Sand Castle Marriage Proposal in Orange County

We are so excited to share with you our very first sand castle marriage proposal.  Now I know you have seen a sand castle proposal before you but you haven’t seen one like this!  The proposal we designed included an elaborate sand castle, over 100 sunflowers, a helicopter, and a beautiful message raked in the sand.  Check out the amazing photos by Maya Myers Photography and read about how it all went down below.

Chris contacted us because he wanted an over-the-top marriage proposal to his girlfriend Amy.  He wanted to include a sand castle in the proposal but he wanted more, he wanted it to be special.  Since anticipation was important to Chris, we arranged a private helicopter ride for them.  When they flew over the gorgeous beach, Amy was shocked to see “Amy, I love you” written in the sand and surrounded by her favorite flowers



After the helicopter ride, Chris explained that he wanted to go back to the beach and look at that message a little closer.  Amy and Chris arrived at the beach and she was just in awe of the sand raking.



Chris pointed out this gorgeous cliff nearby and said he wanted to walk over there to take pictures.  Instead, about half way into the walk, he covered Amy’s eyes to take her to the real surprise.  The grand finale of this proposal was an elaborate sand sculpture designed like Las Vegas, where Chris and Amy met.  On the sculpture read, “Amy, Will You Marry Me?”  Chris proposed and Amy said yes.  We are so honored to have been a part of such a beautiful proposal.



If you want to blow your girlfriend away with her the perfect proposal contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will work with you to come up with a personalized proposal idea and then bring it to life.  Contact us today.


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What Customers Are Saying About Mariage Proposal Planning

As a marriage proposal planner there are certain perks in my job that I know that I wouldn’t get in any other kind of job. Sure there are the opportunities to see new places and experience new foods, but the one thing that is best about this job is the gratitude from customers.

The customers that we have worked with are so happy to have had such a great marriage proposal that they normally contact us right away to let us know. We feel so honored to have been part of such a special moment in their lives and their words make all of the hard work we put into making the event all worth it.

Below are some examples of recent testimonials from clients we’ve had that have had great experiences and couldn’t help but express it.

Marriage proposal in los angeles

Meks, Houston

“My proposal was PERFECT!! I can’t thank you guys enough. I’ve never witnessed something more beautiful. It’s one thing to visualize it in your head and another thing when it all plays out magically better than you envisioned. I’ll be forever indebted to you and Michele.”

Marriage proposal in New York

New York Marriage Proposal. Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Hollis (proposee of one of our clients), New York

“THANK YOU ALL so much for your contribution to this special moment in Rod and my life. That was a day that most people dream of… To find your true love and lifetime companion is a blessing in itself but with your help, my dream became a reality. Thanks again and until we meet again, be well. “

Richard, Philadelphia

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all your help and planning in such a short time. It’s unbelievable that every step has been executed precisely as planned. Lin Lin is still in shock. She has definitely got a big happy surprise. Thank you again for your professionalism in the whole process.”

Atinart, San Francisco

“It went great! The location was great, the food was delicious, and most importantly of all, she said yes! Thank you for all of your help in putting all of this together, my fiancee (feels weird to write that haha) loved everything about last night. Thanks!”

Marriage proposal Chicago

John’s proposal in Chicago

John, Chicago

“EVERTHING worked out perfect!! Thank you again Marvin! I really appreciate everything!! I most definitely highly recommend The Heart Bandits to anyone I know!! Thank you again!”

If you would like your own engagement story that is almost storybook, then contact the world’s premier proposal planning company at The Heart Bandits. We have helped hundreds of clients all over the world create amazing moments in their lives that they will never forget. The have heartwarming proposal stories as a result that they will be able to share with their friends and family for years to come. Contact us today!

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Labor Day: A Great Time To Buy Your Engagement Ring

shop for engagement ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend is a very important task, so why not take time this Labor Day to search and make your choice? While it may seem like an odd time to find your engagement ring, there are actually a number of reasons why buying the ring over Labor Day weekend is a smart choice.

First of all, it’s an extra day off from work to search high and low for the ring of her dreams. With three days of weekend, you are bound to be able to find a chunk of time to sneak away and scour the stores. While she is off sale shopping with her friends, you can do some important shopping of your own!

Speaking of sales — Labor Day weekend is a huge shopping weekend, so take advantage of the great sales that many stores will be having!  Be romantic and smart by getting the perfect ring at a perfect price.

The holiday season is a prime time for marriage proposals. Romance is in the air, and friends and family are often close by. But many men don’t realize that it can often take a while after the purchase to actually have the engagement ring on hand. Many rings have to be custom made and sized, which can take quite a while. But if you buy a ring over Labor Day, you can be sure that it will be in your pocket and ready for that perfect holiday proposal.

Need tips on how to plan and put together your proposal so that it happens as smoothly as you dream? Contact us here at The Heart Bandits, and we would be happy to work with you through the process to make sure that your perfect proposal is as stress-free and joyous as possible!

Maggie Tietz
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Hidden Engagement Rings Gone Wrong

In case our post last Thursday didn’t convince you that hiding your engagement ring was a bad idea, here are some unfortunate true stories of couples that lost their precious ring because the boyfriend hid it.

The Milkshake

The fact that this man took his girlfriend to Wendys to propose is probably your first sign that this isn’t going to end well. But he also thought it would be clever to hide the ring inside her milkshake. Instead of her coming across it in sugar-filled delight as he expected, she finished off the milkshake without a sign of the ring. Suspecting that she had swallowed it, he took her to the hospital and discovered that his guess had been correct. It wasn’t until two days later that they got the ring back and he put it on her finger, where it belonged!

Lost in the Sands

Somehow one guy thought it would be a good idea to bury the ring in the sand on a beach in Florida. Unsurprisingly, when it came time to pop the question, he discovered that he had forgotten exactly where he buried it. It took a team of people, including a professional ring finder, to uncover the ring. His girlfriend might have had to think twice about his decision-making skills after that one.

Sand Dollar Down!

A man proposed to his girlfriend on a beautiful Cape Cod rock jetty, but decided to attach the ring to a sand dollar. The sand dollar then got misplaced, dropped, and fell down between the rocks. Despite the efforts of the couple, bystanders, and lifeguards, the ring was gone forever.

Don’t make a proposal faux pas! Let the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits help you plan your perfect proposal and make sure that nothing is poised to go wrong. We can show you the best way to make your proposal dreams a clear reality! Contact us today!

Maggie Tietz
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Romantic Philadelphia Marriage Proposal

Richard contacted The Heart Bandits because he needed to plan a romantic marriage proposal in a hurry!  He had about a week before his proposal date and he had a couple of must haves.  It had to take place at the Thai restaurant where they first had their date, and it had to be private.


We went to work right away to come up with a way to section off part of the restaurant to give them privacy and to still make it look romantic since the restaurant did not have a private room.  With the help of Flourish Designs Unlimited, we created privacy by draping beautiful gold curtains around a section of the room.   The proposal room was decorated with rose petals, gold candles, gorgeous flowers, and photos of Richard and LinLin over the course of their relationship.




When LinLin walked in for what she thought was going to be a quick lunch before they headed to New York, she was completely shocked by the surprise marriage proposal that Richard had set up for her.  They spent some time looking at the photos and reminiscing on old times and then Richard proposed.  It was the perfect proposal idea for them and she absolutely loved it.




If you need help planning your marriage proposal because you are short on time or short on resources, contact a Proposal Planner at The Heart Bandits today.  There is nothing we cannot do to make your proposal the best it can be.  Contact us today.

Photography: Swoon Over It Photography

Flowers: Flourish Designs Unlimited

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Reasons You Should Never Hide Your Engagement Ring in Anything Ever

hidden engagement ring

You probably shouldn’t hide your engagement ring, especially in food. Photo: Daniel Moyer Photography

One proposal trend that just won’t go away is the idea of hiding the engagement ring in something. While it may seem like a cute and creative idea, there are just so many ways that it can go horribly wrong! The ring is a vital part of the marriage proposal — doing something that could compromise the ring itself or the presentation of the ring just isn’t a good idea. In case you aren’t convinced, here are some reasons why hiding the ring should be avoided:

It’s Tacky

I know — you think you are being super creative by hiding the ring in her favorite meal. But too many other people have had this idea for it to actually have that allure. And does anyone really want to just stumble upon their ring, or, even worst, have to work for it? Your beau would much rather have you present the ring to her in it’s pristine condition than covered in cake or stuck in a balloon.

You Could Lose It

Those horror stories really do happen — the ring gets swallowed, blown away, or accidentally thrown in the trash. When the ring is hidden it is just far too easy for it to be misplaced. With the amount of time and money you put into finding the perfect ring, could you imagine loosing it during the critical moment?

It Can Get Damaged

This is very similar to the above reason. Hiding the ring makes losing track of it and putting it in a compromising situation very easy to do. Keeping it anywhere besides its box could lead to it getting nicked or scratched. That diamond may be super hard, but many of the metals used in the band aren’t, and presenting your girlfriend with a damaged ring might be just as bad as suddenly not having a ring at all.

It’s More Informal

This is one of the most important moments of your life, and it should feel like one. No matter how casual you and your girlfriend are in everyday life, this is a time to bring an element of formality. It shows a seriousness and preparedness on your part that is vital — she wants to be assured that you are ready for this commitment and responsible enough to handle everything that comes with it.

Ruins the Classiness

There is no denying that seeing your boyfriend get down on one knee, profess his love for you, and pull out a velvet box with a beautiful ring inside is extremely classy. And women like classy men. Hiding the ring takes away the elegance of presenting it in its pristine condition.

Want to think of a unique way to present the ring to your beau without taking the risk of hiding it? Contact us at The Heart Bandit today and we can work with you to plan out the perfect proposal, including what do to with that ring! Our proposal experts know the ins and outs of the best proposal ideas and just how to make them come true. With us by your side, we’ll make your proposal one to knock her off her feet!

Maggie Tietz
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Where To Propose In Canada

Whether you live in Canada, are planning a trip there, or just love the idea of wilderness and winter wonderlands, there are many locations in the beautiful country to our north to stage your perfect proposal. Here are our top-six picks for where to propose in Canada:

where to propose in Canada

Proposing in Niagara Falls is a great location!

Niagara Falls

Though this location is also on the U.S. side, everyone knows that the best views are from the Canadian side. Niagara Falls are very romantic and the picturesque area gives you plenty of locations to propose and have an amazing backdrop.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Time moves slowly here — a cozy country village surrounded by pristine wilderness and sea, it’s an idyllic place to spend your time relaxing and romancing with your beau.

Lake Louise, Alberta

This stunning lake nestled in the Canadian Rockies will make anyone’s pulse quicken. What better place to propose than a spot that makes you think that you must have found heaven on earth?

Quebec City

Very possibly the most beautiful city in North America, Quebec City is an ideal urban escape for lovers. Centuries-old buildings, cobblestone streets, sexy lounges, and quaint cafes abound; the romance is palatable as you peruse the city.

Kluane National Park, Yukon

Are you and your beau the outdoor-adventure type? Then there may be no better place to go in Canada than Kluane National Park. Home to the highest peak in Canada and largely unexplored, there are unlimited opportunities for romantic forays into some of the most beautiful landscapes to be found.


Want a more modern urban setting? Then Montreal is not to be missed! Loaded with intimate restaurants, plenty of late-night hot-spots, and tons of fun-filled outing opportunities, this city is a must for those seeking an elegant but thoroughly modern setting.

Looking to plan your ideal Canadian proposal? Unsure of how to choose between such wonderful locations? Contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits and let us guide you through the process of planning the perfect proposal for you and your beau. We are here to take care of all the details and make sure that your special moment is one you will treasure forever.

Maggie Tietz
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Gay Marriage Legalized in New Zealand

Today in New Zealand marks the first day that same-sex couples could legally marry. Though some groups in that country still oppose it, it is now legal due to a amendment passed by their parliament. The Heart Bandits want to say congratulations to those that have already married and are looking to marry.

Gay marriage is now legal in New Zealand. Photo by BBC UK.

Gay marriage is now legal in New Zealand. Photo by BBC UK.

Similar to the previous discount we offered back in June when the Supreme Court struck down Proposition 8, we would like to extend the same discount to gay couples again in honor of the legalization in New Zealand. To get the 15% discount on your marriage proposal planning package within the next 30 days, simply contact us and mention this discount. What better way to celebrate something like this than to create your own amazing marriage proposal?

If you would like to create your own perfect marriage proposal, then contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits. We are the world’s premier proposal planning company and can help you create a proposal idea that is perfect for your relationship and plan it so that you don’t have to stress out. You will have an amazing engagement that you will want to share with all your friends and family.

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Airport Marriage Proposals

Is your love long distance and you’re trying to figure out when to propose? You only have so much time with one another during visits — when is best to fit in that incredibly important event? How about the moment she arrives?

Airports are a fun, clever, and often pleasantly unexpected time and place to propose. While being in such a public, crowded space can seem like a deterrent, there are ways to use that to your advantage! Flash mobs are gaining in popularity for all kinds of activities, and they can be a great way to create a unique and surprising proposal. Here are some great ideas for airport flash-mob proposals to get you thinking–


As she makes her way through the airport to meet you, she keeps running across people with signs professing your love for her and reminiscing on your relationship. There are more and more of them until she find you — hold a sign saying “Will you marry me?” What could be a better prelude to the proposal than to be reminded of how much she means to you?


She is making her way through the airport, and random kind strangers keep handing her balloons in her favorite colors. There are even pictures of the two of you attached to the string — your first date, first anniversary, favorite vacation spot. As she gets to your arranged meeting spot, she can’t help but grin at the giant bouquet of balloons she is carrying. Imagine how much happier she will become who you greet her by proposing! Or maybe attaching the ring to a final balloon?


One of the most common uses of flash mobs is to create a surround-sound musical experience, and it works wonderfully! Singers can be situated all around you, masquerading as other airport patrons. When your beau greets you, these strangers suddenly burst into your favorite song — the one that so perfectly describes your relationship. As she looks around in surprise, she turns to find you on one knee with a ring just for her!

Flash mobs can make airport proposals a one-of-a-kind experience, but it takes a lot of coordination and planning to pull it off! Especially since these types of proposals will require getting permission and sometimes permits from the airport. But don’t despair — The Heart Bandits are here! Let us take care of all the planning and logistics to make sure that your airport proposal happens smoothly and just as you imagine. Contact us today!

Maggie Tietz
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Top 3 Reasons To Re-Propose


We were lucky enough to be asked to be a part of a discussion about proposing on Huffington Post Live.  Watch the video here! The topic of re-proposals and their popularity came up but many people are confused about what re-proposing means and why you would choose to do one. Here are three reasons someone might choose to re-propose:

You Botched the First One

Did you mess up your proposal the first time around? Perhaps you accidentally made dinner reservations for the wrong night, or in the moment forgot the loving speech you were going to give. Whatever the issue, having botched the proposal the first time around is a great reason to re-propose. Make sure that the memory that you carry with you for the rest of your lives is the romantic one that you intended.  Hiring a professional to take care of your proposal planning is a great way to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

You Want to Re-Commit

This is very similar to the trend of renewing your vows. After years of marriage, it can be a great idea to remind yourselves of the romance and excitement that you both felt at the beginning of your relationship, when you were making those big decisions to spend the rest of your lives together. Re-creating your proposal is a thoughtful and sweet way to bring back that spark.

You Want to do a Romantic Gesture

Perhaps you just want to do something romantic for your spouse, whether it be for your anniversary, their birthday, or just because of how wonderful they are. Going out to a nice dinner or going to the beach are all tried and true, but what about surprising her with a re-proposal? She’ll love the thoughtfulness of this gesture.

Want to put together your own re-proposal? The Heart Bandits can help you make that plan a reality! Whether your want to perfectly re-create the proposal or go for a totally new idea, we can work with you to create the perfect moment for you and your beau. Contact us today to get started!

Maggie Tietz
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