Make Sure You’ve Covered Your Bases


You know that you love her and you know you want this next step but you need to be confident that she wants it too.  Proposing to your woman as a way to save the relationship or because of some superficial reason is not the way to go.  Picture your life together with everything including family, children, religion, living situation, recreational activities, and general banter together.  If you are able to get along well together doing even the most mundane things, then that’s a good indicator.  You want to be with a person that you look forward to spending your free time with.

Additionally, since you want her and you to now be family, try to be a part of her existing family.  Your father probably asked your mother’s father for her hand in marriage, make sure you do the same.  I recently asked my father how he proposed to my mother in Mexico and the tradition in his town back then was that he ask his future wife’s father what he must do to win her hand.  My mom’s father informed my dad that he needed to come back in two years with four turkeys, a dozen loafs of bread, and large basket of corn.  It may sound silly but my father needed to do that.  So sure enough, two years later he was back with those items and gladly married my mother.

The Proposal Is About Her

Though you and your girlfriend may do everything together and are best friends, make sure that the proposal is tailored to her personality.  While she may tolerate you watching baseball games, do not assume that she will be thrilled about the Jumbo Screen proposal at the Dodgers game.  Because you’ve poked fun at her in front of others, do not assume that she would want to be proposed to in front of others.

Think about the type of person she is and the type of proposal that would truly make her melt.  Would she like an intimate proposal at the beach after a candlelit picnic or would she prefer to be the center of attention during the moment she’s waited her life for?  Would she prefer a glamorous day of pampering leading to the big moment or would a day of simplicity be more her style?

Evaluate Multiple Options and Seek Help

Create a list of possible proposal options that will each be unforgettable.  Evaluate the likelihood of her enjoying each proposal.  It is a very good idea to seek out help.  Since you’ve already asked her father for his blessing, you may want to ask him or her mother if she’s ever envisioned any specific type of proposal.  If you can make her fantasy engagement come true, make every effort possible.  Run your ideas by your friends and her friends as well if possible.

Additionally, The Heart Bandits are available and would be of great assistance.  Similar to wedding planners, The Heart Bandits will assist you with proposal ideas, vendor and venue negotiations, and day-of coordination and execution.  On the day-of, you want to focus on doing your part and not having to worry about circumstances out of your control or other people doing their jobs.

Build the Anticipation

Once you’ve chosen your proposal plan, you want to make sure you have a timeline of the events planned out.  Make sure you coordinate with the vendor or venue so they know what’s going on.  If you’re planning to propose at a restaurant for example, it’s a good idea to inform the restaurant beforehand because they may be willing to help out and give you more perks, such as the most romantic seat in the house.  Throughout the night, you want to throw tidbits of romance her way to build the anticipation.  Though she might suspect you’re going to propose, she won’t know for sure and the anticipation will grow.  If you’ve planned accordingly, everything within your control would have occurred and the moment has arrived.  Getting down on one knee will never grow out of style and you want to make it worth it.  Tell her how much you love her, ask her to marry you, present her with the ring, and wait for her to change your life.

Have an After-Party Plan

After she says yes, make sure that you have a plan for a celebration.  There’s nothing wrong with proposing in the morning or during the day, but if you do so, make sure you have a plan for after the engagement.  Good ideas would be to have a hotel arranged, a trendy lounge or club to go to afterwards, or a weekend getaway just for the two of you.  Sharing the news with your friends and family is part of the celebration as well and could be part of your after plan.

It may be nerve-wracking planning and going through the marriage proposal process, but the end-result will be worth it.  It will be a story that you tell your friends, family, children, and grandchildren. Make it as memorable as possible.  Contact Proposal Planner-The Heart Bandits to ensure that your marriage proposal is all that you and she ever dreamed of.


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Diamond Cut Review for Your Proposal

The Heart Bandits-Marriage Proposal Consultants receive several emails a day asking for advice regarding purchasing an engagement ring.  A question that we are frequently asked is, what cut of diamond should  I buy?  Our answer, of course, depends on the particular woman in question because we are all about personalization.  But we do find that men sometimes aren’t familiar with all of the different cuts of diamonds available.  Today we are going to share with you the many beautiful cuts of diamonds.


A round cut diamond is the most popular cut and would be great for a girl that loves the traditional and classic look.



This is the most popular non-round cut because of its unique cut and pointed corners.  This ring is a great ring for someone who likes a little edge, but not too much.



This cut is unique because it is cut with rectangular facets to create a unique optical appearance.  Because of this shape it  highlights the clarity of a diamond.



This beautiful cut  is nearly identical to the emerald-cut, except that it is square.  This cut is a big trend right now so it is perfect for that trendsetting girlfriend of yours.



The shape of a marquise diamond can maximize carat weight and give you a much larger-looking diamond.  This would be perfect for the girl who loves flash!



An oval diamond is similar to a round diamond. Oval diamonds are very popular as their length can accentuate long, slender fingers.



This cut features trimmed corners which makes the radiant-cut a popular and versatile choice for jewelry. A radiant-cut looks great with either a baguette or round side-diamond setting.



This brilliant-cut diamond is also called a teardrop for its single point and rounded end.



This cut needs no explanation and is also chosen due to its symbolization of love.



This cut is my personal favorite.  They have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance and have been popular for centuries.  They area a blend of class and trend.


If you would like help choosing an engagement ring, if you need a woman to go shopping with you for the ring, if you need a recommendation to a trusted jeweler, and especially if you need some help planning her perfect proposal, contact The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planning today.  Like us on Facebook!

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Perfect Romantic Locations for a Marriage Proposal or Date!


Many people know that the first 3 rules in real estate are Location, Location, Location.   When it comes time to plan a marriage proposal or a romantic event, the same is also the case.  If you really want to wow her, then you need to take her to a place that has it all.  The place should instill romance, have an area for privacy, and most of all, be memorable.  It helps if the location has an amazing view and has other things going for it.  If your sweetie is already mesmerized by the location before you even pop the question, then you know that you picked the right location.  Places like this exist all over the country and all over the world.  Below are some suggestions for you to use if you live in the area:


If you’re in the Southern California area, one such place is Greystone Mansion with it’s amazing panoramic view of the city and it’s gorgeous landscaping and mansion.  It’s sure to make your sweetie fall more in love and it’s what romance is all about.


In New York City, try the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  This place is especially romantic in the springtime when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.  Take a leisurely walk with your love at these gardens and tell her how you feel to make it a memorable and perfect date.


Similarly if you’re in the Dallas area, you may want to take your baby to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.  It has beautiful landscapes and gorgeous flowers.  It’s perfect for warm days.


Last but not least, in the San Diego area, you must try visiting La Jolla Cove.  You have beautiful views of the cliffs and the Pacific ocean.  Best of all, the weather is always nice there and you can visit beautiful La Jolla afterward.  Take a moment to hold your sweetie close to make the day even more special.

The Heart Bandits-Proposal Idea Planners are here to help you select the perfect location to have your unforgettable marriage proposal or romantic date.  Contact Us today so we can start planning your dream event.  Like us on Facebook!

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Canada Proposal Planners Interviewed by Times Colonist

Jack Knox, aka Dr. Romance, is a Times Columnist and he wrote a hilarious article on The Heart Bandits.  It is titled “A Lady Bandit Who is All Heart” and it is too funny not to share!  Contact us today if you want to start working on your customized proposal by The Heart Bandits.


The Heart Bandit thinks Dr. Romance needs help.

She’s on the phone from Los Angeles, where she read last week’s Valentine’s Day advice column online.

Her real name is Michele Williamson. A professional marriage proposal planner and romance consultant, she has somehow got it into her head that I might not be the clear front-runner in the sensitivity sweepstakes.

Dunno where she got that from, though she mentions something about how my idea of romance (muting the game while she talks) doesn’t exactly put a fellow in Mr. Darcy territory.

You know that Will Smith movie Hitch? That’s what Williamson does, planning customized marriage proposals and romantic dates. She also offers a romance concierge service where clients -some time-impoverished, others just plain clueless -contract her to send flowers, book restaurants, email reminders of upcoming anniversaries and birthdays, that sort of thing. It’s all at (Of course, Dr. Romance would not need this service; that would be like Pavarotti hiring Justin Bieber.)

Williamson got the idea for the Heart Bandits after her partner in the company -and life -proposed to her aboard a sunset dinner cruise. Romantic, yes, but he popped the question only 10 minutes before docking, leaving little time for celebration. And he didn’t plan a place to go once they were ashore. That got Williamson, whose background was in event planning, thinking about how it could have been done a wee bit better.

(I refrained from mentioning Dr. Romance’s own proposal strategy: wait until the mercury plunges to minus 30, then refuse to start the car until she says yes. I’m not making this up. Mrs. Dr. Romance still maintains that her acceptance should have come with an asterisk, like a truncheon-assisted confession or George W. Bush’s first election as president.)

A minor note of indignation creeps into Williamson’s voice as she speaks of men who, instead of really thinking about whom they’re asking to marry them, troll the Internet for generic advice on how to propose, inevitably coming up with something “cheesy” like dropping a ring in a champagne glass or -egads! -booking the local Jumbotron.

“I don’t suggest that men propose at sporting events,” she says. A guy who proposes at The Game might be thinking more of his likes than hers.

“Women want to feel special,” Williamson says. “The day he proposes is the day she’s been dreaming of her whole life.” The dream does not include Romeo holding a ring in one hand and a plastic beer glass in the other, a mustard stain where his heart is supposed to be.

Of course, it’s different if the proposee is a sports junkie. Williamson is currently arranging a “Gleestyle proposal,” in which 20 actors will spring from the seats at a major league baseball game and perform a choreographed song-anddance for a diehard fan of the home team.

She’s also working with a client who wants to propose on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. (“Ellen’s not returning my calls.”)

But beware: There are dangers to high-profile, public displays, a trend some trace to sportscaster Ahmad Rashad’s proposal to actress Phylicia AyersAllen during a live NFL broadcast in 1985. (She said yes. Then they got divorced.) Fans at a Houston Astros game once got to see a woman pour a bag of popcorn on a guy and flee in horror after he went down on one knee.

The most cringeworthy video on YouTube shows a marriage proposal on the big screen at Yankee Stadium, the problem being that it was a prank set up by the guy’s friends. (She said yes, he said no, it went downhill from there.) A Baltimore politician recently caught hell for wasting public resources after employing a boat and police helicopter in a fake marine raid turned marriage proposal.

Williamson is keener on the more private, personal approach, like the soldier in Afghanistan whom she helped propose long distance to his girl in an elegant Houston hotel room decorated with roses, candles and a violinist playing in the background.

“I’m a super hopeless romantic,” Williamson says. “I still cry when people propose.”

So does Mrs. Dr. Romance. Great, heaving sobs of joy.

Contact The Heart Bandits- Engagement Planners if you want to start your tailored Canada proposal ideas and planning.  We also work everywhere else in the world!  See proposals here!

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New Twist on the Scavenger Hunt Marriage Proposal


One timeless method of proposing marriage has always been the scavenger hunt.  This type of proposal shows your girl that you put a lot of thought and effort into proposing because you put a whole day together dedicated to your relationship and things that have been important to you.  This type of proposal usually involves giving notes to someone to follow and having them go to a location to uncover the next clue.  All these clues lead up to a grand finale (which would be the actual marriage proposal).

In today’s day and age with technology being ever-so incorporated into our daily lives (not to mention love lives), it makes complete sense to update the scavenger hunt with available resources.  Check out this story on an iPhone App Marriage Proposal that did just that.  It’s very clever and amazing.   The gentleman spent THREE years developing a software program that gave his girlfriend clues for her to follow around the city.  The app on the iPhone used the GPS to verify where she was and it displayed information on the meaning of each location.  It also used social media to add more fun to it.  If you want something similar to this, contact The Heart Bandits for proposal ideas.  We will work with you to get you the exact marriage proposal or romantic event that you want that will make her the happiest girl in the world.

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Marriage Proposal Checklist

Check out The Heart Bandits-Wedding Proposal Planner interview in Sophisticated Groom Magazine February 2011 issue sold at Barnes and Nobles and Borders! Contact us today to get started on creating your own customized and romantic proposal.

Spring Proposal Checklist by Vanessa L. Jackson

“Proposing during the spring symbolizes life and growth,” Michele Williamson, co-founder of The Heart Bandits, a marriage proposal planning service in Torrance, CA says.  “This is a time where you’ll be growing and starting a new life together, it’s a new beginning.”

Michele and her partner, Marvin Velazquez, recommend the following spring proposal planning guide for proposing in the spring.


Find the right time to ask her family members for their blessing.  If they say no, decide your next steps and if you’ll still propose.


Don’t plan a proposal based on what you like to do.  Proposing at a sporting event in front of tons of strangers may not be her idea of the best marriage proposal.  Make it personal and don’t use generic ideas you find on the Internet or in a book.  Make sure your proposal includes special memories or inside jokes from your private moments.  Create the plan, the budget, choose the ring, pick the date, reserve any vendors or venues and plan all the logistical details of the proposal.  If you’re proposing outside, have a backup plan in case it rains.  If you’re relying on children or animals to help propose, what do you do if things don’t go as planned?  Always expect the unexpected.



Excluding the price of the ring, proposals can range from free to $100,000 depending on how lavish the proposal is.  Don’t forget to think about whether you’ll buy a new outfit or something for your proposal.


Asking for help is okay.  This is one of the most important days of your life and there’s a lot of pressure to make this moment perfect.  Get a woman’s perspective or consult friends.  Consider hiring a Marriage Proposal Planner from The Heart Bandits.

The Ring

It’s the center of your proposal, unless you’ve had a conversation with your girlfriend and know she doesn’t want one.  The type varies depending on her style and your budget.  Choose something nice that signifies your love but doesn’t set you back financially.


Spoiler Alert

Don’t leave a trail behind.  Make sure to hide any receipts, emails, or any evidence of ring shopping or proposal planning.


Get hints of a place she would love to go.  Maybe it’s local or someplace she’s never experienced.  Cancun, Paris, Venice, Schloss Neuschwanstein Germany, Niagara Falls, New York City and Southern California are wonderful and romantic proposal destinations.


A hot air balloon ride, scenic hike, sunset cruise, upscale restaurant with a nice view, outdoor restaurants with a view of the water, skyline, mountains or rose gardens, outdoor day spa or wineries are always great places.


Spring Flowers

Long stemmed white Calla Lilies are beautiful and romantic.  Gardenias, Casa Blanca Lily, Stargazers and Peonies are also great choices.  You can’t go wrong with red roses because they symbolize love, no matter the season. If she doesn’t like roses try to find her favorite flower if you want to include them in the proposal.


Dress comfortably and in your style, but appropriate to the proposal activity.  Nice slacks and a collared shirt or dressy jeans and a blazer may be fine.


Avoid distractions because you’ll give it away.  It should be about your relationship, her and that moment only.  Avoid saying anything negative.

Have Fun

Even though this time is stressful, this is one part in the wedding process the man has complete control.  Enjoy it, embrace it and celebrate your future.

Social Network

Deciding to share the happy news is up to you and your fiancée.  You may choose to keep it private and bask in your own happiness for a few days or you may choose to let everyone know about it right away.  Decide as a couple what to do.

“The story of your engagement will be told over and over for the rest of your lives,” Michele adds.  “It’s the first chapter in the book of your marriage and life together.  He needs to make sure it is amazing.”

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Valentine’s Day Proposal Tips

The Heart Bandits received some exciting news today.  We will be featured on 106.9 The Eagle during the 8am hour on Valentine’s Day.  If you are in the West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Maryland area, tune in!

We also were fortunate enough to be blogged about in One Stylish Bride, a blog tailored towards Australian bride and grooms.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am sure there are some of our readers planning on popping the question on the Dia de Amor!  It isn’t too late to hire The Heart Bandits for Wedding Proposal Planning to finalize your proposal idea or make any last minute reservations.  However, if you decide to go at it alone I have one piece of advice for you.  Don’t be cliché.  Just like no girl would want to be proposed to with the same ring everyone has, no girl wants to have the same proposal that everyone has.  Come up with a proposal idea that is unique and customized to your relationship.  Unless the following proposal ideas have some sentimental value to you, stay away from these proposals.

  • Putting the ring in the champagne!  Come on guys, that one comes up in about 1000 Google searches.  You guys can do better, I know it!
  • Having the waiter bring out the ring on the dessert tray.  The 80’s are over and this proposal idea should be too.
  • Put the ring in a heart shaped box of chocolates.  This one isn’t as bad as others, but this is not creative in the slightest.  She is going to tell the story of how you proposed over and over for the rest of her life.  I don’t think this cuts it.
  • Any proposal involving conversation hearts.  Do I have to say more?


Stay away from these ideas and come up with something personal and your Valentine’s Day proposal should be a hit.  Contact us if you need some assistance.  We are used to working under tight deadlines.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Experience L-O-V-E at K-ZO

It is time for you to be romantic.  Where should you take her?  Whether it is Valentine’s Day, her birthday, your anniversary, or you just want to show her how much you care, I have just the place.  K-ZO is a chic restaurant in Culver City, CA known for its authentic sushi, sake, and small bites.  But what makes K-ZO different than every other sushi restaurant in Los Angeles?

First and most importantly, it is extremely romantic.  K-ZO was created by a happily married couple, a Master Chef and a Designer, both from Japan, who bring authenticity, passion and exquisite style to their endeavor, a true labor of love!  With sushi bars, a sake bar and table seating, the ambiance has a sleek industrial feel that still manages to be warm and inviting.  It screams “romansu”!

The next feature that sets K-ZO apart from other sushi restaurants is its chef, Keizo (K-ZO) Ishibi. Keizo is classically trained in both Japanese and French cuisine and has over thirty years of experience.  You will discover that his creativity and innovation bring a fresh interpretation to classical cooking styles.  He will be honored to surprise your honey with a sushi roll she has never tried before as he loves being part of the entire experience.

The dishes and small plates are ever so tasty.  Start off with a hot bowl of miso soup and a yummy salad.  Naturally they have a huge variety of sushi and rolls.  And if you are not a sushi fan? Don’t worry, they serve many other options such as the smoked vegetable stack, chicken teriyaki and grilled salmon.  And what would sushi be without sake?  K-ZO’s vast sake selection comes from all over Japan, making it a standout among its peers. K-ZO also serves wine, beer, and a variety of other beverages so order your favorite drink and make a toast to your sweetie.  No romantic date would be complete without feeding each other some dessert.  They offer a nice selection of dessert including chocolate fondant and mochi ice cream.  No girl can resist chocolate or ice cream!

K-ZO will be offering a Valentine’s Day 5-course pre-fixe dinner menu, a passionate odyssey for the palate.  It will be available from February 11-14.  See K-ZO’s website ( for more information and reservations.

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26% of Women Unsatisfied With Their Marriage Proposal


Photo Courtesy of Wedding News

In Wedding News, a Wedding Blog dedicated to providing the latest Wedding news for the UK and nationwide, a study showed that 26% of brides are not blown away by their marriage proposal!  Their biggest complaint……….it wasn’t romantic, original, or personal enough.  There is also a study that took an even bigger sample size and shows that 80% of women are unsatisfied with their proposal.  I am sure that a lot of it has to do with media and society’s pressure to be the best at everything, but the fact remains, a happy life is a happy wife.  So you want to give her an amazing proposal!  76% of those men planned their proposal all by themselves.  With 1 in 4 of the women not being satisfied, and maybe some ashamed to admit it, maybe the men would have benefited from hiring professional help.

The Heart Bandits-Marriage Proposal Experts talk with each client and really get to know their relationship and the girl he is proposing to.  Then we begin to create a customized proposal that will melt her heart.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials!  We can plan intimate proposals, destination proposals, celebrity or movie themed proposals, and anything else that you can imagine.  Contact us today!  Follow us on Facebook.

Read the full story here.

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