Top 3 Reasons To Re-Propose


We were lucky enough to be asked to be a part of a discussion about proposing on Huffington Post Live.  Watch the video here! The topic of re-proposals and their popularity came up but many people are confused about what re-proposing means and why you would choose to do one. Here are three reasons someone might choose to re-propose:

You Botched the First One

Did you mess up your proposal the first time around? Perhaps you accidentally made dinner reservations for the wrong night, or in the moment forgot the loving speech you were going to give. Whatever the issue, having botched the proposal the first time around is a great reason to re-propose. Make sure that the memory that you carry with you for the rest of your lives is the romantic one that you intended.  Hiring a professional to take care of your proposal planning is a great way to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

You Want to Re-Commit

This is very similar to the trend of renewing your vows. After years of marriage, it can be a great idea to remind yourselves of the romance and excitement that you both felt at the beginning of your relationship, when you were making those big decisions to spend the rest of your lives together. Re-creating your proposal is a thoughtful and sweet way to bring back that spark.

You Want to do a Romantic Gesture

Perhaps you just want to do something romantic for your spouse, whether it be for your anniversary, their birthday, or just because of how wonderful they are. Going out to a nice dinner or going to the beach are all tried and true, but what about surprising her with a re-proposal? She’ll love the thoughtfulness of this gesture.

Want to put together your own re-proposal? The Heart Bandits can help you make that plan a reality! Whether your want to perfectly re-create the proposal or go for a totally new idea, we can work with you to create the perfect moment for you and your beau. Contact us today to get started!

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Love Story Proposal On New York City Rooftop

The proposal we are going to share with you seems like it is right out of a movie.  From the picturesque views of New York City to the elegantly drawn love story of Arun and Aswathi, this proposal is simply breathtaking.


When we interviewed Arun, what stood out to us was the way he told his love story with Aswathi.  So with the help of Arun, we came up with the concept to tell the love story in pictures!  We rented out a gorgeous rooftop overlooking Manhattan as the backdrop for their picture perfect proposal. We hired an artist to draw several pictures of Arun And Aswathi which told the story of the milestones in their relationship.  The first was a drawing of Arun and Aswathi using Facetime as that is how they communicated when they were far apart. The next showed her 25th birthday in New York City and their first trip to Hollywood.


The following picture showed Arun meeting Aswathi’s family for the first time and last but certainly not least, the drawing of Arun proposing right on the very rooftop that they were standing on.  Since purple is her favorite color, we had a florist design beautiful purple floral arrangements.


Arun proposed and Aswathi said yes!  The two went on to celebrate with a romantic dinner  inside the Penthouse.  Thank you Arun for choosing The Heart Bandits – New York Proposal Planners.





If you would like to have your own perfect marriage proposal like this then get the best help available in the world, from the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits. We have helped hundreds of guys in similar positions create and plan ideas that are absolutely perfect for them. They came to us because they had no time or just needed help with coming up with the idea. The end result was an amazing proposal. Contact us today to have the same thing happen to you!

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Ways to Celebrate After a Marriage Proposal

When people think about the ways to propose, they often just think about the proposal idea only up to the part that they pop the question. Many times they don’t bother to think about what to do after they propose. Sometimes the proposal leads the way because of all the emotions involved but it’s a good idea to plan to have a way to celebrate after the proposal. Below are some good suggestions.

marriage proposal cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate your engagement! (photo courtesy Chloe Moore Photography)

Champagne and Desserts

The ultimate way to celebrate. Nothing says something good has happened than a bottle of bubbly. Mix champagne with some desserts like strawberries or cupcakes and you have the perfect way to celebrate your engagement.

Photo Shoot

As always, you should document your proposal. Oftentimes your photographer remains discreet up until you propose. After you propose however, it’s fair game to do what you like. Many couples like taking photo shoots after their proposal to capture that moment and to also use those photos for their wedding date announcements or actually at their wedding.

After Party with Friends and Family

To really celebrate your engagement, you can have an after-party. This can be at a restaurant, lounge, bar, or even at your house. Have your friends and family waiting at this location so you can officially be greeted and congratulated. Trust me, it will be a great feeling and everyone will cheer you on.

Weekend Getaway

If you want something more intimate with your partner, you can always celebrate with a weekend getaway before you announce your engagement. This will give you time to reflect on your proposal and to look forward to your future life together.

It’s best to have your proposal idea planned from the beginning to the end. Many people miss important steps in their proposal planning and their engagement ends up not being all that it could have been. Don’t let this happen to you! Contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits so that we can give you all the insight you need to know to plan the perfect proposal. Contact us today to get started!

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Should You Propose Back?

It’s your dream day — your beau takes you on the perfect romantic date at your favorite restaurant, or perhaps a lovely beach. As the sun is setting, they get down on one knee and ask for your hand in marriage.

As you think over this magical scenario, have you every thought about proposing back? Asking the important question to your partner after they asked you? Many people may not have thought about it, but here are some good reasons might want to:

Proposing marriage back

Should you propose marriage back? Photo courtesy Brent Foster Photography.

Show of Commitment

Asking for your hand in marriage is one of the biggest ways for your partner to show you their love and commitment in a relationship. If you are truly excited and eager to accept, why not take this chance to show them by returning the gesture? Proposing back can be a great way to show that the two of you really are on same page when it comes to commitment and love for one another.

Non-Traditional Gender Roles

Perhaps you are in a same-sex relationship or you and your partner don’t follow traditional gender roles, so there is no expectation of who will do the proposing. So why not let each of your have a chance to pop the big question?

Said No the First Time Around

Perhaps you said “no” or “maybe” when your partner first proposed, but now you have decided that you are ready and excited for the commitment. Instead of just telling them of your change of heart, show them by creating your own proposal for them! This is similar to the first reason — it is a great way to show an equal level of love and commitment.

Want to put together your own proposal, or have questions about how to propose back? Contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits, and let us calm your anxieties and lead you to the perfect proposal. Whatever questions you may have, we can help you get answers!

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How to Create a Theatrical Marriage Proposal

theatrical marriage proposal

Want to have a marriage proposal in a theater?

Is the love of your life a theater buff? Then what could be more romantic than to set up a clever marriage proposal incorporating that passion? Here are some fun ideas to help you get thinking about your perfect theatrical proposal.

Fake Rehearsal

Theater productions will sometimes let VIPs or other special guests watch one of the final rehearsals before showtime. So what if one day you surprise your girlfriend by telling her that you scored two special tickets to a rehearsal of a new show in town! But what she doesn’t know is that these actors have been specially hired and given a script all about your relationship, culminating in your proposal. What could be better for a theater lover than to have a show all about her?

What if She’s in the Show?

If your girlfriend is performing in a show, there are many fun ways to pop the question onstage. You could coordinate with the director so that you walk on stage and pretend to be a part of the play, blending into the scene until you get down on one knee. She will be utterly confused, but in the best way possible! Or if that feels too intrusive, proposing during the final bows are a great way to go. It gives everyone even more reason to cheer!

What if You’re in the Show?

But what if you’re an actor? Then what about putting a twist on the first scenario — invite your girlfriend to a rehearsal of your show, but have it secretly be a show all about her! After watching you profess your love for her onstage, how could she ever dream of saying no?

Pulling off a theatrical proposal takes a lot of planning — working with the theater, performers, and the director. But let us here at The Heart Bandits do all of that for you! We can make sure that everything is taken care of and that your special moment will go off without a hitch. Call us today to set up your perfect theatrical proposal.

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Scuba Diving Proposal Begins With Fake Online Contest

I have always wanted to coordinate a scuba diving proposal.  But when I finally got to do it, it was even more fun than I originally thought it would be.  But that is probably because the couple we planned it for, Karim and Zahra, were so amazing and down to earth.  You are going to LOVE this proposal story.

So get this……..During our initial interview with Karim, we found out Zahra is OBSESSED with entering online contests. We also learned that the couple loved scuba diving and it is one thing that they always do together.  So we decided to pull the ultimate ruse on Zahra!!  We created a fake travel blog and for weeks, Marvin (aka Travis Wallace ) made travel posts.  Then finally, he posted the ultimate contest; 2 FREE plane tickets to Long Beach, CA, FREE hotel accommodations, and tickets to the Long Beach aquarium where the winner would interact with Sea Lions and scuba dive inside the tank.  Zahra entered as we knew she would, and of course…..she won!

Zahra showed up to claim her prize and everyone went along with it.  They confirmed that she had indeed won this amazing prize, and they took her on the adventure of a lifetime.  After her sea lion interaction, she went on to enjoy her next event which was what she was most excited for and that was scuba diving.  At the end of the tour, Karim swam over to some signs we had stashed under a rock.  He revealed the signs to her one at a time and then pointed to the glass to shock her with a sign that said “You’re my Lobster, Will you marry me?” He then proposed to her underwater and they took off their masks to kiss.  It was so amazing and we were so honored to be a part of this beautiful marriage proposal.

Create your own one-of-a-kind proposal story and hire Proposal Experts-The Heart Bandits to design your event.  Contact us today to find out how we can create a dream come true proposal for you and your girlfriend.

Video: Still Moments Studios

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Royal Marriage Proposals

Everyone has heard the big news — the royal baby is here! With Prince William and Kate Middleton welcoming the newest addition to the royal family into the world, we have a new wave of royal-fever upon us. Why not jump on board and use the royal couple as inspiration for your own proposal? Prince William’s proposal to Kate was beautiful and highly symbolic — two things to strive for in a marriage proposal!

Beautiful Location


William proposed by a secluded lake on the slopes of Mount Kenya, 12,500ft above sea level, with the spectacular Rift Valley as a backdrop. While this may be a little extreme for your lifestyle, seeking out beauty in your proposal location is very important and doesn’t have to break the bank. This is a moment that you will both remember forever — make sure the background is worthy of the moment! Think of places that the two of your find beautiful. Do you love the beach at sunset? Is there a stunning mountainside that you could gaze at forever? Or the view over your favorite city? Proposals can happen anywhere, so make sure it is the perfect location for your relationship!


William considers Africa to be his second home, and Kenya especially holds a special meaning for the royal family — it was where Elizabeth II was staying when she found out that her father had died and she had become queen. Also, the engagement ring that William gave Kate was the same one that his mother, Princess Diana, had worn. Details like this can really make all the difference in a proposal. You never want your proposal to feel cookie-cutter, so show your beau the thought that you put into the moment by scattering it with symbolic tokens. Perhaps start off the night at her favorite restaurant, or by cooking her her favorite meal. Or you could take her to the place where you first met. There are so many ways that you can bring important parts of yourselves and your relationship into the proposal!

Having a hard time thinking of the perfect location or symbolic details? Daunted by the logistics of making it all come together? Don’t let yourself be stressed, and contact the experts at The Heart Bandits! We are a team of professional proposal planners, and we specialize in creating the perfect proposal for each couple. So let us take care of the details so you can enjoy your special day!

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Should You Put Your Partner on Center Stage During Your Proposal?

Oftentimes when we help guys create custom and unique proposal ideas, one of the biggest decisions that has to be made is whether the proposal will be public or private. Not only is that a big decision, but once that is decided, the guy needs to decide if his partner will be the focus of attention the day-of. Here are some things to consider if you are debating making her the center-of-attention during your engagement.

Marriage proposal advice

Should your partner be center stage during your proposal?

Is She Shy

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself. Even if she is an outgoing person that still may not mean she likes attention and could still be shy when the attention is on her. If you’re fairly confident this isn’t the case, then you’ll be fine if your proposal focuses the limelight on her.

Is There Any Kind of Embarrassment She Will Feel?

Marriage proposals in public tend to draw a lot of attention and people watching. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because people often cheer the couple on and love watching a huge moment in a couple’s life. However, if other people being there will make her feel embarrassed, do NOT go for this type of idea. Sometimes, even private proposals that focus attention on her (such as an idea with lots of her pictures around) may make her feel embarrassed. A good way to figure this out is if you’ve ever seen her speak in public. Does she dread it? Is she a complete wreck prior to it? Or is she super natural and has no problems with it? If she is really comfortable with it then you’ll be safe doing something with her receiving all the attention.

Will This Be A Good Story?

If you’re considering a proposal idea with your partner grabbing all the attention, then make sure that it will be a good story. You want to share this proposal story with your friends and family so if it’s something that will not be noteworthy consider doing something else. For example, having her get proposed to on the Jumbo Tron will NOT be a good story.

Are You Documenting This?

If you are putting you partner on center-stage and you are confident that she will not be bothered by it, make sure you document your proposal. If there are crowds around, then there will probably be people taking pictures anyway but it’s best to have a professional photographer or videographer do it so you can have high quality work to look at years down the road.

If you’re still unsure as to what to do, then contact the only people that can help you, the marriage proposal experts at The Heart Bandits. We have answers to all of your marriage proposal questions because we are the world’s premier proposal planning company. We have helped hundreds of guys create the perfect marriage proposal. Don’t make the mistake of having a proposal she will be embarrassed of! Contact us today!

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Marriage Proposal Tipping Guide

marriage proposal tipping

In a marriage proposal, when should you tip and how much?

People always ask us if you should tip your proposal vendors. Tipping is never expected but if you felt that someone went over and above, use this proposal tipping guide.


If the photographer or videographer doesn’t own the studio, you could consider tipping each person or giving a lump tip with a note to disperse among the staff. About $10-$50 is more than enough, depending on how extensive their photography/videography was.


Tipping musicians, whether it be an a cappella ensemble or a full band, is completely optional, depending on the quality of their performance and whether your expectations were met. If you do decide to tip, about $25 per performer is standard.


Did you hire a limousine or towncar to chauffeur you and your beau around the town? It is considered normal to tip drivers 15% of the total service fee.


It is not expected for you to tip the florist, but if they have done an exceptional job and you would like to show your gratitude, a 10-15% tip will do the trick!

Delivery and Set-Up Staff

If a team came in to set-up your proposal location, whether it be decorations or moving furniture, consider tipping $5-10 per person as a thank-you for their hard work.

Have more questions? Stressing out about getting everything right for your perfect proposal? Contact the experts at The Heart Bandits and let us take care of all the details, leaving you free to enjoy your romantic day! Contact us today to get started on putting together your stress-free proposal!

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Marriage Proposal at the Griffith Observatory

Proposing at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles is impressive enough.  But you are never going to believe the lengths that one of our recent clients went through to make sure his proposal was over the top.  Patrick contacted us and he knew exactly what he wanted.  His plan was to take his girlfriend to the famous Griffith Observatory.  He would walk her over to the telescopes and he would point to a white object on a rooftop and ask her to look through the scope and see what it is.  When she did, she would see that it was a huge banner that said “Michelle, Will You Marry Me”.



Why did he hire an Engagement Planner if he already had the idea?  Well, because bringing the perfect proposal idea to life can often be difficult.  First, most of the homes around the Griffith Observatory are mansions or close to it.  Patrick had no idea how he could get one of the owners to agree to let us put a banner on their rooftop.  Also, he wanted a romantic picnic setup in front of the Griffith so that they could celebrate after.  He obviously wouldn’t be able to do that if he was with his girlfriend at the time.



No job is too big for The Heart Bandits.  We were able to find a home owner that allowed us to climb on her roof and put the proposal banner on the top of it.  And of course, we rushed right over and setup their romantic picnic.  The day was gorgeous and she said yes.  We are so honored to have been a part of such a romantic marriage proposal.



If you have a great proposal idea and you just need help executing it, or if you have no clue how you want to propose, we can help!  Contact us today!

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