You Can Relax, Romance Help is Here

Have you ever been told you aren’t romantic enough by someone you love?  Have you had to cringe while listening to your sweetie tell you another story about her coworkers husband sending flowers all the time?  Do you want to plan romantic dates and send romantic gifts but you are always away on business?  Well there is help!
The Heart Bandits offer Romance Consulting for those who need help implementing romance into their relationship. We can provide the following and much more:

  • Plan your romantic dates.
  • Provide you with recommendations on where to take your dates.
  • Send romantic gifts and cards for you.
  • Be available by phone, email, or text to provide you advice on romance.
  • Provide you with recommendations on romantic gifts.

We offer these services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  Just think how great it would be to have your own personal romance concierge to help you handle all of your romantic questions and needs.  The recommendations we provide will be unique and special, not just things you find off of the Internet.  This is ideal for the person who does not have time to be romantic because of a busy work schedule or for the man who just can’t figure out what exactly constitutes as romance!  If you need something not listed here, let us know.  Contact The Heart Bandits today and let’s see how we can help you.

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Great Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

So you asked her to marry you and she said yes.  Now you are thrown head first in to the wedding planning stages but thankfully, she is planning most of it.  But you still get to plan the fun stuff, like picking out your Groomsmen Gifts!  The Man Registry has a lot of great ideas for personalized gifts for your best buds.  Below are a few that I thought were cool, but feel free to check out their site for many more ideas.

Remote Control Cooler. Umm seriously, you will earn cool points for this.

Engraved Business Cards. This is perfect for your business professional friend.

Engraved Guitar Pick. For your music lover groomsmen, this will be perfect!

Personalized Cashmere Scarf. A great gift for your sophisticated well dressed best friend!

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Video of the Houston Marriage Proposal

Check out the video of the unique marriage proposal that The Heart Bandits planned in Houston.  The local news station in Houston (Fox 26) featured it today AND interviewed the happy bride-to-be!  It was a pleasure helping them out and we wish Bill and Cindy all the best.

Girlfriend Gets Slide Presentation Proposal:


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Groupon Marriage Proposal

The jury is out.  Either you love or hate proposals using technology.  But it does happen and it happens in big ways.  Groupon recently featured its first marriage proposal.   On a Wednesday the Groupon special below was offered to one lady.  What do you all think about it?

Check out the story here.

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Harry Winston’s New York Collection

New York Proposal Planners – The Heart Bandits, have helped many high end clients propose marriage. Many of these proposals featured rings from the prestigious Harry Winston.

What could possibly be used to capture the beauty of New York City?  How about luxurious jewels turned in to artwork.  Harry Winston has an exquisite New York Collection of jewelry designed using inspiration from unique aspects of New York City.  Prepare for some beautiful pieces.

Traffic by Harry Winston

Mirrored after the complexity of New York City streets, yet far more beautiful.

Central Park by Harry Winston

Created in the image of the most beautiful park in the United States.  A park with beautiful lush greenery that seems to go on for miles.

Suspension by Harry Winston

A stunning replica of New York’s gorgeous bridges.

Guggenheim by Harry Winston

Much like this ring, Guggenheim museum is filled with contemporary and modern art.

River by Harry Winston

Inspired by a river of majestic blue that flows throughout New York City.

Picture Courtesy of Harry Winston

Skyscraper by Harry Winston

Crafted to portray the breathtaking images of New York City’s skyscrapers

PIcture Courtesy of Harry Winston

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Cute Ways to Propose

If you are looking for proposal ideas and having your actual proposal go perfectly, then hiring The Heart Bandits is your best bet.  If you insist on trying to go at it alone however, then here are some fun ideas that you can incorporate into a grand proposal.

One such idea that could be used in a larger proposal is using a t-shirt that asks her to marry you.  This is a cute way of asking for her hand in marriage, especially if you wear the shirt under another outfit like a suit and reveal your proposal shirt at the right moment.  This is one of my favorite proposal videos and the guy has on a matching shirt as the backup dancers.  You can do something similar but not as extravagant as this.

If you have a dog then you can incorporate him into the proposal with something adorable like its own t-shirt as well.  Of course, make sure that Mr. Max doesn’t get freaked out by his new threads and start barking.

Another idea is to have a vintage sign waiting for her at her place.  Such a gesture is simple but yet very sweet and could be tailored to be very meaningful.

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A Solider Proposes From Afghanistan

In mid-December I got an email from Bill, a solider deployed in Afghanistan.  He told us that he was madly in love with his girlfriend Cindy and that they had talked about marriage but he had never formally proposed.  He wanted to do something very special and romantic but did not know how he could make that happen from Afghanistan.  The Heart Bandits were very excited to help and plan the proposal!

We decided to have the proposal take place at the super swanky Hotel Indigo in Houston, Texas.   Cindy was greeted by the Sales Manager, Brian Stonesifer who conincidentally is on the Board of Directors for USO, a nonprofit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the US military.  She was also greeted by a violinist serenading her with love songs.  She was led into a dark room that was decorated with candles and roses and sat down in front of a projected presentation that we put together for Bill.  The presentation showed pictures of Cindy and Bill and the final picture was of Bill on bended knee asking for Cindy’s hand in marriage.   What a beautiful proposal for a beautiful couple.  Congratulations Bill and Cindy!

The Cleveland Texas newspaper was there to capture it all.  See the article here

Picture Courtesy of Patric Schneider, Cleveland Advocate

Picture Courtesy of Patric Schneider, Cleveland Advocate

Picture Courtesy of Patric Schneider, Cleveland Advocate

On Bended Knee

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André and Anna’s Proposal

André contacted The Heart Bandits to get some help in asking for Anna’s parents blessing.  They had only been dating for a few months so he was quite nervous about asking her parents.  But he knew she was the love of his life so he had to do it!  Anna’s parents of course said yes.

André had his heart set on proposing to her on Christmas Day in Lake Tahoe and that is just what he did.  He brought some romantic wine to set the mood and then popped the question.  She said yes!! We could’nt be more happy for this lovely couple!  Congratulations!

On His Way To Propose

The Big Moment!

She Said Yes!

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Propose on the Hit Reality Show The Bachelor

You could be chosen to propose on national television.  Go to and tell them how and why you want to propose to your significant other and you could have the chance to pop the question during an upcoming episode of ABC’S THE BACHELOR! That’s right, you could propose on national TV!

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Leonesse Cellars Winery, Temecula

My fiancé and I had the pleasure of visiting the romantic Leonesse Cellars Winery.  This is the  best kept secret in Temecula, CA. that I refuse to keep a secret. The word Leonesse means Village of Dreams and could not be more fitting.  This is the most beautiful winery in Temecula hands down and it is perfect for a romantic date, a proposal, and even a wedding!  I have been to Temecula a few times and have never been to this winery.  Now I see what I have missed out.  Here is why Leonesse is so romantic and why you MUST go!

The View

Leonesse’s tasting room is on top of a 20 acre hilltop vineyard in Temecula Wine Country.  The views of the Palomar Mountains and vineyards are amazing.  It is the perfect backdrop for a first date, first kiss, a marriage proposal, or a wedding!

It is Interesting

Leonesse offers a hosted wine tour.  It is so fascinating!  You will learn all about how wine is made while cuddling up next to your honey and sipping on wine.  You will be escorted in to the exclusive members only wine tasting room which has oak barrels all around the room.  It is dim and lit with chandeliers and is oh so romantic.  They rent out the space for special events so keep that in mind.  Next, you get to walk up in to the vineyard which is a very neat experience if you have not done that before.

*If you are on a first date, impress her by studying the wine making process.  They ask you questions about it on the tour and if you get it right you get a free tasting!

It is Beautiful

The wine tasting room is gorgeous on the inside and out.  They also have a VIP tasting area that looks like a very elegant old dining room.  You literally feel like you are sitting down at someone’s dinner table.

The Wine is Amazing

Their wine is very, very good and they have an amazing Port wine!  Leonesse grows their own fruit right there in the vineyard and can taste the difference.  Don’t forget to sign up for their Wine Club for extra special privileges and great wine.

The Staff

The staff really goes out of their way to give you a great experience.  Our tour guide was very friendly and was happy to take our pictures throughout the tour.

Leonesse is romantic and a must-see in Temecula.  Let The Heart Bandits help you plan a romantic date or marriage proposal at Leonesse Cellars Winery.

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