Happy Birthday Marvin!

Those of you following this blog may know that Marvin is the male half of The Heart Bandits duo.  He is my business partner and also my terrific fiancé! It his birthday so we are off to celebrate in a man-friendly romantic way……….VEGAS baby!  So we won’t be posting tomorrow.  But I do have a tip for today.  Spend a month or a year writing one thing you love about your sweetie every day and then give it to them to brighten up their day!  I did this for Marvin and here are a few he won’t get mad at me for sharing.

  1. Cheered me on at Crossfit while running
  2. Brought home champagne and chocolates
  3. Brought me flowers
  4. Danced with me all night at wedding
  5. Went to church with me
  6. Sent me ecard
  7. Washed dishes even though his hands were ripped from pullups
  8. Ate pizza with me even though we were supposed to be eating good
  9. Said he can’t wait for me to be his wife
  10. Took me to pumpkin patch
  11. Stayed home with me because my car was broke down
  12. Cooked me dinner
  13. Tried to help me learn muscleups at gym
  14. Worked on the blog during a Laker game
  15. Wrote me sweet text in the morning
  16. Drove to go see my grandpa on Thanksgiving weekend
  17. Went hip hop dancing with me

There is a lot more too.  I am so lucky.  Happy Birthday!

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The Heart Bandits Referral Program

Hello Lovers,

Did you know that The Heart Bandits have a referral program? That’s right! If you refer our services to someone, make sure you tell them to mention your name when they book us. Every time you refer someone to us, we will send you a gift card as a token of our appreciation.

So Facebook us, Twitter us, write it in the sky, and tell everyone you know. The Heart Bandits offer Proposal Planning, Romantic Date Planning, Anniversary Party or Date Planning, Valentine’s Day Date Planning, Fantasy Date Planning for men, vow preparation, and event coordination. We also offer a full-service romance concierge service where we will be at your beck and call all year to set up your romantic dates, run your romantic errands, and send your romantic gifts. This also makes for a great gift.  Follow us on Facebook!

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Charm Her with a Charming You

How to be Charming

I recently remembered that while I was in college, my school used to hold an annual Charm School class every January.  This class consisted topics regarding table etiquette, proper dress attire for different events, how to ask for a date, and ways to do small talk.  Now while some guys may think that they don’t need charm school, your significant other may disagree.  If you’re looking to bring some romance back into your relationship, consider signing up for charm school. Not only will she be impressed you took the initiative to improve yourself, but these tools will be very helpful in other realms such as job interviews, networking, and social mingling.  And we know that most people can still use a refresher course to remind them which fork to use at the dinner table.  In Southern California alone there are numerous options including The Etiquette School.  If a charm school does not exist near you, consider buying a book on it.  If you’re still having trouble, you can contact charm help from The Heart Bandits to help.

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Simone and Son- Jewelers in Huntington Beach, CA

Simone and Son are jewelers located in Huntington Beach, CA.  They are a family owned business and they couldn’t be sweeter. I had the pleasure of meeting Simone who was extremely kind, Jasmine who is sophisticated and elegant, and their son Shant.  Shant is such a nice guy that he opened his doors to customers peering through the window even though the store was closed.  He wouldn’t turn them away! Stop by this store and check out their 3D technology which can help you design your own custom ring!  If you don’t want to design your own, check out some of these unique engagement rings from Simone and Son’s website.

Custom micro pave engagement ring set with a 1.75 carat round brilliant cut diamond center.

Lady’s platinum & 18k ring set with a beautiful sqaure radiant cut diamond weighing 1.15cts and 2 trillian cut diamonds weighing 0.24cts total wt. The center diamond is GIA certified as a natural light yellow diamond.

The center cushion cut is an amazing cut and weighs 1.66 carats. The 72 pave set stones really add an antique feel to the piece.

1.68ct ideal cut diamond VS1 in Clarity I in Color set in 18k white gold micro pave ring with 180 round brilliant cut diamonds, carat total weight 1.00, color grade GH clarity grade VS.

If you stop by the store tell them The Heart Bandits sent you!

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The Heart Bandits Featured in The Daily Breeze Newspaper

Courtesy of The Daily Breeze: Photographer Scott Varley

Today The Heart Bandits were lucky enough to be featured in The Daily Breeze newspaper. The Daily Breeze is the newspaper that serves all of the South Bay cities in Los Angeles.  We are really excited about this article.

Torrance couple help the love-struck plan proposals, romantic dates

By Muhammed El-Hasan, Staff Writer

Had Cyrano de Bergerac lived in the age of capitalism, he could have made a fortune advising men on how to romance beautiful maidens.

Given that de Bergerac is long dead – and the story of his helping Christian de Neuvillette to win Roxane’s heart is likely pure fiction – this specialized niche is wide open for a couple of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Enter Michele Williamson and her fiance Marvin Velazquez.

The Torrance couple have started a business called The Heart Bandits, with the tag line, “We steal their hearts, you get the credit.” Williamson and Velazquez promise to help you plan the ideal marriage proposal.

“If you want to propose marriage to somebody and you don’t have any idea, you can call us. We’re very romantic,” Williamson explained to me. “There’s not a lot of places for men to find help.

Please read the full article here.

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Palm Beach Proposal Caught on Camera by Accident

I came across an interesting article today in The Palm Beach Post Living news.  A photographer, Joy Groover, caught a very intimate proposal on camera and is now searching for the couple so she can share the memories caught on film.  I thought it was such a cute story so I wanted to share.  Click here for the full story.

Do you know this mystery couple?

Joy Groover/Joy Lynne Photography

Joy Groover

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Two Ways to Create Romance for Men

I get a lot of emails from women asking how to plan a romantic evening for their men.  Surprisingly, most women come to me and say things like, “I was thinking of making him a scrapbook or sharing a candlelight bubble bath with him.”  Every time I hear that, I cringe.  Sure there are probably some men who would enjoy those things, but typically men experience romance a lot different than women do.  It is my belief that men experience romance in two ways:

1) Spend time with him doing what HE likes to do.  If your man is an avid Laker’s fan, take him to watch a game.  Make it all about him.   Go early and watch the players warm up, eat a hot dog, and drink a beer.  He will find this sexy, trust me.  Gain extra points by scoring some really good seats. The Heart Bandits can help you pull that off.

2) Plan a HOT night.  If you are a conservative brunette, dress up as a hot blond and have him meet you at a hotel bar.  Do some role playing.  He will fall in love with you all over again.

The Heart Bandits can help you plan the perfect fantasy date for your man.  Contact us today!

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You Can Relax, Romance Help is Here

Have you ever been told you aren’t romantic enough by someone you love?  Have you had to cringe while listening to your sweetie tell you another story about her coworkers husband sending flowers all the time?  Do you want to plan romantic dates and send romantic gifts but you are always away on business?  Well there is help!
The Heart Bandits offer Romance Consulting for those who need help implementing romance into their relationship. We can provide the following and much more:

  • Plan your romantic dates.
  • Provide you with recommendations on where to take your dates.
  • Send romantic gifts and cards for you.
  • Be available by phone, email, or text to provide you advice on romance.
  • Provide you with recommendations on romantic gifts.

We offer these services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.  Just think how great it would be to have your own personal romance concierge to help you handle all of your romantic questions and needs.  The recommendations we provide will be unique and special, not just things you find off of the Internet.  This is ideal for the person who does not have time to be romantic because of a busy work schedule or for the man who just can’t figure out what exactly constitutes as romance!  If you need something not listed here, let us know.  Contact The Heart Bandits today and let’s see how we can help you.

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Great Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

So you asked her to marry you and she said yes.  Now you are thrown head first in to the wedding planning stages but thankfully, she is planning most of it.  But you still get to plan the fun stuff, like picking out your Groomsmen Gifts!  The Man Registry has a lot of great ideas for personalized gifts for your best buds.  Below are a few that I thought were cool, but feel free to check out their site for many more ideas.

Remote Control Cooler. Umm seriously, you will earn cool points for this.

Engraved Business Cards. This is perfect for your business professional friend.

Engraved Guitar Pick. For your music lover groomsmen, this will be perfect!

Personalized Cashmere Scarf. A great gift for your sophisticated well dressed best friend!

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