Los Angeles Rooftop Proposal With Salsa Band

Romantic marriage proposal

The Heart Bandits have planned over 300 proposals and worked with men all around the world.  I have to say that this particular client Abdou, would just stop at nothing to make sure his proposal to Rosy was over the top. We actually had the pleasure of planning Abdou’s brother George’s proposal in Sedona. George’s proposal was very romantic and elaborate itself (as you can see here) so we wanted to ensure that Abdou’s was just as great but with its own uniqueness.

A couple of things that should be noted about Abdou and Rosy. 1) They are both actually from the same town in Lebanon but didn’t meet until they were both in the U.S.. 2) They like salsa music and dancing. Also, Rosy really like stars and celebrities so we wanted to make sure that she was treated like one in this concept.

For their Los Angeles proposal idea, Abdou and Rosy had a two-part plan. The first part included Abdou taking Rosy to a dance studio where they received private salsa lessons and had a great time. Immediately after the lesson, Abdou told her he had another surprise. They stepped outside and to her surprise a limo was waiting for them!

Rosy had no idea where they were going but they were dropped off in front of a building in downtown LA. They were lead to the penthouse floor where pink and purple rose petals (Rosy’s favorite colors) were laid out in a path. Candles surrounded this path that lead to some stairs to the rooftop. As soon as they reached the rooftop, a full salsa band began playing romantic music just for them and Abdou lead her to a large framed sign. The sign was a map of Lebanon and said “I always dreamed my wife would come from my hometown”.

At that point, Abdou got down on one knee and proposed. Rosy of course said YES! The band then began playing more upbeat salsa music and they danced to the moves they just learned. There was even a custom-made dance floor that said “Rosy, you’re my dream come true”. After some dancing, they were served a delicious dinner for two at the only table on the rooftop that had amazing views of downtown LA. It was simply amazing and beautiful. Congrats to Abdou and Rosy!

Pictures below by Chloe Moore Photography

Video below by Juice Box Media

Flowers by Flour LA

Catering by Amy’s Culinary Adventures

Music by Orquesta Salsa Caliente

Dance floor by Pico Party Rents

Venue by Loft Seven

LA rooftop proposal
Amazing LA skyline for proposal

If you would like your very own elaborate marriage proposal, then contact the experts at The Heart Bandits. We will create an amazing marriage proposal for you that you will want to share with all your friends and family for years to come. Your proposal story will be something you will cherish and love telling your children. Contact us today to get started!

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Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

Too many proposals are tarnished by simple mistakes that could have been easily avoided. You want your proposal to be a perfect moment, so here are some things to avoid:

Drinking before your proposal?  You may want to think twice about it.

Drinking before your proposal? You may want to think twice about it.

Drinking Before Your Proposal

I feel like this one shouldn’t even need to be said, but it is still shocking the number of times this happens. Whether it’s having a few drinks over dinner or throwing one back to calm the nerves, drinking before you propose is never a good idea! Even being slightly tipsy makes you more likely to forget what you wanted to say, drop the ring, or otherwise just be sloppy. Save the alcohol for celebrating after she says yes!

Including All Your Friends

It can be very tempting to include all of your friends in your proposal moment as backup, but it typically just makes the situation all the more stressful for both you and your girlfriend. You have to worry about so many extra pairs of eyes analyzing your every move as you propose, and she feels more pressure to respond in an appropriately overjoyed manner. Now, there are exceptions to this — if you want put together a flash-mob type proposal, then making use of friends can be a great resource. But make sure that your girlfriend would want a very public proposal!

Cliche Proposal Ideas

While they may seem like tried and true ideas, avoid cliche proposal moments, such as putting the ring in champagne, proposing at the top of a ferris wheel, or on a jumbotron at a sports game. You want your proposal to be a special moment just for the two of you, and your girlfriend wants to feel that you put time and effort into planning the moment out. So think up something unique and special for your relationship.

Nervous about committing a proposal faux-pas? Need help thinking of the perfect proposal idea? The proposal experts here at The Heart Bandits know all of the tricks of the trade and can assist you in putting together the perfect proposal for you and your beau. There is no need to stress when we can take care of all of the details for you! Contact us today!

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Can Nerves Affect Your Proposal?

You are confident that your girlfriend is the one for you, and you are ready to propose. But you suddenly find yourself feeling nervous about this big moment. Should you be worried?

how to propose with nerves

Are you nervous leading up to your proposal???

No! It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about proposing — almost everyone does! No matter how confident you are in your decision, this is still a very important moment and it can feel like it is all up to you. But there are ways to ease the proposal anxiety.

This is an answer we give to many proposal-related questions, but make sure you have talked about your intentions to marry with your girlfriend before you spring the proposal on her. Know that she will be overjoyed when you propose and will respond with a resounding yes will take a load off your shoulders.

Many men are nervous that the proposal they have planned out won’t be what their girlfriend wants. But if you are ready to ask this woman to marry you, you should have a good idea of what she would enjoy. If she a quiet, bookish type, don’t propose at a baseball game. If she is all glitz and glam, don’t take her on a rugged hike. If nerves are making you draw a blank, ask some of her closest friends and family for ideas.

Hiring someone to take care of all the little details of the proposal is also a great way to minimize stress. Let yourself enjoy your special moment while someone else works out the set-up. Our proposal experts here at The Heart Bandits know the ins and outs of creating the perfect proposal, and we would love to help you be able to go into your proposal calmly and confidently, knowing that everything has been taken care of.

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The RIGHT Way to Have a Baseball Theme Marriage Proposal

It sometimes happens that clients come to us and say they want a sports theme marriage proposal. Whenever this happens, we are always somewhat hesitant because most of the times, it’s mainly the guy that is into the sport and the girl simply tags along. But it does sometimes happen where they are both fanatics of the sport. That was exactly the case with Skyler and Katie. They were both huge baseball fans.

If a sports theme marriage proposal is to be had, it’s a little difficult to make it creative enough so that it’s special and personalized to the couple. And NO, doing it on a JumboTron will never ever be special.

In Skyler and Katie’s case, they were serious fans and had been to tons of Giants games and even had plans to visit every major baseball stadium. So we knew we had to make something special.

Skyler’s baseball theme proposal went down like this. While visiting New York (to visit a baseball park there), Skyler told Katie that they had reservations at a restaurant near downtown New York. He lead her to a terrace that had amazing views of the city. As they stepped out onto the terrace, there was an aisle made of daisies (her favorite flower) leading up to a table for two. When they approached the table, there was a beautiful arrangement of daisies, a cute baseball wall art piece, and a binder with their nicknames on the cover. When Katie opened up the binder, she discovered a slew of custom made baseball cards inside.

The baseball cards were all adorable and had pictures of them two with unique relationship “stats” on the back. There was even a very cute “Rookie card” for their son. Cutest thing ever! The last page of the binder had several baseball cards arranged to spell out “Will You Marry Me?”. At that moment Skyler proposed and Katie of course said YES!

All photos below courtesy of Rebecca Yale Photography

New York proposal

View from the Terrace

Romantic rooftop leading to table for 2

Romantic rooftop leading to table for 2

Baseball theme proposal

Romantic customized baseball cards

Romantic customized baseball cards

custom baseball cards

Rookie card proposal

Adorable “Rookie” card for Skyler and Katie’s son

Kate and Skyler

Katie and Skyler

Romantic rooftop proposal
Sports theme proposal

The perfect proposal moment

The perfect proposal moment

Photograph by Rebecca Yale Portraits.

Will You Marry Me Baseball Cards

Will You Marry Me Baseball Cards

Romantic marriage proposal setup
Photograph by Rebecca Yale Portraits.

If you would like your very own sports theme proposal that is not cheesy, contact The Heart Bandits. We are the world’s premier proposal planning company and can create an amazing proposal story that is unique to your relationship. We are very creative (as you can see above) and can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t waste any time and contact us today to get started on your dream proposal.

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How To Propose Without A Ring

While we always recommend waiting until you have the ring on hand before you propose, sometimes things happen, plans go awry, and the moment when you wanted to propose arrives before the ring does! If this happens to you, don’t despair. There are ways to pull of a beautiful and romantic proposal even without having the ring on hand.


Photo courtesy of Chloe Moore Photography

The ring is often the focal point of a proposal, so if you are missing the ring, think up a proposal idea that will draw her attention elsewhere. One musician wrote out his proposal in the cover booklet of his new CD for his girlfriend to find. Ideas like this give her something unique to cherish in the moment when there isn’t a ring to go on her finger.  Once she says yes, explain that the ring is soon to follow but you just couldn’t wait to commit to her forever.

Another alternative is to present her with something instead of the ring. Get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage, but instead of presenting her with a ring, have another token of your affection. This can actually be a great way to bring a cute and original spin to your proposal that is truly unique to your relationship. Does she have a favorite flower, or another type of jewelry that she adores? The item you present can be anything, as long as it has a special meaning to the two of you.  But unless you know for sure that she doesn’t want an engagement ring, assure her one is on the way!

You can also forgo giving her something entirely and make the moment just about the two of you, no distractions. This idea would probably work best if you are already planning on having a secluded, private proposal. Let yourselves just celebrate and enjoy your love and exciting future together without things or people breaking your attention from each other.  We can’t stress enough that once the emotion dies down, let her know that a ring will be on her finger shortly.

Have you suddenly found yourself ring-less for your proposal and are scrambling for what to do? Don’t panic! Contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits today and let us help you figure out the best proposal possible for you and your beau, no matter what setbacks you may have come across. We’ll take care of the details so that you can focus on your big moment.

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Proposal Ideas in Nature

The chance to be alone and surrounded by openness and beauty leads many people to propose marriage to their loved ones out in nature. There are many great ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your proposal. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Beach proposal location


Beaches are a classic proposal spot, and there is nothing wrong with that! Something about a beach at sunset, with the light reflecting off the water and the sound of the waves, is incredibly romantic. There are also plenty of ways to incorporate the environment into your special moment — write out your proposal in the sand, have a secret picnic set up, or even hire a sand sculptor to recreate a special moment in your relationship.

Mountain hike proposal location

Mountain Hikes

Are you and your girlfriend the outdoorsy type? Is your ideal date to get as far away from civilization as possible? Then incorporating your proposal into a mountain hike complete with stunning vistas could be the perfect way to celebrate your love for one another.


This one may sound strange at first, since caves are thought of as being cold, dark, and even creepy. But in reality, they can be beautiful and peaceful spaces! If you live in a region with a number of caves, check them out and see if they could work as your own little proposal oasis!

Park proposal location


There are plenty of ways to incorporate nature into your proposal even if you and your beau are city people through and through. Every city has it’s share of beautiful parks where one can forgot for a bit the hustle and bustle going on around them and have a picnic beneath the trees.

Want your proposal setting to be in the great outdoors but are unsure of how to find the best location? Need help bringing your ideas together? Contact The Heart Bandits today and let our team of proposal experts make your unique and special moment one to remember.

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Bicycle Scavenger Hunt Proposal

I know, I know we say this about all of the proposals we plan.  But seriously, THIS is one of our favorite proposal to share with you because working with Meks was so delightful!  Meks contacted us about his Los Angeles engagement because he needed some help coming up with the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Chinwe.  He wanted a proposal that incorporated their love of the outdoors, adventure, sophistication, and class.  He also wanted something that would leave Chinwe wondering all day about when the proposal was going to come.

Meks and The Heart Bandits worked together to create a bicycle scavenger hunt.  They checked in to a bike rental shop and there they were told that everyone that comes in is is asked to participate in a short scavenger hunt.  Meks and Chinwe happily obliged and set on their way to find the first clue.  The first station was a candy bar filled with Chinwe’s favorite sweets.  She thought it was a cute coincidence, but didn’t think much of it.  Next, the clue lead them to a station where there were two little figurines and a card that talked about their first date. Suddenly, Chinwe knew this was no regular scavenger hunt.  The third clue took them to an area with a map that said “Meks and Chinwe, Where there is love distance doesn’t matter”, vintage luggage, and photos.  That map symbolized how Chinwe had to go back to Nigeria and Meks couldn’t be without her.  He hopped on a plane and flew to see her shortly after she left and they have been inseparable ever since.

The Heart Bandits [ ] Meks + Chinwe Proposal from Juice Box Media on Vimeo.

The final clue told them to return the bikes and get dressed up for another surprise.  Chinwe followed the instructions and at 7pm she found a limo waiting to take her to Drago Centro, a sophisticated and classy restaurant.  About an hour into the dinner, Michele from The Heart Bandits interrupted their dinner to tell Chinwe that there was a surprise outside.  When she walked out, she was flooded with emotion.  Meks had hired a jazz band (her favorite music) to serenade her by their own private fireplace.  Meks slow danced with her and then proposed.  Chinwe looked gorgeous and the happiest I have ever seen a lady look.  She said yes and there wasn’t a dry eye around.

If you need help coming up with the perfect proposal idea, The Heart Bandits can help.  We know just the right questions to ask in order to create a unique and special proposal concept for your girlfriend.  Once we have the best proposal idea for your relationship, we get started planning the whole thing.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you!


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How to Create a Romantic Atmosphere for Your Marriage Proposal

So you’ve got the proposal location all picked out, a place with significance to you and your beau, or just a beautiful spot. But what if you want to spruce up your marriage proposal a little? Make the spot a bit more romantic? There are plenty of simple ways to add personal touches to any location.

Flowers in a marriage proposal


Arranging a few bouquets of her favorite flowers around the area is a sweet way to put a smile on her face and show her your attention to detail. Or if you want to go a more classically romantic route, arrange for rose petals to be scattered about.


Candles are a classic romance-booster in any situation. Their flickering glow will heighten the mood in almost any setting. But make sure to think through your location before bringing in real candles. Some places won’t allow them because of fire danger, and if you are outdoors wind could pose problems.


Creating a walk-through photo album by setting up pictures of your favorite moments together is a great way to set the mood and truly be reminded of how much you love and cherish each other. Many florists or event-planning business will be happy to help you acquire and set up easels and large frames.

Color theme proposal

Photo courtesy Vaylia Photography

Color Theme

Do you and your girlfriend have a favorite color scheme? Then why not bring in decorations in those colors to add a simple but personal touch to any location. No matter what the set-up, colored touches can always be incorporated, whether it be ribbons, flowers, pillows, or even furniture.

Figuring out the best way to make your proposal unique and perfect for you and your beau can be a difficult process! Let us here at The Heart Bandits help you sort out your options and put together an ideal proposal just for you. We will put in the hard work so you can relax and enjoy your special day. Contact us today!

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Best Marriage Proposal Idea: Movie Theater Themed Proposal

Now we have all seen the typical movie trailer proposals and we have seen outdoor movie themed proposals.  So you may be wondering, what is so special about this movie theater themed proposal?  Well what is so special is that this adorable couple, Jeff and Ali, actually met when they both worked at the same movie theater.  So when Jeff came to The Heart Bandits to have us help him come up with the best marriage proposal ideas, we knew we had to take them back to where it all began.

We rented out this stunning room at Loft on the Lake in Chicago and put a sign with their old theater name out in front.   We created a Concession Stand which is where Ali worked and we added some gorgeous vintage rentals from ShadowBox Dreams to really set the mood.





Ali was completely blown away by what Jeff planned for her, as you can tell by all of these gorgeous photos by Millicent Wong Photography.  After picking up some of her favorite snacks, Jeff escorted Ali to the viewing area so he could show her a video he made just for their proposal.



Ali of course said yes and there were tears all around the room!



If you are looking for a proposal idea that will make your girlfriend’s eyes well up, we can help!  We work with you to brainstorm ideas that are relevant to your relationship so that when she sees the proposal, she knows it was made just for her.  Whether you need the perfect proposal idea, or the idea you have perfectly executed, The Heart Bandits can help.  Contact us today.

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Recent Celebrity Proposals

A number of celebrities have gotten engaged recently, so let’s take a look at their marriage proposals! Traditional or not? Will they tell the public about their special moment? And, the question everyone wants to know, what was the ring like?

celebrity marriage proposal

Katie Couric just got engaged. Photo by parade.com

Katie Couric & John Molner

Katie Couric and her beau John Molner got engaged over labor day weekend in a sweet and very simple way — at sunset on the beach in East Hampton, N.Y. Apparently it was quite a surprise to Couric, but she still happily said yes when he pulled out the huge cusion-cut diamond ring on a simple band. The couple has been dating for nearly two years, and Molner has gotten to know Couric’s two daughters. The engagement was “a great culmination to one of the best periods of my life.”

Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac. Photo by thehollywoodgossip.com

Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac. Photo by thehollywoodgossip.com

Scarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac

While news just leaked to the public, apparently this stunning pair have been engaged since last month. The couple is remaining mum on how Dauriac proposed and have been shying away from the limelight, but it is nearly impossible not to notice the beautiful vintage Art Deco engagement ring perched on Johansson’s left hand. Hopefully we will get to hear some romantic details of their special moment soon!

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards. Photo by mirror.co.uk

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards. Photo by mirror.co.uk

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards

One Direction member Zayn Malik took a traditional route when asking for Edwards’ hand in marriage, asking both her and his parents for their blessings before popping the question. The young couple, both 20, have done nothing but gush about their joy and love for one another since becoming engaged. While there were some speculations about their relationship due to the fact the Edwards is hardly to be seen in One Direction’s new movie This Is Us, she wasn’t shy about sporting her engagement ring at the premier.

While we certainly are happy for all of these glowing couples, it seems like their proposals could have used more spark, at least from what we’ve all heard. Want to make sure that your proposal is a story that you’ll be eager to tell the world about? Team up with the proposal experts here at The Heart Bandits to create a one-of-a-kind proposal perfect for you and your beau. Contact us today to get started!

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