Experience L-O-V-E at K-ZO

It is time for you to be romantic.  Where should you take her?  Whether it is Valentine’s Day, her birthday, your anniversary, or you just want to show her how much you care, I have just the place.  K-ZO is a chic restaurant in Culver City, CA known for its authentic sushi, sake, and small bites.  But what makes K-ZO different than every other sushi restaurant in Los Angeles?

First and most importantly, it is extremely romantic.  K-ZO was created by a happily married couple, a Master Chef and a Designer, both from Japan, who bring authenticity, passion and exquisite style to their endeavor, a true labor of love!  With sushi bars, a sake bar and table seating, the ambiance has a sleek industrial feel that still manages to be warm and inviting.  It screams “romansu”!

The next feature that sets K-ZO apart from other sushi restaurants is its chef, Keizo (K-ZO) Ishibi. Keizo is classically trained in both Japanese and French cuisine and has over thirty years of experience.  You will discover that his creativity and innovation bring a fresh interpretation to classical cooking styles.  He will be honored to surprise your honey with a sushi roll she has never tried before as he loves being part of the entire experience.

The dishes and small plates are ever so tasty.  Start off with a hot bowl of miso soup and a yummy salad.  Naturally they have a huge variety of sushi and rolls.  And if you are not a sushi fan? Don’t worry, they serve many other options such as the smoked vegetable stack, chicken teriyaki and grilled salmon.  And what would sushi be without sake?  K-ZO’s vast sake selection comes from all over Japan, making it a standout among its peers. K-ZO also serves wine, beer, and a variety of other beverages so order your favorite drink and make a toast to your sweetie.  No romantic date would be complete without feeding each other some dessert.  They offer a nice selection of dessert including chocolate fondant and mochi ice cream.  No girl can resist chocolate or ice cream!

K-ZO will be offering a Valentine’s Day 5-course pre-fixe dinner menu, a passionate odyssey for the palate.  It will be available from February 11-14.  See K-ZO’s website (www.k-zo.com) for more information and reservations.

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26% of Women Unsatisfied With Their Marriage Proposal


Photo Courtesy of Wedding News

In Wedding News, a Wedding Blog dedicated to providing the latest Wedding news for the UK and nationwide, a study showed that 26% of brides are not blown away by their marriage proposal!  Their biggest complaint……….it wasn’t romantic, original, or personal enough.  There is also a study that took an even bigger sample size and shows that 80% of women are unsatisfied with their proposal.  I am sure that a lot of it has to do with media and society’s pressure to be the best at everything, but the fact remains, a happy life is a happy wife.  So you want to give her an amazing proposal!  76% of those men planned their proposal all by themselves.  With 1 in 4 of the women not being satisfied, and maybe some ashamed to admit it, maybe the men would have benefited from hiring professional help.

The Heart Bandits-Marriage Proposal Experts talk with each client and really get to know their relationship and the girl he is proposing to.  Then we begin to create a customized proposal that will melt her heart.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials!  We can plan intimate proposals, destination proposals, celebrity or movie themed proposals, and anything else that you can imagine.  Contact us today!  Follow us on Facebook.

Read the full story here.

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Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Hi lovers!  Colored stone engagement rings are a huge trend right now.  If your girlfriend is into fashion and has to have all of the newest trends, you should definitely consider one of the rings below.  These rings are all from my favorite estate jewelry store in San Francisco, Dianne’s Estate Jewellery.

Does your girlfriend love pink?  This pink sapphire ring might be right up her alley!  It is from the  Mid-Century period and is set in a platinum setting.  It is one of a kind!

pink-sapphire-engagment ring

Photo Courtesy of Dianne’s Estate Jewellery

If she wants a unique ring that will stand out from the crowd, this is a great choice.  This beautiful 18k white gold ring features a bright blue sapphire.   It is stunning.


Photo Courtesy of Dianne’s Estate Jewellery

Being a May baby myself, I would love to have an emerald ring like this as my engagement ring.  This beauty is a contemporary piece  and the  emerald is set in a platinum setting and weighs in at a grand 2.91ct.  Yes please!


Photo Courtesy of Dianne’s Estate Jewellery

Check out Dianne’s Estate Jewellery website for more unique engagement rings and make sure to tell them The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planning Company sent you! After you choose your engagement ring, hire The Heart Bandits to help you plan an amazing and romantic proposal for your sweetie.  Contact us today!

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Flash Mob Proposal and Tips

Flash mob proposals are all the hype these days.  Check out this proposal in Washington Square.  If you like what you see, let The Heart Bandits-Flash Mob Planners help you come up with your own flash mob proposal.  Read our Flash Mob Proposal Tips below.

If you want the perfect flash mob proposal, follow these 4 tips!

Hire a Flash Mob Planner

Even if you don’t hire us, which I recommend you do, you should hire someone that can coordinate this huge event.  A Flash Mob has several moving parts (audio, choreography, dancers, etc.) and you need someone extremely organized to stay on top of all of the details.  Since you are proposing, you have enough on your plate and don’t want to have to worry about everything on your special day.

Choose Location Wisely

Another reason it is good to hire a planner is because you have to select the location for a flash mob wisely.  A lot of places won’t allow flash mobs, while others require permits and insurance.  Only an experienced coordinator knows the right questions to ask to make sure you aren’t embarrassed during your routine by getting the boot.

Keep It Simple

For your routine, make sure to keep it simple.  If you start adding in tricks or a lot of the dancers doing different moves, it can look sloppy.  More importantly, it leaves too much room for error.


Why have a flash mob if you aren’t going to be able to show it to everyone?  Hire someone to take video of the big day or have a friend do it.  Video is more important than photos for this type of event.

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A Soldier’s Marriage Proposal

Photo courtesy of TIME (REUTERS/Omar Sobhani)

Recently a British Soldier decided to propose to his girlfriend over telephone since he was deployed in Afghanistan.  He knew that his love for his girlfriend was too much to let it go by another minute.  There is love and romance in his heart and intentions but there was one small problem though….. when he dialed his girlfriend’s number it was the wrong number and he left a message on another person’s mailbox.  You can find the actual voicemail here to see if you recognize the Soldier and help find his fiance to-be:


Hire The Heart Bandits as Wedding Proposal Planners to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen to you.  We will give you great ideas on proposing, contact vendors and venues, and follow through with the process to make sure it goes the way you want.  We pulled off a great proposal for a soldier in Afghanistan last year. Read all about it: Soldier’s Proposal

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Have You Ever Thought of a “Push” Gift?

Today I have something very interesting to share.  Yesterday I was speaking to Marc Stiglitz of HAND in HAND Custom Jewelry Design.  He asked me if I help plan parties for the birth of a baby.  I answered that I didn’t think that really fit into our romantic theme here at The Heart Bandits to which he replied, “you really should reconsider”.  He went on to explain to me what a “push” gift was and wow, was it romantic.

Traditionally, a “push” gift or “push” present is a gift from a husband to a wife to commemorate the birth of a baby.  Could anything be more romantic?  And now days, instead of just surprising his wife with a bouquet of flowers in the hospital, husbands are deciding to give a gift that will never die.  To show appreciation to his wife for bearing his child, men are now saying thank you with custom made  jewelry.  Push gifts range from small pieces to elaborate diamond rings and often includes the child’s name engraved in to the ring.

According to the HAND in HAND website, “Although ‘Push’ gifts are becoming all the rage, they are rooted in age-old traditions that span the course of history. At face value, you are expressing your appreciation for your loved one and all that is endured through the pregnancy, delivery and recovery processes. But more importantly, HAND in HAND believes that creating a “Push” gift is a deeply profound opportunity to commemorate one of the most unique, meaningful and amazing experiences in life – having a baby and celebrating your unique family story. It’s creating your own one-of-a-kind family heirloom piece to be passed along for generations to come.”

All I can say is I want one!  If you are looking to plan a romantic event around presenting this unique gift to your sweetie, contact us to plan a “push” party or a romantic date or getaway.

Designed by HAND in HAND, Diamond ring made of three interconnected bands to represent the family’s lineage

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The Heart Bandits Interviewed for The Examiner

We were fortunate enough to be interviewed by Vianni Busquets, the Romance Traveler Examiner for The Examiner.  Read the whole article here and see the  question and answer section below.  Hire The Heart Bandits today to plan your marriage proposal or romantic event.  Enjoy!

Q.1 What got you started on becoming a professional Marriage Proposal Planner?

I have been an event coordinator for 5 years but when my fiance Marvin proposed to me last year, I realized there might be a market for Marriage Proposal Planning.  His proposal was great, but he didn’t have a time line so he waited until the cruise almost docked to propose to me.  He also was so excited to propose that he didn’t think about going anywhere after the cruise to celebrate so after the cruise docked (10 minutes after he proposed) we went home.  This all sparked the idea.

Q.2 Why should men hire you and/or seek the advice of a professional when they can go ask a friend instead?

Great question.  And the answer is because their friends are not experts.  We study proposals, romance, and women for a living.  When you ask your friend, “how should I propose”, they aren’t going to say, “Well tell me about your girlfriend.  What does she like, where did you meet, where did you first say I love you, what are your inside jokes?”  They are just going to come up with ways THEY think is cool to propose.  We come up with ways that are special and meaningful to your relationship based on an interview that asks those important questions.

Q.3 In your opinion, is traveling together a great way to pop the question and why?

If traveling is an interest that they both share, absolutely.  It is extremely romantic to be whisked away from your every day life and romance is part of the foundation for an amazing proposal.

Q.4 If you had to pick just one, what is the most romantic city in the U.S.?

Wow, that is so difficult.  It really depends on what an individual finds romantic.  I myself find NYC very romantic because it is beautiful and cold and I can snuggle.  But others would hate that.  I really love this little spot called Los Olivos too.  It is in Central CA and full of wine tasting spots and near the ocean.  Very romantic.

Q.5 What was the craziest marriage proposal you helped plan?

Well it depends what you mean by crazy.  I feel that helping the solider in Afghanistan propose to his girlfriend in Houston was pretty crazy.  The solider, the girlfriend, and the proposal planner (me) were all in different cities or countries and it was very difficult to pull off.  We had her serenaded with a violinist and led in to a candlelit room to see her solider on bended knee projected on a screen.  It was pretty cool.

Q.6 What are some of the most romantic places or destinations you’ve ever encountered when planning a proposal?

Well I live in Los Angeles and did not know about the Korean Bell in San Pedro, CA.  It has the most stunning view of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California and it is the perfect backdrop for a proposal.  I really do believe that romance is in the moment though.  Especially with proposing.  So it is hard to say.


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Do You Plan on Proposing by Valentine’s Day?

Marriage Proposal The Heart Bandits
If so, we have been presented with a unique opportunity to plan your marriage proposal on TV!  If you don’t want the actual intimate part of the proposal on TV, where you get down on one knee and pop the question, the cameras will leave for that.  Or if you think it would be cool to capture that on film, they are willing to do that as well.  Email us asap at info@theheartbandits.com for details or click here!

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Too Cold to be Outside? Try Stargazing with her on your Phone.

The Heart Bandits love giving our romantic tips you can do with your partner.  One timeless romantic thing to do with your girl is to be outside on a beautiful evening and stargaze.  It’s even better if there’s actually something you know about astronomy and you can point out which stars are which.  Can you point out the big dipper?  Do you know where you can see the Southern Cross from?

For those of you on the East Coast or areas that are being pummeled by snow or bad weather, it’s not a good time to be outside.  But do not let that stop you from creating an evening of romance with your girl.  Instead of going out in the blistering cold stay inside, light up the fireplace, open a glass of wine or champagne, and download one of the many star gazing phone applications out there such as SkySafari or Pocket Universe.   This is a great way to make the best out of a seemingly bad situation while enjoying each others company.  Also, both these apps offer you the ability to see what the sky would like like at a past or future date…. Got a big anniversary coming up?  Show her what the night will look like at that date.  Next time the weather is better, then you can do the stargazing in real life with what you already learned.

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How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose Marriage

I get asked this question all of the time.  So many women ask, how can I get him to propose?  Well the truth is, he is only going to propose to you when he is ready.  And you really wouldn’t want him to propose until then. But here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Be a good girlfriend!

I think the most effective way to get a man to want to propose to you is to actually be a good girlfriend.  Treat him well and surprise him every now and then by planning him a date or surprising him with basketball tickets for him and his friends.  Make sure to keep things new and exciting.

Pay attention to the small things

Find out who he really is.  Where is he ticklish, what is his favorite beer, who are his favorites NFL players?  Then let him know that you know it.

Show your domesticated side

Cook him a nice meal and iron his shirts every now and then.  Don’t go overboard, just let him see what is in store if he marries you!

Drop subtle hints

Talk about happy marriages, rings you might like if you ever get engaged, or places you would like to get married.  When you go on your next vacation, casually mention how nice it would be to honeymoon there.  Get him in to the marriage mindset!

He will come around on his own time if he feels you are the one.  Make a decision how long you are willing to wait and then be patient and enjoy what you have.

For other ways on how to propose, check out this page that gives great advice.

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