How to Avoid a Cheesy State Fair Proposal

How to avoid a cheesy state fair proposal

It’s officially October, and you know what that means: fall festivals and state fairs! While these fun-filled events are practically an autumn staple, the state fair might not be the best place for a romantic marriage proposal. With large crowds, petting zoos, and muddy walkways, your proposal might get overshadowed by other distractions.

To pop the question in a setting that’s full of romance, work with The Heart Bandits to plan a proposal that’s sure to impress her. Check out some of these twists on state fair proposals.

Propose at New Heights

Do you like the idea of proposing under the stars at the top of the ferris wheel? Give her  a better view than rows of people below you–try planning a hike to a breathtaking overlook, or work with The Hearts Bandits to coordinate a private helicopter ride.

As you explore new heights together, you’ll have a peaceful setting to express your love and the perfect place for a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the moment!

Add Some Sweets

State fairs are full of colorful, sugary sweets like cotton candy, caramel apples, fried dough, and funnel cakes. Instead of worrying about greasy fingers and large crowds, try planning a romantic picnic in the park. We can help you create a sweet display of chocolate-covered strawberries and bubbly champagne to set the mood.

If you want to get extra creative, many restaurants will help you propose with a decadent dessert platter that spells “Will you marry me?”

Incorporate Animals

Is she an animal-lover? Instead of dealing with muddy shoes, crazy noises, and the funky smell that you’ll often find in the animal section of the fair, why not plan your proposal with the animal she loves most? If you have a pet, there are plenty of creative ways to include him in the proposal.

Whether you gently tie the ring onto your dog’s collar, or order an adorable sweater that says “will you marry my dad?” you’ll create a swoon-worthy moment she’ll talk about forever!

Add Some Competition

The idea of winning a stuffed animal at one of the classic fair games has a certain sense of childlike wonder. But if you want to amp up the romance while still giving her a fun-loving proposal, try planning a creative scavenger hunt!

You can be mysterious with her clues and send her across the city to some of the places you created your first memories at as a couple. When she gets to the end of the scavenger hunt, seeing you down on one knee will be better than any prize she could have won at a state fair!

As you look for fall proposal ideas, avoid the cliches of a state fair and work with The Heart Bandits to create a meaningful proposal that sets the stage for the rest of your lives.

Don’t forget about keeping your ring hidden until you’re ready to propose! Check out these slim engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash.

Fall proposal ideas

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5 Adorable Cabin Vacations for a Romantic Proposal

Romantic cabins for your proposal

With autumn in full swing, you may want to plan a marriage proposal in the heart of the mountains, at your favorite ski resort, or in a relaxing cabin in the middle of the countryside. Colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, and steamy hot chocolate set the scene for an intimate proposal.

To get started, check out some of our favorite cabin vacations for a memorable proposal.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, and you could argue that it created the definition for cabin vacation. As a bustling resort town, Gatlinburg has thousands of cabins to choose from–whether you’re looking for a resort filled with jacuzzis and relaxing spa treatments or a cozy cabin that’s tucked away in the mountains.

With tons of outdoor recreation and plenty of shops, bars, restaurants, and even a theme park, you’ll have endless opportunities for a romantic proposal in Gatlinburg. Get down on one knee at a breathtaking overlook, at the end of your four-wheeling adventure, or at a five-star restaurant.

Big Bear, California

Want to get away from the bright lights of LA? The Big Bear region of California is an enchanting mountain village that’s only two hours away from LA located in the San Bernardino Mountains. The perfect place for a secluded cabin proposal, you’ll be able to express your love under the glow of the sunset and the sparkle of the lake.

If you’d like to plan a more adventurous proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you plan a peaceful horseback ride through the mountains or a relaxing boat ride on the lake.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

If you love to ski and breathe in the crisp mountain air, Steamboat Springs offers some of the best cabins, views, and trails in the Rocky Mountains. Spend the day skiing together and taking in the clear skies and scenic views.

When you’re ready to unwind, plan an intimate proposal in one of the area’s luxurious cabins. Many have restaurant-quality kitchens, private decks, saunas, and hot tubs–all the ingredients you need to plan a proposal she’ll never forget.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

For the free-spirited couple who loves to explore nature, Hocking Hills is a romantic retreat that will make you feel like you went back in time. With gorgeous cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, and adorable countryside cottages, you’ll feel like you’re living inside a photograph.

And if you plan your marriage proposal during the fall when the leaves start to change color, The Heart Bandits can help you find an expert photographer who will capture the bright colors of your romance that will outshine the beauty of the leaves around you!

Asheville, North Carolina

For another relaxing getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville has similar outdoorsy qualities to Gatlinburg with a bit more charm and a lively restaurant and brewery scene. For foodies and adventure-lovers, Asheville has the perfect combination of tranquility and character.

We’ll help you find the perfect place to propose, whether you want to pop the question in front of stunning mountain views or get down on one knee at a twinkling beer garden, you can’t go wrong with any of the hideaways in Asheville.

If you’re planning a cabin vacation and looking for charming proposal ideas she’s sure to love, contact The Heart Bandits. We’ll take care of the details and make sure your proposal is as stress-free as the mountains around you.

Have you chosen the box to store your diamond? These skinny engagement ring boxes will help protect your ring and keep the surprise in tact until the moment you’re ready to pop the question.

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5 Romantic Food-Related Proposal Ideas

Food proposal ideas

If you love food and cooking, why not incorporate it into your marriage proposal? Whether you pop the question at a gourmet restaurant or take a hands-on cooking class together, The Heart Bandits can help you work with vendors or find the perfect space to ask her to marry you. Try some of these food-related proposal ideas!

1. Gourmet Restaurant

Is there a new restaurant getting rave reviews, or an old favorite that serves one of her favorite dishes? As you enjoy a gourmet meal over candlelight, add some romance with each course to make your proposal extra special.

Work with the waiter to bring out small surprises such as a bouquet of roses, her favorite bottle of wine, a plate of chocolates, or a framed picture of the two of you. Over the last course, surprise her with an engagement ring–it will be a meal she’ll never forget!

2. Cooking Class

There’s nothing more invigorating than trying something new together, especially as you prepare to start your life together. A private cooking class is a unique proposal idea while giving you a chance to do something exciting.

Look for creative classes such as chocolate truffle making or make-your-own pasta where your proposal will fit right in! The Heart Bandits can even coordinate the details so the proposal of your dreams goes off without a hitch.

3. Wine and Food Festival

If you love food and wine, why not attend a food and wine festival? Many cities will create events featuring dozens of local restaurants and wineries. You can spend the day walking from stand to stand. If you think she’ll like a public proposal, wait until the moment’s right and get down on one knee. You’ll get plenty of applause and photos!

If you’d rather something more private, plan to visit one of the restaurants you tried after the festival and ask for an intimate table where you’ll have the perfect amount of romance to propose.

4. Home-Cooked Meal

Want to show off your cooking skills in the comfort of your own home? Come up with a menu, fill a vase with fresh flowers, and create a romantic playlist full of swoon-worthy songs. As you serve her dinner, you’ll have the ideal recipe for a magical proposal!

5. Get Creative

If she loves surprises and you want to keep her guessing, try getting creative with some sweet desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries. You can arrange them to spell “will you marry me?” before popping the question. To keep your ring safe, avoid hiding it directly in the food. A compact engagement ring box is a great solution–it’s a discreet place to hide your diamond while protecting it at the same time.

To get started planning a romantic marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits! We can make your vision a reality for a creative proposal that celebrates your love.

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How to Plan a Romantic Indoor Proposal on a Rainy Day

How to plan an indoor proposal

It’s officially almost fall, and winter will be right behind it! With the change of the seasons, weather can be unpredictable and an outdoor marriage proposal might seem risky. If you were planning to propose outside but it’s pouring or there’s a blizzard on its way, you can still plan a romantic proposal indoors with the help of The Heart Bandits. Check out some of our favorite ideas!

Candlelit Dinner

Worried about the unpredictable fall and winter weather? It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside when you propose over a candlelit dinner. Dress up and take her to a gourmet restaurant–in many cases, the manager can find a creative way to deliver the ring with your dessert or after-dinner drinks.

If you want to propose in the comfort of your own home instead, plan her favorite dishes and create a delicious home-cooked meal. Light the candles, turn on some relaxing music, and wait until the moment is right to pop the question!

Intimate Concert

Live music can be the perfect atmosphere for a romantic proposal. Maybe you’ll want to grab tickets to see her favorite artist, and propose when they’re playing her favorite song. The Heart Bandits can also help you work with a local musician to plan an indoor proposal at an intimate place like a museum or restaurant where they’ll play an acoustic song in the background.

Scavenger Hunt

Want to plan something extra creative? Try organizing a fun scavenger hunt throughout your home! You can place the first clue under her pillow when she wakes up and lead her throughout the house with rose petals and other fun surprises. When she reaches her last clue, surprise her by getting down on one knee and asking her to spend her life with you!

Romantic Wine Tour

No matter what the weather is like, a romantic wine tour is sure to keep you warm. The Heart Bandits can help you find the most romantic wineries to visit for tastings. Some may even pair their wine with delicious chocolates for a sweet addition. If you both love trying new wines and exploring the area together, a romantic wine tour is a great indoor proposal idea.

Winter Paradise

In many states, especially in the dead of winter, you’ll find plenty of indoor water parks and spas. For a romantic getaway that will make you feel like you’re in paradise, try planning a weekend trip. As you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying a couple’s massage, you can incorporate a sweet proposal that she’ll never forget.

If you’re planning a marriage proposal but are worrying about the weather, plan an indoor proposal instead! Whether you want to pop the question over dinner or at your favorite winery, The Heart Bandits can help you create a memorable proposal that you’ll look back on for years to come.

A skinny engagement ring box can also keep your diamond protected and hidden throughout the entire proposal. Order yours today!

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4 End-of-Summer Proposal Ideas

Summer proposal ideas

As we welcome the final days of summer, the air is getting crisper, the crowds are getting smaller, and everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of colorful flowers. There’s no better time to hold on to the warm weather and say “hello” to autumn than by planning a romantic marriage proposal.

Before pumpkins start popping up in store windows and sweater weather is in full effect, try one of these end-of-summer proposal ideas!

In the Woods

The end of summer is known for having lower humidity and comfortable hiking weather in many parts of the country. Instead of sweating in the heat of the summer, wait until early September and pick a hike that leads to a beautiful overlook or an intimate meadow filled with wildflowers.

The Heart Bandits can help you find a photographer who will discretely capture the moment she says “yes” with picturesque views in the background! What better way to end your summer than with a hike that leads to the start of forever?

At the Beach

At the end of the summer, most beaches have lost their summer crowds but still have a peaceful energy thanks to the locals. If she loves the sand and the water, and wants to feel the sunshine on her shoulders one more time this season, consider planning the proposal of her dreams as the waves crash behind you.

When you walk to an intimate spot along the beach, The Heart Bandits can set up a romantic spot with rose petals, blankets, and champagne. Enjoy the sunset together afterwards and celebrate the perfect end-of-summer engagement!

Amusement Park

When it comes to sharing cotton candy, holding hands on a roller coaster, and enjoying a competitive round of bumper cars, amusement parks have a certain type of childlike wonder that’s irresistible. While they can be loud and sweaty throughout the summer, September is the best time for short lines and cooler temperatures.

If you want to plan an adventurous proposal, try proposing under some of the twinkling lights in your favorite amusement park!

Botanical Garden

Does she love gardening? The end of the summer is the perfect time for the last harvest of plants and blooms. If you visit a botanical garden, you can propose along rows of tropical flowers and breathtaking arrangements. For something a little more rustic, consider visiting a local farm or orchard and propose in between rows of colorful fruit trees!

To get started planning a romantic proposal during the last few weeks of summer, contact The Heart Bandits. Don’t forget about how you’re going to safeguard your ring–these skinny engagement ring boxes will protect your diamond until the proposal!

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Fairytale Marriage Proposal in Beverly Hills

Marriage proposal with girl in shock

That photo above is exactly why I love my job!  Elvis contacted us to plan an amazing proposal for his girlfriend Summer.  They have been through a lot of adversity as a couple and after finding out that Elvis had to move away for a new job, he wanted to make sure that Summer knew he was committed forever.  One of the most special memories that stood out in his mind was when they saw Fish Leong in concert.  She sings a song about courage and one time when Elvis was having a hard time, Summer sang that song to him and it totally captured how he was feeling at that time; that each other was all they had in the world.

Beverly Hills view for marriage proposal

Romantic marriage proposal in Beverly Hills

For the proposal, we rented a beautiful venue with stunning views of LA to create a fairytale proposal location.  We knew that same song about courage had to be included since it meant so much to the both of them.  We hired a string trio to play beside an aisle made of rose petals that Summer would walk down.   Along the path we placed her favorite colored flowers and special photos of the two of them.  At the end of the path we placed more flowers, photos, and a special map which highlighted some of their most special travels together.

Sheet music for marriage proposal

Romantic marriage proposal idea in Beverly Hills

Engagement idea in Beverly Hills

Romantic decor for marriage proposal in Beverly Hills
Wedding proposal idea in Beverly Hills

Beautiful proposal setup with flowers and map

When Summer walked in expecting to see a restaurant, she was completely blown away.  Their song played as Elvis walked her down the aisle and at the end, he dropped to one knee and proposed using our slim engagement ring box.  Summer said yes!!  They enjoyed taking engagement photos on their private terrace overlooking all of Los Angeles.  The perfect conclusion to their perfect marriage proposal.

String trio in romantic setup

Happy couple after proposal

Romantic walk with couple

Marriage proposal speech

How to propose in Beverly Hills

Slim engagement ring box - Ring Stash

If you want to give your partner an engagement they have always dreamed of, contact The Heart Bandits today.  With over 3,000 proposals planned, we can definitely create the best proposal possible.

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Joanne Leung Photography

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Labor Day Proposal Ideas

Labor Day proposal ideas

If you think about it, Labor Day is one of the best holidays for planning a marriage proposal. It celebrates the end of a long, hot summer while preparing for the coziness of fall. It’s the perfect combination of seasons–a celebration of what we have and what’s yet to come.

It’s also not typically a holiday that attracts a ton of out-of-town family or other social obligations, so your engagement won’t be overshadowed by major festivities. Instead, Labor Day is a laidback celebration full of concerts, cookouts, fireworks, and parades! Your proposal could be a romantic addition to the holiday.

If you’re looking for Labor Day proposal ideas, The Heart Bandits can help you come up with a unique plan that truly represents your love. Check out some of our favorite ideas!


Is there anything more explosive than proposing with fireworks in the background? Not only will she feel like she’s in a fairytale, but the sparkle and glow of the fireworks makes for the ultimate romantic scene.

The Heart Bandits has experience setting up adorable proposal spots in public parks with cozy blankets, roses, champagne, and more. Cuddle up together to enjoy the fireworks, and when the moment feels right, get down on one knee!


If you’re planning to host a cookout, or are heading over to a friend’s house, this can be the perfect setting for a casual Labor Day proposal–especially if she wants her family and friends around to celebrate after she says “yes!”

Get creative and incorporate your proposal into a traditional cookout game like cornhole. If you have trusted friends who are willing to help you keep the surprise, you can pull off a magical proposal that will add to the Labor Day festivities.


Labor Day weekend is typically full of outdoor concerts and tailgating. If you’re going to see one of her favorite concerts, you can make the day even more memorable by popping the question!

Try planning an intimate proposal before you head into the concert, so you can celebrate as you’re singing along! If she likes to be the center of attention, you can always wait until you’re inside and plan a bold proposal where you hold up a sign or propose as you slow dance to your favorite song. Who knows? You might even make it on the jumbotron!

Are you ready to plan a Labor Day marriage proposal? The Heart Bandits has experience planning romantic outdoor proposals, and we can help you make the most of this fun-filled holiday! Contact us today to start creating the proposal of your dreams.

Don’t forget to consider the box for your engagement ring. Ring Stash has slim engagement ring boxes that are perfect for keeping your diamond hidden and out of sight until the big day.

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How to Propose Underwater

How to propose underwater

We all love mermaids, and who doesn’t love the sea? Romantic marriage proposals have traditionally been above water at intimate restaurants or eye-catching sunsets, but what if they don’t have to be?

Go underwater in style with The Heart Bandits. For the adventurous couple or the couple who can’t resist the ocean, an underwater proposal can spark the rest of your lives! Check out our tips for proposing under the sea.

Plan it around her attire.

Determine the type of proposal you want. Are you envisioning something casual, laidback, and beachy? Proposing while you’re in your bathing suits or snorkeling gear may be the perfect option!

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant and daring, you may want to propose when you’re in nice clothes–especially if she’s spontaneous and loves the unexpected. If you plan a bunch of playful activities throughout the day, you may be able to get her excited enough to jump in the water with you — which could lead to The Notebook-quality photos if your photographer is discretely waiting in the water.

Ultimately, you know her personality and the type of clothing that makes her feel most comfortable. Plan your underwater proposal around what will make her feel safe, confident, and optimistic about the future!

Pick a creative photographer.

It’s helpful to work with photographers who are willing to be creative–and think out-of-the-box. Whether they use drones to get overhead footage, or rely on underwater cameras, there’s a sense of unpredictability that comes with photographing a proposal in the water. Your photographer should be willing and eager to run with anything that comes their way, even a high tide or snorkeling gear.

While proposing in the water can be a challenge, it can lead to stunning photography and unforgettable romance.

Pick your body of water.

Do you want to propose in the ocean, or would you rather swim with the dolphins in an aquarium? No matter what you decide, pick a body of water that’s clear, blue, and reflective. Not only will your photography be beautiful and rejuvenating, but you won’t have to worry about what’s swimming along your feet.

If you want to propose in an aquarium or public body of water, The Heart Bandits can help you work with vendors and owners so you aren’t breaking any rules.

Consider how you’ll pop the question.

If you’re underwater, you’re going to have to pop the question without using your voice. It sounds simple, but there are a lot of possibilities. Whether you take signs with you underwater, or write a message on the side of a boat, consider clever sayings that will impress her hook, line, and sinker!

To embrace your adventurous spirit and help her feel like a mermaid for a day, work with The Heart Bandits to plan a memorable proposal you’ll talk about for years to come.

Don’t forget to protect your engagement ring, especially if you’re taking it underwater, with a compact engagement ring box from Ring Stash!

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6 Best Sunsets for Breathtaking Proposals

Marriage proposal at sunset

Who can resist a sunset that rises and falls right in front of your eyes? With golden hues, bright rays, and a warm disposition, sunsets symbolize what we want in a marriage.

As you plan a sunset proposal in the city you call home, or your latest travel destination, The Heart Bandits can help you capture the beauty of the moment. Check out some of our favorite sunsets!

1. Maui, Hawaii

Want to watch the sun set at heights you’ve never dreamed of? Maui’s Mount Haleakala is an unforgettable, 10,000-foot high landscape that makes you feel like you’re in a cloud. Not only can you and your future fiance bask in the golden slumber of this romantic sunset, but you may even witness a green flash when the sun dips into the ocean.

The Heart Bandits can help you transform this tranquil setting into a memorable proposal spot with candles, music, and roses!

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you’re looking for the best places to propose, the Grand Canyon has exquisite sunsets and beautiful views. Hopi Point is known for its rich, amber shades as you watch the sun melt into the water each evening. From 6,800 feet up, you’ll have prime views of the Colorado River and the perfect place to get down on one knee.  

If you want to make it extra romantic, we can help you set up the perfect picnic area for a peaceful proposal that’s full of romance.

3. Tybee Island, Georgia

If you want to plan a beach proposal and love the idea of a secluded island, check out Georgia’s Tybee Island. Sweet, intimate, and full of nature, the western end of the island is quiet and has views of both the ocean and Tybee Creek. Close to Savannah, Georgia, the island is the ideal getaway from the bustling city life.

When you work with The Heart Bandits, we can help you get to your proposal spot and travel somewhere afterwards–with champagne to top it off!

4. Santa Monica, California

Are you California dreaming? For a playful proposal that will bring out her inner child, you can’t go wrong with the Santa Monica Pier. Known for its rustic driftwood and historic charm, it’s the ideal combination of romance and liveliness.

After she says “yes,” Instagram yourselves smooching on the ferris wheel or dining over cocktails. You can’t get more romantic, or West Coast, than Santa Monica!

5. Key West, Florida

Key West is known for its outrageous parties and exciting social scene. If you’re looking to propose down south with a golden sunset as your backdrop, Mallory Square in Key West is a great option.

Full of street performers, live music, and margaritas, we’ll help you find the perfect spot to get down on one knee right as the sun is setting against the sea.

6. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Want to a nautical-themed proposal? Head to the Northeast and visit Gay Head in Martha’s Vineyard. You can propose near the lighthouse where you’ll have unbroken views of the sky, or breathe in the delicious smell of the ocean next to earthy boulders and cliffs overlooking the water.

No matter where you decide to propose, The Heart Bandits can help you manage the details so you can pop the question just as the sun sets. We plan proposals across the country, so we know how to help transform your favorite sunset location into a romantic proposal. Contact us today!

If you want to protect your ring during the proposal, check out Ring Stash’s compact engagement ring boxes.

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6 Most Romantic Gardens for Your Proposal

Romantic garden for engagement

Do you want to plan an outdoor marriage proposal that’s romantic, colorful and peaceful? Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply want an intimate place to express your feelings, the following gardens will set the scene for the rest of your lives!

1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden: New York

With 52 lush acres, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the epitome of urban green space. The garden includes over 42 species of cherry trees as well as a Japanese garden. If you love the city but also love nature, culture, and architecture, this might be the perfect getaway for popping the question.

The Heart Bandits can help you take advantage of the space and set up a romantic picnic area that’s perfect for celebrating your engagement!  

2. San Francisco Botanical Garden: California

Want to explore over 8,000 species of plants as you walk arm and arm with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? San Francisco Botanical Garden has a gorgeous magnolia collection, tropical palm trees, and intimate wooded areas that can’t get any more romantic. We’ll help you find your favorite spot in the garden to pop the question!

3. Longwood Gardens: Pennsylvania

Longwood Gardens boasts over 1,000 acres, making it one of the more sprawling gardens in the United States. If you’re interested in proposing over the holidays, Longwood Gardens is known for its beautiful seasonal displays. The Heart Bandits can help you set up a breathtaking proposal spot that matches the beauty of the plants and flowers around you.

4. Fairchild Tropical Garden: Florida

If you love the beach and want to be surrounded by colorful blossoms during your proposal, check out the Fairchild Tropical Garden. Known for its orchids and cultural festivals, your proposal can be elegant and romantic or lively and entertaining. We’ll help you manage the details, so you can propose in a way that matches your unique bond.

5. Balboa Park: California

When Balboa Park was developed in 1902, it was only the second park of its kind in the United States–New York’s Central Park being the first. If you’d like to propose in a place that’s full of history and animals (after all, the San Diego Zoo is also located in the park), Balboa Park gives you a variety of options.

Can’t decide which area of the park is best? The Heart Bandits can help you find the most intimate spot and set up a romantic area to propose.

6. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens: South Carolina

Located in the vibrant city of Charleston, this garden is full of romance, color, history, and emotion. The calming environment makes it an ideal spot to express your love– it even has a Nature Train that takes you through various landscapes. If you’re in love with a southern belle, these gardens are a refreshing place to propose in the heart of South Carolina.

If you’ve chosen a garden and are ready to plan your proposal, The Heart Bandits has the expertise and connections to create a magical proposal you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Whether you want a live musician, professional photographer, or champagne and chocolate, we can transform the gardens into a beautiful space that celebrates your unique love story. Contact us today!

Want to keep your ring protected and hidden throughout your proposal? Ring Stash has compact engagement ring boxes for the ultimate protection.

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