Inspiring Marriage Proposal in New York City

Last month we were so thrilled to help Ashish propose to his beautiful girlfriend Toral.  One thing was clear when we interviewed him about his girlfriend and that was that she really pushed him to be a better man.  He really wanted to make sure that she felt adored on the day he proposed marriage so he contacted The Heart Bandits.  We had a professional poet write her a poem on blue cards……….blue……the color of Santorini rooftops, a place she had always wanted to go.  She was shocked to find out that he had rented out the entire lounge at Alison Eighteen where he displayed pictures on canvases of them throughout their relationship.  As a pianist played romantic music, she strolled by each photo which were separated by her favorite hydrangea flowers.   He proposed to Toral amongst the blue candles and then their friends and family joined.  And then he said the most special and inspiring thing about love at 3:03 into the video below!

How amazing is it to hear what love can do for someone?  I just know this couple is going to stand the test of time and I am so proud to have been a part of this super cute marriage proposal.

If you are looking for a way that you can make your proposal stand out from the crowd, contact The Heart Bandits- New York Propoal Planners.  We will see to it that you have an amazing proposal story to tell and that it is executed perfectly.

Florist: Spina di Fiori

Videographer: Chris Fig Productions

Venue: Alison Eighteen

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Get a Celebrity to Help with Your Proposal

One of the questions we get a lot here at The Heart Bandits – Engagement Planners is how our clients can get celebrities to be a part of their marriage proposal.  Well the answer is it isn’t easy, but it can be done.   Here are 3 tips on how to get a celebrity to help you with your marriage proposal.


Check out the video above of Zach Braff helping a man propose to his girlfriend.  How did he get Zach to agree to do this?  He asked him!  Sometimes a celebrity might help out with your proposal to be nice or because they identify with you in some way.  However, most of the time they will want something in exchange for their appearance.  After all, it is their business so they need to be compensated for their time.  In the above case, Zach was trying to raise some money on Kickstarter.  Matt made a pledge and in return asked Zach if he would help him propose.  Zach agreed!


Another way to try to get a celebrity to be a part of your marriage proposal is to find out who their agent is.  You can normally find this on Google.  Once you do that, you can reach out to them and find out how much moolah it is going to set you back to get them to participate.


Ask everyone you know and people you don’t know to beg the celebrity on Twitter.  This should be your last resort but it could work.  Make sure you find the celebrity’s real page and look for the blue check after their name which means Twitter has verified their identity.  Then you and all your friends tweet things like “@ryangosling my girlfriend would give her last breath to meet you!” or  “@ryangosling, help me propose!!”  Make it compelling!

If you want help planning an amazing marriage proposal, celebrity or not, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will help you come up with a proposal unlike any other and your girlfriend will brag about it for generations to come.

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Have You Self-Reflected On Your Marriage Proposal?

Marriage proposal self-reflection

When it comes to marriage proposals, most people want to get it right the first time because it’s a big moment in their lives. For some reason though, a lot of guys don’t seek out the help they should. Women don’t plan entire weddings completely by themselves without help, so men shouldn’t do that either with proposals.

If you’re thinking about proposing soon and think you have a great idea and plan down, you need to do some self-reflection first and ask yourself some important questions. Having solid, well-thought out answers to the questions below will ensure that you will have a great proposal idea.

Is My Proposal Idea Based On Her Likes?

This is the number one mistake guys make with proposal ideas when they don’t seek out help. They come up with an idea that they think is cool but it’s only something they would enjoy. Ask yourself, is this proposal idea based on something that my partner loves to do on her own is it something she just comes along with for me? If it’s something that she does only for you, then you need to seriously consider changing your idea.

Is My Proposal Idea Generic?

Sad but true… many guys look up ideas on Google and just pick something up from there without incorporating aspects of their relationship. Women love to see that you put some thought into it. They love to see that you know her personality and tailored your proposal to that. Make sure that your wedding proposal is suited to your own unique relationship.

Have I Thought About the Details?

These are the details about the proposal that really make it stand out. If she has favorites like a certain type of dessert and you include it in the proposal, then you’re golden. It’s all the small touches you add to a proposal that will really make it memorable.

Do I Have a Backup Plan Down?

It is especially important to have an answer to this question if you’re doing something outdoors. Things can always go awry anywhere in the country if you’re leaving it up to mother nature. You should always have a backup plan because if something does not go according to plan, you can still safely pull off your proposal without it being awkward.

Am I Going to Document the Marriage Proposal?

This is very important now-a-days with social media so huge. Are you planning to have a photographer or videographer there to capture the moment? Even if your proposal is small and intimate, it’s nice to have documentation of your proposal setup so that your moment will always be captured and you can reminisce upon it for years to come.

Do I Have a Plan For An After-Celebration?

Many guys forget about this (I was guilty of it myself too!). After your proposal, there are going to be many excited emotions. You should plan for that by celebrating. You can do something like going out somewhere, meeting up with friends and family, or taking a small weekend getaway for just you two. The point is that you want the emotional high from your proposal to keep carrying on.

If you’re thinking about proposing marriage and want it to be perfect, then you’ve come to the right place. Many guys don’t seek out help and end up with a proposal that their partner didn’t enjoy and they’re not proud to talk about. Make sure your proposal is done right! Contact us today to get started on creating your dream engagement.

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Different Types of Marriage Proposals

Are you racking your brain trying to figure out what your marriage proposal should be like?  Well, marriage proposals should be as unique as the couple who is getting engaged.  There is no one-size-fits-all rule for what kind of proposal you should have. Below is a list of some different style of proposals you can choose from.  Print this list out and then make some notes regarding why you think your girlfriend would like each one.  Choose the style that has the most reasons written down as your proposal idea!

Romantic Proposal

romantic proposal is the obvious choice.  With this option, you pick a gorgeous venue, include tons of personalized touches, and pour your heart out to her right before you propose.

Adventurous Proposal

Some girls aren’t into all the romance (although make sure your girl fits in this category) and would like to be proposed to doing something awesome like jumping out of a plane or repelling down a waterfall.  Keep in mind, if you choose this option you still need to make it personalized and add special touches.

Humorous Proposal

To some couples humor is everything and if that’s you, you may consider this style of proposal.   We arranged this funny proposal on a rooftop in NYC which involved break dancing, multiple proposal fake outs, a fake engagement ring and more. Watch below. 

There are many more styles of marriage proposals and this doesn’t even scratch the surface.  If you want to come up with the perfect proposal idea that is just right for her, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will help you come up with best idea for her and then bring it to life.

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Best Movie Themes for Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you would’ve asked me the best way to propose about 10 years ago, I would have said “just do it like they do in the movies”. The problem is though that the movies I would’ve been talking about were sci-fi or action movies so they wouldn’t have been too good of a selection.

If you ask me now, I may still say the same thing but I would add the caveat to only do that if your partner has an all-time favorite movie. When I say that I mean that she can literally quote every line. The movie must also flow well into a marriage proposal plan. Below are some of the best movie themes that can be used for marriage proposals.

Pretty Woman Marriage Proposal

Pretty Woman themed marriage proposal planned by The Heart Bandits. Photo by Allison Bess Photography.

Pretty Woman

Yes this movie is the favorite of many many women. It’s one of those movies that pretty much everyone has seen and has probably seen many times. Because it’s so close to people’s heart, then it would be a great way to bring that into a marriage proposal. We actually have an All Inclusive Package in Los Angeles that recreates the final scene. The picture above is of a similar Pretty Woman Proposal we planned in Phoenix.


The Notebook

We’ve seen this movie come up a lot in our discussions with clients as their girlfriend’s favorite movie. The characters have a ton of passion for each other and it’s a true love story. Because of the character’s attachment to each other, it could be used as a great theme for a proposal, especially the rain scene.

gone with the wind marriage proposal

Gone With The Wind

This movie is a classic epic. If you want a proposal that exudes timelessness then having a Gone With the Wind theme will be exactly that and will come off as very romantic.

Grease marriage proposal


If your partner loves this movie, then a great way to bring this into your proposal is through a flash mob. How cool would it be to have a flash mob spontaneously pop up in a public area to one of the many great songs in Grease. It would be even more awesome if the dancers were actually in Grease outfits. Luckily we even offer flash mob proposals so you can do this through us! 🙂

Titanic marriage proposal


When this movie came out, it instantly became popular with many people. If you’re partner loves this movie then you can create it visibly because it’s a time piece. Time pieces such as this are easier to display because costumes and themes make it more obvious you are using it. Plus the romantic story behind it could be a parallel to your relationship so it could be a great way to pull your proposal together.

If you would like help creating a movie-themed proposal, then The Heart Bandits are your best resource. We have helped tons of guys create amazing movie themed proposals to great results. Contact us today to get started!

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Time of Day to Propose Marriage

Sunset marriage proposal

Sunset proposal may be the best of both worlds

When you are getting ready to propose marriage, there are so many things you must decide.  What kind of engagement ring do you buy, how much money do you spend, where do you propose, how do you propose, etc.  But you can’t forget another decision which is when do you propose?  I am not just talking about the date (another important decision), I am talking about the time of day you will propose.    Because The Heart Bandits are the Proposal Experts, we have put together a list of pro’s and con’s for a daytime or nighttime proposal.

Daytime Proposal

Pro: Daytime is the best time of the day for proposal photos.  If capturing your proposal with pictures is important to you, you definitely want to propose during the day.

Con:  Daytime will bring more crowds to any public venue like the beach or museum.  If it’s privacy you are after, daytime may not be the best option for you.

Pro: Your visibility in the daytime is better than at night. If you are displaying a lot of photos or need your girlfriend to be able to see well, choose the day.

Nighttime Proposal

Con: Nighttime is generally colder than the day so if you are trying to keep your sweetie from shivering, keep this in mind when choosing the time of day for your proposal.

Pro: Nighttime is usually associated with being more romantic than the day time.  Although sunset surely gives it a run for its money, nighttime is still woo-worthy.

Con: Nighttime can feel less safe so if you are proposing in a park or somewhere public, keep that in mind.

If you are overwhelmed with how many decisions there are to make when planning a marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will work with you create the perfect proposal and take the stress off or your shoulders.

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How “Simple” to Keep Your Marriage Proposal Idea

Romantic Marriage Proposal Idea

Photo by Lear Miller Weddings

Whether you are on a tight budget or you simply don’t like big proposal ideas that are just way too over the top, having a “simple” marriage proposal can still be a great way to go. You need to keep in mind though that even though the concept is “simple” you still have to put some thought into it. Here is a quick guide for how to have a simple marriage proposal idea that will still work out great for you.

Make the Concept Something She Likes

This is always our number one rule but it’s especially important if you’re doing something simple. If you don’t want to do something extravagant stick with something she likes to do but add a small twist. For example, if she likes a certain restaurant, try to get take-out from there and eat it on your balcony or patio and propose after. If she likes hikes, then take her on a hike of the nicest place you two have been to.

Don’t Involve Too Many Variables

This is where people get in trouble. Many guys want to go for the simple concept but can’t decide on what to include so they keep adding elements. This not only makes it not simple anymore but makes the likelihood of the proposal concept flowing together not smooth. You can’t have a picnic, then a snack at her favorite restaurant, then a walk at the beach, then a walk at the park, then her favorite song playing, then some balloons, before you finally propose. Stick to just one major theme but add an element of sweetness to it.

Don’t Go to Unfamiliar Territory

This is something going wrong waiting to happen. You have to be familiar with your setting if you want to go the simple route. If you want to propose while on a hike, make sure you scout it out beforehand rather than just doing it on the fly. If it’s unfamiliar to you, then you run the risk of something not being exactly as you envision and having to postpone your proposal or having your proposal be sub-par compared to what you wanted.

To get the best marriage proposal advice and help then The Heart Bandits are your go-to source. We are marriage proposal experts and have helped hundreds of guys create the perfect proposal idea and have planned them to perfection. Make sure that your engagement story is something you will be proud to tell others. Contact us today!

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Marriage Proposal in Celebrity Home With Phenomenal View

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite marriage proposals we have planned this year.  It is one of my favorites because our client James is one of the sweetest clients we have ever had AND because this proposal just couldn’t have been any better!  This proposal involves a celebrity home in Malibu, a Taylor Swift song, a killer view, and a whole lot of flowers.


James and Jing love to go to open houses of the rich and famous as a hobby.  So when we at The Heart Bandits found out that little detail, we knew we had to use that as the proposal idea.  We got to work right away and rented a celebrity vacation home in Malibu.  Next, we interviewed James and found out some more details we could use for his proposal idea.  We discovered that on their first Valentine’s Day together James gave Jing a jar filled with paper stars which she absolutely treasures.  Next, Jing is obsessed with the colors purple and green.  Last, Jing loves Taylor Swift.  So how did it come together?



Well, James and Jing spent a day of looking at open houses all around Los Angeles.  He told her that he knew of one more in Malibu that belongs to a celebrity.  When they arrived at the house, there were indeed “open house” signs out but when they got to the front door, there was a sign that said “Enter Home Through Garden”.  James and Jing went through the garden and that is when she saw it!  She saw a thick, gorgeous path of purple rose petals leading her to the terrace.  Along the pathway were purple and green pomanders on shepherd hooks.  At the end of the pathway was a tree adorned with photos of her and James.  And then she heard a group of singers serenading her with “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.  She stood on the terrace that overlooked the ocean in Malibu, stunned by what her sweet James had done for her.  And then she noticed, next to the gorgeous purple flowers on a vintage desk, something that sent her emotions through the roof….. a jar of paper hearts.








James proposed and Jing said yes and we are honored that we were a part of this truly amazing marriage proposal.  Contact us today so we can get started on your proposal concept and bring it to life next!

Proposal Concept and Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Embrace Life Photography

Florals: Butterfly Floral and Event Design


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Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Now Offered By The Heart Bandits

If you’ve been following marriage proposal trends at all then you would know that something very popular is flash mob proposals. We’ve helped many clients with these in the past and they are awesome to be a part of. These proposals are perfect for the person that likes public displays and isn’t shy about getting lots of attention. To streamline this awesome proposal idea for everyone, we are very pleased to announce that we have just launched a Flash Mob All-Inclusive Marriage Proposal Package. How cool is that?!

Flash Mob Proposal

Flash Mob Proposal Package is now being offered by The Heart Bandits

Flash Mobbers Included

With this package we do the work for you and get the dancers to perform a routine. We get at least 8 dancers for you and you have the option of getting more. You can get really ambitious and even go up to 50-100 dancers. How impressive would that be?

Locations Recommended

We’re kicking off our Flash Mob Package in our hometown city of Los Angeles but very soon we will expand it out to all of the cities in our All Inclusive Packages. Within each city, we give you a recommendation of the best place to do it at. These places will be locations where you can see yourself having a “normal” date but all of a sudden the flash mob breaks out.

Choose Your Own Song

If you and your girlfriend have a special song that would be perfect for the flash mob dance, then let us know. That song can be used for your routine. If you don’t have a song, then we can recommend one for you.

Be Part of the Routine

How awesome would it be when the flash mob starts and you all of a sudden join in to your girlfriend’s amazement? That’s exactly what you can do with this package. You can also have your friends and family learn the routine and surprise your partner by appearing.

Sound System Included

If the proposal is outdoors, then the sound system is included. If it’s indoors, then the sound file is provided to the venue. Literally, this package is all taken care of so you will have an amazing proposal story to tell all your friends and family about.

Click on our Los Angeles Flash Mob Proposal Package to learn more details and to book it. We are the world’s best proposal planners and we have all the ideas and planning available to make your proposal perfect. Contact us today to get started on making your dream engagement come true!

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Proposal Planning Discount for Same Sex Couples

So if you haven’t heard, yesterday the Supreme Court brought down Proposition 8 which was the ban on same-sex marriage. We are very happy that all couples will have the opportunity to be treated equally. Very soon, marriage for same-sex couples will be reinstated and they’ll have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

DOMA repealed

Image from

In honor of the ruling, the Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits are pleased to offer a 15% discount for the next 30 days on our custom proposal planning packages for same-sex couples. All you have to do is contact us within the next 30 days, mention this discount program, book one of our custom proposal planning packages, and you will receive the discount. What better way to celebrate this great day than to propose marriage to your partner in a grand and unique way, knowing that you will be legally allowed to marry very soon. Don’t let this opportunity to create an amazing marriage proposal slip through!

The Heart Bandits support all equal rights to all couples. We are the world’s premier proposal planning company and we love helping anyone that cares enough about their relationship to make their proposal the best it can possibly be. If you’re ready to propose, contact us today so that you can get the best help around for marriage proposal ideas and planning.

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