Propose on the Hit Reality Show The Bachelor

You could be chosen to propose on national television.  Go to and tell them how and why you want to propose to your significant other and you could have the chance to pop the question during an upcoming episode of ABC’S THE BACHELOR! That’s right, you could propose on national TV!

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Leonesse Cellars Winery, Temecula

My fiancé and I had the pleasure of visiting the romantic Leonesse Cellars Winery.  This is the  best kept secret in Temecula, CA. that I refuse to keep a secret. The word Leonesse means Village of Dreams and could not be more fitting.  This is the most beautiful winery in Temecula hands down and it is perfect for a romantic date, a proposal, and even a wedding!  I have been to Temecula a few times and have never been to this winery.  Now I see what I have missed out.  Here is why Leonesse is so romantic and why you MUST go!

The View

Leonesse’s tasting room is on top of a 20 acre hilltop vineyard in Temecula Wine Country.  The views of the Palomar Mountains and vineyards are amazing.  It is the perfect backdrop for a first date, first kiss, a marriage proposal, or a wedding!

It is Interesting

Leonesse offers a hosted wine tour.  It is so fascinating!  You will learn all about how wine is made while cuddling up next to your honey and sipping on wine.  You will be escorted in to the exclusive members only wine tasting room which has oak barrels all around the room.  It is dim and lit with chandeliers and is oh so romantic.  They rent out the space for special events so keep that in mind.  Next, you get to walk up in to the vineyard which is a very neat experience if you have not done that before.

*If you are on a first date, impress her by studying the wine making process.  They ask you questions about it on the tour and if you get it right you get a free tasting!

It is Beautiful

The wine tasting room is gorgeous on the inside and out.  They also have a VIP tasting area that looks like a very elegant old dining room.  You literally feel like you are sitting down at someone’s dinner table.

The Wine is Amazing

Their wine is very, very good and they have an amazing Port wine!  Leonesse grows their own fruit right there in the vineyard and can taste the difference.  Don’t forget to sign up for their Wine Club for extra special privileges and great wine.

The Staff

The staff really goes out of their way to give you a great experience.  Our tour guide was very friendly and was happy to take our pictures throughout the tour.

Leonesse is romantic and a must-see in Temecula.  Let The Heart Bandits help you plan a romantic date or marriage proposal at Leonesse Cellars Winery.

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Christmas Proposal Countdown!

If you plan on proposing this Christmas you now have 7 more days to get it all done.   Do you have everything in place?  See below for our Christmas Proposal Checklist!

  1. Do you have a plan? With only 7 days left, hopefully you have a solid plan.   Whether you decided to propose on Christmas at midnight Mass or write “Will You Marry Me” with Christmas lights, make sure you have it all planned out, including a plan B!  If you are proposing outdoors, do you have a plan in case it rains or snows?  Think of all the possible roadblocks and then create a backup.  PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!
  2. Do you have the ring? Please tell me you have the ring.  You only have 7 days left!  If you have not bought a ring yet you need to stop reading this immediately and go get one!  If you need a referral The Heart Bandits can help.
  3. Do you know how you are going to ask? Have you thought about what you will say to her before you pop the question?  Think of what you want to tell her and then rehearse it.  You will be so nervous when the moment comes you could forget everything.  But if you practice it enough it will come naturally.
  4. Will there be a post-celebration? One thing people don’t think of is what they will do the moment after you propose.  There should be some sort of celebration after she says yes.  Since you are proposing on Christmas and will probably be with family you could have them help you throw a surprise celebration.  If it is just the two of you, have some champagne and cupcakes waiting at a hotel or your place.  Just make sure there is something in place to continue the high.
  5. Hire a proposal planner if needed. It isn’t too late to hire The Heart Bandits to help you put the finishing touches on your proposal.  If you need some last minute advice, want to bounce your proposal idea off of us to see if we can enhance it, or if you need help pulling off the event , we are here to help.

Congratulations on finding the love of your life and enjoy your moment.  If you followed this checklist it will all go as planned.  Best of luck!

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Christmas Proposal Guide for Sale

Planning on proposing on Christmas?  We now have a Christmas Proposal guide for sale for $5!  It also includes a 10% off coupon for our services so if you decide you need help from The Heart Bandits planning the proposal, you want to plan a romantic event in the future, or buy romantic gifts you will save some cash.  The Guide includes the following information:

Inside this Issue:

Proposing on Christmas- Is it a Good Idea?

Christmas Proposal Ideas- Ideas on How to Propose

Christmas Getaway Proposal- Some Ideas on Where to Take Her to Get Away

Christmas Engagement Ring Ideas

About Us

What is a Marriage Proposal Planner?

To purchase, send a paypal email for $5 or email us at and we will email you the PDF guide.

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Christmas Special – Chance to win free engagement photography session!

Let us help you make this Christmas her most special Christmas ever!  We will help you plan the perfect marriage proposal on Christmas Day.  And to make it even more special, we will give one lucky proposer a free engagement photography session for you and your new fiancé to use after she says yes!  To win the free engagement photography session, book one of The Heart Bandits proposal services by December 25th and you will automatically be entered.  Winner will be announced on Christmas Day!

Ladies, if you are reading, spread the word.  Sometimes men need a little extra incentive to pop the question!

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The Heart Bandits Featured in Hopelessly Romantic Magazine

The Heart Bandits were lucky enough to be featured in December’s Limited Edition of Hopelessly Romantic Magazine.  The magazine article can be found on page 36 and you can order it here!
Below is the full article!  Thank you Hopelessly Romantic!

The Heart Bandits is a Marriage Proposal and Romance Consulting Company.
A new hopelessly romantic company has recently launched in Southern California. They are The Heart Bandits and their motto is, “We steal their hearts, you get the credit.” They offer a one-of-a-kind service for the busy professional who is a romantic at heart but does not have a lot of free time or maybe needs assistance in outdoing his last romantic gesture.  This team of Marriage Proposal and Romance Consultants are revolutionizing the romance industry.

The Heart Bandits specialize in creating unique personalized marriage proposals. The Client may have an idea of what he would like for that special day but just needs some help fine tuning the details or he may have absolutely no idea how to create the perfect proposal and needs help. Through a 20 minute free consultation, The Heart Bandits will determine exactly what is needed for a dream proposal. They send the Client a detailed Personal Relationship Questionnaire designed to truly understand the couple’s relationship and the personality of the future fiancé. “The next step is the best part. Marvin and I analyze the answers within the questionnaire and then we generate 3 amazing marriage proposal concepts full of inside jokes and special moments designed exclusively for the couple,” says cofounder Michele Williamson. The concepts can range from intimate proposals such as a picnic on the cliffs of Pebble Beach to lavish proposals including a hot air balloon ride over Paris. The Client chooses his favorite concept and then the proposal planning begins. For the Client who wants to ensure a stress free proposal, The Heart Bandits offer complete coordination on the big day. They will work with reliable, pre-selected vendors and venues to make sure all of the details are taken care of so you don’t have to worry. The Client can be assured that when they arrive on location, the entire stage will be set. All he has to do is pop the question and enjoy the moment.

Cofounder Marvin Velazquez says, “Similar to planning a marriage proposal, planning a romantic anniversary date or Valentine’s Day event can be stressful if you do not hire a Romance Consultant.” The Heart Bandits offer complete romantic date planning. They haveexclusive relationships with many vendors and venues and have experience in planning romantic dates that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Much like the marriage proposal planning service, they get to know the personal details that make each relationship unique and use that information to plan a perfect and personalized romantic date. They can provide the idea, the location, and coordinate the entire event if needed. “This service is not just for men. Women often want to plan romantic dates for their loved one, but they don’t understand that men view romance completely different than women do,” states Williamson. “There are many ways to put the spark back into a relationship, people just need help finding where to start.” The Heart Bandits have a Ladies Only service which assists women in planning dates that men would find romantic. The service helps women either plan a fantasy date or be a fantasy date.

One of the most unique services they offer is a pre-arranged gift delivery service. This is an amazing idea for the busy executive that wants to show their loved ones how important they are, even if they travel frequently. The Client selects romantic gifts and services from The Heart Bandits exclusive list. Some of the gift and service choices are in-home massage, personal chefs, personalized wine bottles, private dance lessons, and a maid service. “There are too many gifts and services to mention, but we can’t give away all of our ideas,” Williamson jokes. The Client then decides the frequency of which they would like the gifts to arrive. For instance, if they want to have one gift deliveredevery month for a year, they choose 12 gifts and services. They pay up front for all the gifts and services and then they never worry about it again for an entire year. All of the gifts and services will arrive on the agreed upon date, and the loved one will feel special and adored all year long.

Velazquez and Williamson are not only venturing in this business together, but are getting ready to venture in life together as they are currently engaged to be married. They pride themselves in being hopeless romantics and they offer a unique male and female perspective on romance. “I understand how stressful planning a marriage proposal can be for a man because you just want it to be perfect,” Velazquez states.  “We constantly try to outdo each other in the romance department. It is what keeps our relationship exciting. We just want to help others experience the same thing.”

The Heart Bandits mission is that when you ask the most important question of your life, or interact with the most important person in your life, things will go as perfectly as possible. If you are worried or unsure if your loved one would be turned off by the fact that someone helped you plan your romantic event, don’t be. In a recent survey, women were interviewed regarding how they would feel if they knew that their loved one hired a Marriage Proposal or Romance Consultant and 98% of women said they would be flattered to know that their men took such great steps to ensure their moment was perfect. If that isn’t enough reassurance, The Heart Bandits offer 100% discretion if desired.

To learn more about all of the romantic options offered, go to:
To see some of other media coverage go to:

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A Romantic Get Away Along California’s Central Coast

Imagine a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place covered in lush green trees, beautiful mountains set against a clear blue sky, and a view of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.  Well you do not have to imagine it, because it exists.  Located on the coast in California is the charming town of Carmel, CA.    This is an amazing place to take someone for a romantic date or to propose marriage.  Here are some places to explore:

1.  17-mile Drive- Drive down to Pebble Beach and take the 17-mile drive along the beautiful coast of the Pacific Ocean.  This place has breathtaking views, picturesque golf courses and oozes romance.  It is a great place to propose!

2.  Carmel Mission- Check out this historic landmark founded in 1770.  It was the site of the first Christian confirmation in Alta California and is rich in beauty and history.  This would be an amazing place to propose, especially for the religious type.

3.  Horseback Riding- Horeseback riding on the coast is always a recipe for romance.  You can find horseback riding on Pebble Beach and also Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley.

4.  Wine Tasting- I have been to many wineries for wine tasting, but nothing beats wine tasting in quaint Carmel Valley.  You would have to see it to believe it.  There are more wineries than you know what to do with there and a little trolly takes you to each of them.  Chateau Julien Winery, shown below,  is one of the prettiest.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.  Leave some feedback if you have ever been to Carmel or plan on going.  Trust us, it is amazing.

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The Proposal Awards

Waterford Crystal and are having “The Proposal Awards”.  It is your chance to sumbit your amazing proposal in one of the 5 different categories.

  1. Romantic
  2. Adventurous
  3. Biggest Flub
  4. Funny
  5. Non-Traditional

You could win a free engagement party, crystal toasting flutes, a wedding dress, or a trip to Jamaica!

If you have not proposed yet, there is still time for us to work together to create a dream proposal for your loved one that will definitely be submission worthy!  We can make it romantic with candles and memories, adventurous with a shark tank, or funny and non-traditional if that is her style.  But we can’t help you making it a flub, sorry!  Call or email us today.

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We See You But We Don’t Hear You!

Hi to all The Heart Bandit followers,

I just want to thank you all for checking out our blog.  We see that around 100 people a day are reading our blog, but we are sad about that.  Why on earth would we be sad you ask?  Because no one leaves us comments!  Awe, poor bandits.  We want to hear what you have to say!!  Tell us what you want us to blog about.  Do you want to hear more manly perspectives, would you like more reviews on date places?  Would you love for us to feature giveaways on our blog?  Let us know what you think because we are here for you!

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Pimp Your Proposal

You have to be the best, the smartest, the most romantic………… have to have the best proposal.  After all, your girl is going to tell the story of how you got engaged over and over for the rest of your life.    That is why we are going to Pimp Your Proposal!  From now until December 1st, send us your proposal idea and we will pimp it.  We will make recommendations on how to improve it, suggest vendors and venues, and give you the stamp of approval.  All of this for FREE until December 1st.  Whoever sends us the best proposal, we will feature you in our blog (if you approve it) for the world to see.

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