How to Include “Marry Me” Signs in Your Proposal

Marriage proposal sign

Do you like the idea of including a “Marry Me?” sign in your proposal? This is a fun trend that’s gaining momentum across the country, but it’s important to determine how heartfelt you want your marriage proposal to be. Sometimes, relying on a sign can take away from the magic of the moment.

To go from cheesy to romance, we’ve gathered some of our tried and true tips for proposing with signs.

Don’t use obnoxious signs to spell out a proposal message

Whether you want to propose in the middle of the city or surprise her at an intimate restaurant, “Marry me?” signs can sometimes diminish the significance of your emotions. Instead of focusing your energy on an elaborate sign, consider investing that same amount of attention into the message you’ll share with her when you get down on one knee. Your words will be more impactful and memorable than any sign you could ever create!

Make your sign subtle to blend in with the decor

If you choose to use a sign, subtle touches can help make the sign a romantic part of your proposal instead of being over-the-top. Are you proposing on the beach with a blanket, roses and romantic music? Consider spelling “Marry me?” in the sand or with flower petals along the shore. Your sign will be a nice complement to the emotions you’re expressing, instead of being the center of your proposal.  

Include a hint with your sign–not the whole message

Do you still like the idea of including a sign in your marriage proposal? Instead of relying on the sign to ask for her hand in marriage, try introducing the proposal with something clever like “I have a question for you” or “Look here.” This gives you an opportunity to say something from the heart, and she’ll also be able to hear you say “Marry me” out loud.

Incorporate family or pets

If you have children or pets, you can make it a family affair by including them in the proposal. This is also a great way to savor the magic of your proposal without relying too heavily on signs. Ask them to hold a cute “Will you marry my mom?” sign, but then take the initiative to express yourself as you’re down on one knee. Your family members will help create a sentimental introduction to your proposal, but you’ll still have a chance to flesh it out with a heartfelt message.

If you’re ready to plan your romantic marriage proposal, The Heart Bandits can help you create an engagement you’ll always remember. Don’t forget to think about how you’ll hide the ring! These skinny engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash can keep your diamond safe and protected.

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Broadway Style Flash Mob in New York

There is a reason why The Heart Bandits are known as the #1 Proposal Planners in the world…..we make proposal dreams come true.  Allison contacted us because she wanted to create a memorable marriage proposal for her partner Heather. While she considered doing a Flash Mob, she wanted it to really stand out and be worthy of her partner.  After interviewing Allison, we learned that her partner Heather is a lover of the arts.  She is a performer herself and a huge fan of Broadway, especially Rent.  Since the couple already planned on visiting New York, home of Broadway, we came up with a Broadway style flash mob that will not soon be forgotten.

We previously worked with the very talented choreographer Danielle Quisenberry so we knew she was the perfect lady for the job. Our vision was executed in a way that even surpassed our own expectations.  First, we rented out a portion of the Gramercy Park Hotel and made it look like a bar area that was serving food.  Every single person in the bar area were actors/dancers we hired for the Flash Mob.  The actors were so much in character, that when my photographer arrived she thought they were really just people brunching.  There was a little girl “celebrating her birthday,” complete with gifts and a cake.  The waitress was part of the flash mob.  I mean, everyone had very defined roles and stuck to their characters.

Actors before a marriage proposal

Setting the scene for a unique proposal idea

Creative proposal ideas

Actors before a Broadway style Flash Mob in New York

Heather, Allison, and her 4 friends arrived for brunch, and were told their seats weren’t ready yet but they could wait in the bar area.  Heather had no idea what was about to happen.  All of the sudden, “Seasons Of Love” from her favorite Broadway show Rent came on and all of the people who she thought were just eating brunch, began dancing!

Amazing Broadway Flash Mob performance

Emotional significant other during creative proposal idea

Broadway Flash Mob proposal idea

Dancers during flash mob in New York

Slowly, Heather began to realize that this was all for her.  Suddenly, signs started popping up from behind the bar which talked about her and Allison’s relationship.  Yes, the bartender was in on it too!

Marriage proposal sign

Romantic sign for engagement

Allison brought her beloved front and center and finally revealed that she put this whole thing together so that she could ask her to be her wife.

Marriage proposal speech in front of flash mob

Marriage proposal kiss

Heather said YES!!!  We are so honored to have been a part of this beautiful couple’s special day.  If you want to plan a dream proposal for your partner, you have come to the right place.  Contact The Heart Bandits today, we won’t let you down.

Don’t have an epic proposal and have a cheesy engagement ring box. Check out the stylish and skinny engagement ring box at

Group shot after Broadway Flash Mob proposal

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Choreography: Danielle Quisenberry

Venue: Gramercy Park Hotel

Video: We Cinemas

Photo: Petronella Photography

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5 Ways You Should Never Propose

Couple holding hands with engagement ring

Have you been browsing the web for creative ways to pop the question? If you’re hoping to plan a marriage proposal that truly surprises her, good, old-fashioned romance is the way to go. While you might be tempted to catch her off guard by scaring her in a “fun” way, these types of proposals rarely turn out the way you want.

Before you propose, think about what she likes. After all, if you’re expressing your love, you want to make her feel comfortable with the thought of spending her life with you–not scared. As you work with The Heart Bandits to plan a memorable marriage proposal, we’ll help you avoid these common proposal fails.

Fake Arrest

You might think it sounds fun to roll up in a police car and scare your girlfriend into thinking she broke the law right before you propose. But your big moment shouldn’t be rooted in fear. If she’s already feeling the intense emotions of being pulled over, how do you expect her to divert her full attention to your proposal? Dressing up as a police officer is cute for Halloween, not your proposal.

Fake Plane Crash

Do you really think she wants to fear for her life before you propose? Many viral videos show guys asking a girl to marry them after pretending the plane has a malfunction, but fear is never romantic. An intimate plane or helicopter ride can be a beautiful way to pop the question, so if you’re eager to propose from the clouds, this is a much better option.

Fake Medical Emergency

Similar to above, do you really think she wants to fear for your life before one of the biggest moments of her life? It may seem fun to test her devotion by faking an ambulance ride or hospital visit, but this can seem manipulative and depressing when she realizes you’re leading up to such a happy moment.

After a Fight

Making up after a fight can be fun–we know–but do you really want the negative emotions from your fight to carry over into your proposal? Try waiting for a time when your moods will match the magic of the moment.

On a Roller Coaster

Proposing on a roller coaster sounds like a great idea for thrill-seekers, but pulling the ring out of your pocket can be risky when you’re racing down a steep hill and whipping around turns! Keep the ring in a safe place until you’re off the ride, and then get down on one knee.

Your marriage proposal should be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for both of you. Instead of relying on scare tactics, try thinking about her favorite hobbies or her idea of a perfect day and transform them into a magical proposal. The Heart Bandits has professional experience with planning proposals, and we can help you amp up the romance.

Don’t forget to consider a compact engagement ring box to protect the diamond! Ring Stash has a great option.

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6 Clever Ways to Hide Her Engagement Ring

The best marriage proposal idea

If you want to pull off a romantic marriage proposal, keeping the surprise in tact should be your top priority. Finding a place to safely, and secretly, store the ring can be nerve-wracking–but it’s essential! Are you traveling to a fancy destination for your proposal? Or are you proposing in your backyard?

No matter how you decide to pop the question, we’ve come up with some clever places to hide your engagement ring until the moment you’re ready to get down on one knee:

1. Your dog’s collar. Dogs are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, so why not include them in the proposal? There are so many creative ways to incorporate your furry friend into the biggest moment of your life. You can wrap the ring box lightly around his collar with a ribbon, or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, train him to walk the ring box to you when you’re down on one knee!  

2. Your suitcase. If you’re traveling to the beach or your favorite city, make sure to stash the ring in a place she won’t find in your suitcase–especially if you’re sharing one. Try rolling the ring box into one of your socks or the pocket of a pair of pants.

3. A box of presents. While there are pros and cons to proposing during the holidays, one of the benefits is that you can surprise her by wrapping up the ring. To make it extra fun, put smaller boxes into a big box so she has to open them one by one before finding the diamond.

4. A bouquet of flowers. Consider attaching the ring box to a string and tie it around the bouquet. You could include a romantic note that hints at your engagement, and then surprise her by getting down on one knee and telling her to open the box!

5. A necklace. Did you hear about the woman who spent a year wearing her engagement ring around her neck without knowing it? Her boyfriend was an artist and created a beautiful wooden necklace with a secret hiding place for the ring. This can lead to an exciting surprise, but make sure you consider how long she should wear the necklace before proposing–you don’t want her to accidentally lose it!

6. Your pocket. Whether it’s your pants or jacket pocket, this is a classic hiding spot that never goes out of style. And with Ring Stash’s skinny engagement ring boxes, she won’t be able to tell you have an engagement ring in there.  

If you’ve determined the best hiding place for your engagement ring and want to plan the perfect marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits. We’ll make sure your proposal is stress-free, romantic, and truly personalized!

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How to Facebook Live Your Marriage Proposal

Learn how to Facebook Live your own marriage proposal

Are you a techie, or do you just love sharing special moments with your friends on social media? As technology advances, there are creative ways you can incorporate social media into your marriage proposal!

Facebook Live is an exciting new tool that allows your friends and family to experience your proposal the second it’s happening. The Heart Bandits has experience planning creative marriage proposals, and we can help you add Facebook Live to your engagement–without ruining the surprise. Start with these tips!

Ask Someone for Help

Depending on how you want to propose, asking for friendly (or professional) help can make all the difference. If you’re proposing over a romantic dinner, talk to the wait staff beforehand and see if someone is willing to Facebook Live from across the restaurant. Not only will they be part of your romantic moment, but it’ll be great promotion for their restaurant.

You can also consider planning your engagement around a professional photo shoot. Your photographer most likely has assistants who can help record your engagement on Facebook Live, and your girlfriend will be too busy smiling at the camera and swooning over you as you get down on one knee to notice the live stream!

Share the Love with Friends and Family

No matter who you ask to help stream your proposal, make sure to give your friends and family a heads up. If you know the exact time you hope to propose, they can tune in specifically to watch your proposal in real time.

Facebook Live is perfect for the couple who wants an intimate proposal without a large crowd–but might enjoy a virtual crowd who can share heart emojis, comment with well wishes, and see the moment unfold just as you do! The beauty of social media is that long-distance relatives can also feel connected to your special day.

Watch It Back

Do you want to be able to re-live the magic of your proposal for years to come? By recording it on Facebook Live, you’ll be able to keep the memory alive for both you and your followers. And who knows? Depending on how creative you get with your engagement, Facebook Live could even help you go viral.

To get started planning a romantic marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today! We’ll make sure every detail goes off without a hitch. We also love these compact engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash–they’ll keep your ring safe and hidden so your followers are just as surprised as your future wife when you pull it out of your pocket!

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8 Best Beaches for Romantic Marriage Proposals

It’s the summer, and nothing is hotter than a romantic marriage proposal along the beach! Whether you’re a fan of the Atlantic or the Pacific, proposing with the soothing crash of waves and the sun freckling your faces is pure magic.

No matter what city you’re in, The Heart Bandits can help you plan a romantic beach proposal. Take a look at a few of our favorite hidden gems across the U.S.

1. Folly Beach, South Carolina

Located 10 miles from the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina, Folly Beach is playful and laidback–the perfect place for an intimate proposal! It’s a 12 square mile barrier island, which means you’ll have plenty of restaurants for a candlelit dinner along with miles of sand for the perfect Folly Beach marriage proposal.

2. Carmel Beach, California

Catching rays in Monterey? Carmel Beach is located on the southern end of the Monterey Peninsula, which boasts breathtaking views of the California shoreline on all three sides! Carmel Beach is known for its white sandy beaches and vivid sunsets, so there’s no better place to pop the question.  

3. Rialto Beach, Washington

Do you and your girlfriend love state parks and beaches? Rialto Beach proposals offer the best of both worlds! Located in Olympic National Park, you’ll be surrounded by scenic rocky beaches, rugged sea caves, and otters when she says “yes” to spend her life with you!

4. St. Augustine, Florida

As the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine is historic, family-friendly and charming. If you’re planning a St. Augustine marriage proposal along the water, try setting sail on a cruise boat at sunset, a romantic sailboat, or an adventurous pirate ship!

Romantic beach at sunset to be used for proposal idea

5. Ocracoke, North Carolina

Looking for an East Coast proposal spot that’s secluded and intimate? Ocracoke is the most southern island in the Outer Banks, and you can only get to it by ferry, private boat or plane. If you want a magical getaway to pop the question, Ocracoke is as authentic as it gets.

6. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Located just south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard proposals are known for being captivating and fairytale-like. With lighthouses, quaint churches, and miles of sandy beaches, Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect mix of sophistication and relaxation.  

7. La Jolla Cove & Shores, California

Is she an active adventure seeker? When you plan a La Jolla marriage proposal, you’ll be surrounded by exotic San Diego reefs that are known for snorkeling, swimming and diving. Propose in the cove with views of native sea lions before beginning an afternoon of adventure in La Jolla Shores!

8. Padre Island, Texas

If you imagine your proposal under the stars with glasses of chilled champagne and flannel blankets, you can’t go wrong with the solitude of Padre Island. Less touristy than South Padre Island, this is the ideal spot for intimacy–it’s also the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world!

As you plan an intimate marriage proposal at your favorite beach, work with The Heart Bandits to capture the romance of the moment. Don’t forget to keep your ring safe with a skinny engagement ring box from Ring Stash!

Romantic and calm beach

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10 Marriage Proposal Traditions From Around the World

Marriage proposal traditions

In the United States, marriage proposals are becoming less traditional and more personalized. Many couples are choosing colored gemstones, tattooing rings on their fingers, or shopping together for a diamond instead of leaving it to surprise.

In other countries, marriage proposals are deeply rooted in family and cultural traditions. Curious to see what their marriage proposals look like? Let’s travel around the world and take a look at some of the most historic, creative engagement customs. It might even spark some inspiration as you plan your meaningful marriage proposal!

1. Ghana

In Ghana, marriage proposals typically only happen a week before the wedding! Per tradition, a groom and some of his family members knock on the door of the bride’s family in what’s known as a “knocking ceremony.” This is where he lets the family know he would like to marry their daughter.

2. Norway

Norwegian women are known to wear engagement rings on their right hand, not their left. Many women in England, France, India, Russia and Germany do the same thing!

3. Chile

Similarly, in Chile, women wear engagement rings on their right hand. But guess what? So do men! At the wedding, both people move the rings to their left hands.

4. France

Nervous about picking out the right engagement ring? In France, you wouldn’t have to! After proposing, French couples go shopping for an engagement ring together. But here’s the catch: she can’t wear the diamond until her friends and family give it to her at a small gathering.

5. Argentina

Many couples in Argentina don’t exchange rings at the wedding–only during their engagement.

6. Greece

In Greek culture, it’s extremely important to ask her father for his blessing. Assuming he says “yes,” couples are traditionally required to go to three counseling sessions with a priest who shares marriage advice. After all the blessings are complete, friends and family then throw a celebratory engagement party for the couple!

7. Native American Tribes

Many Native Americans, especially in North America, wear unique engagement ring that reflect their appreciation for the natural world. They typically wear silver rings adorned with natural materials such as turquoise stones and colorful coral.

8. Ireland

If you’re Irish, you may be familiar with the Claddagh-style ring, a traditional Irish ring that’s full of history. The ring is made of a heart held by two hands, topped with a crown. It’s a heartfelt symbol for marriage because, traditionally, the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. The Irish often wear these rings for other occasions, so to symbolize engagement, you must wear it on your left hand with the tip of the heart pointing toward your fingertips. On the day of your wedding, the heart is turned and points toward your wrist.

9. Northern Kenya

In Northern Kenya, Samburu warriors wear detailed beading around their neck. In their culture, certain colors of beading symbolize engagement.

10. Fiji

Are you nervous to ask her father for his blessing? In Fiji, men must present his partner’s father with a whale’s tooth!

Every culture has unique customs for weddings and proposals. The Heart Bandits has experience planning creative marriage proposals that are personalized to include the traditions that are important to you. Contact us today to get started!

No matter how you choose to propose, it’s also important to keep the ring safe. These skinny engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash are a great option for protecting your ring!

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Should You Go Engagement Ring Shopping Together?

Engagement ring shopping before your proposal

Picking out the right engagement ring is one of the most meaningful parts of your proposal. After all, she’s going to wear the diamond forever and it’s a symbol of the unbreakable love you both share. So how do you find the ring of her dreams while maintaining an element of surprise?

Many couples find that shopping for rings together is the solution. This gives you a clear idea of the diamond that catches her eye. On the other hand, many women like the timeless romance of having her future groom surprise her with a ring.

If you’re planning a romantic marriage proposal and want to choose an engagement ring that takes her breath away, here are a few ways to know if you should go ring shopping together:

  • She has specific taste. By specific, I mean, she has an eye for detail and rarely lets anyone shop for her–even you! She may have such distinct taste that she wants a custom engagement ring. In this case, it’s probably best to browse together.  
  • She doesn’t know what she wants. On the other end of the spectrum, many women with a laidback sense of style have never considered the type of ring they want. They may not understand the differences between each cut of diamond, so visiting a jeweler can be helpful for both of you.
  • You have a very specific budget. It’s wise to have a specific budget, especially as you begin your future together. Whether you decide to tell her how much you want to spend or not, shopping together allows you to guide her in a specific section so she doesn’t choose a ring you can’t afford.  

Want to keep the mystery alive and surprise her with an engagement ring instead? Here’s how to know if you shouldn’t shop for rings together:

  • She loves surprises more than anyone you know. There’s no surprise here–if she craves the unexpected and hates knowing what her gifts are before she opens them, you may be able to pick a ring she’ll love!
  • She doesn’t have a strong sense of style. For a lot of women, diamonds of any cut and size are beautiful especially if she’s flexible with her style. And if she’s especially sentimental, knowing that you hand-picked the ring for her will make it even more beautiful in her eyes.
  • You already have an idea of what she wants. Has she showed you pictures or hinted around to the style diamond she likes? Make sure you read her cues. They will be your roadmap when you’re in the jewelry store.

Can’t decide whether to shop together or not? It’s also possible to have the best of both worlds. You can visit a jeweler together but have her narrow it down to her top three choices, so you can still surprise her with the final decision!

No matter what you decide, The Heart Bandits is here to help you plan a creative marriage proposal with just as much glamour and romance as the diamond in your pocket. And to keep that diamond safe, check out these compact engagement ring boxes from Ring Stash!

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A Year Long Proposal That Is Actually Interesting!!

We’ve all seen marriage proposals that last a year.  Most of them involve handmade signs and an iphone video professing love 365 times.  While the sentiment behind those proposals are sweet, it is certainly not something anyone else particularly needs to watch.  But THIS year long proposal is something that will leave you in tears and longing for more.  This proposal involved, hidden cameras, people wearing glasses rigged with cameras, fake Uber drivers, 3 engagement rings, and much more.

Mohan contacted The Heart Bandits in January of last year to plan his proposal.  I knew from the first time I spoke with him that he was no ordinary guy and that no ordinary proposal was going to be good enough for him and his girlfriend Vanessa.  He was visiting New York City from Melbourne, Australia and wanted to do something really unique and that would catch her off guard.  While Mohan is a jokester and a laid back guy, he wanted to prove to Vanessa that he could also be romantic!  He was open to the proposal idea, but his only non-negotiable criteria was that his entire trip AND the proposal would need to be filmed by a secret crew and she could never suspect a thing.  His plan was to capture the trip and proposal on camera but not reveal it to her until her wedding day.  That is quite a challenge to follow a couple around for multiple days without being seen so I knew that Michael Justin Studios was the perfect cinematographer for this project.

For the proposal itself, he floated around the idea of having it take place inside Harry Winston’s salon since he was purchasing the engagement ring from them.  But there were too many security issues around that as you can imagine.  We presented some romantic concepts like filling the room with flowers but that was just too regular for Mohan.  He kept pushing us to get creative and do something that had never been done before.  Since Mohan and Vanessa are foodies, we came up with the proposal idea to rent out a private room at Eleven Madison, a Michelin rated restaurant.  We would rig the entire room with hidden cameras but there was the issue of  Vanessa seeing them.  So we brought in top event design and production company Martin Jobes Design to rig the room with screens and flowers that looked like they actually were just part of the restaurant.  Then Michael and his team hid the cameras behind those screens.

Mohan had already worked with Harry Winston’s to select 3 engagement rings that he thought Vanessa would love.  He wanted to make sure she got to choose one that she absolutely loved- what a guy! Together, Mohan and I came up with the idea of presenting Vanessa a starter menu that posed the question, “if  you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”  Each of the 3 options secretly corresponded with one engagement ring.

When Mohan and Vanessa arrived for dinner, the waiter brought the fake starter menu in and Vanessa made her choice.  She wanted to eat Lobster for the rest of her life!  She placed her order and then the “restaurant manager” came in to serve her the order.  The “manager” was really a Harry Winston representative.  He told her that the chef asked for her to remove the cloche herself and when she did, she was blown away.  There was no lobster at all, but there was a beautiful engagement ring!  Mohan proposed and of course, Vanessa said yes!

As if all of that was not elaborate enough, Mohan and Vanessa boarded their plane back to Australia and about a year later, on Vanessa’s wedding day she learned the whole truth.  That Mohan hadn’t just proposed to her in the most amazing way possible.  He had hired fake Uber drivers wearing camera glasses to drive them around the city, he staged cameramen around SOHO to capture their shopping trip, and best of all, he had the entire restaurant rigged to capture his ultra-romantic marriage proposal.  Then, he kept it a secret for over a year so that he could prove to Vanessa that he could be romantic after all!  Check out the video and share it with everyone you know.  Use the #TheLongCon to let us know what you think.

If you want to plan a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal you need a one-of-a-kind Proposal Planner.  Contact The Heart Bandits today!

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits
Film: Michael Justin Studios
Engagement Ring: Harry Winston
Hotel: The New York EDITION
Restaurant: Eleven Madison Park
Floral: Martin Jobes Design
Wedding Reception Reaction: Soda Films
Driver: Mike Giardino
News Reporter: Taylor Barker
Cinematographer: Michael Porco
Cinematographer: Edison Koo
Cinematographer: Donnell Culver

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How to Propose With Your Family’s Heirloom Engagement Ring

Happy couple on romantic lake

If you want to incorporate your family history into your marriage, heirloom engagement rings can be the perfect place to start! Especially if your girlfriend loves antique jewelry, this can be a wonderful way to give her a ring that’s authentic and one-of-a-kind.

Heirloom rings can also help you save money since you won’t be shelling out money for a new diamond. Ultimately, if family is the guiding force behind your marriage and you have a ring that has sentimental value over multiple generations, why not make it a part of your marriage?

To create a magical proposal, try some of these best practices for proposing with your heirloom engagement ring.

Honoring the Sentimental Value

In many cases, heirloom engagement rings don’t come from immediate family members. They may be from an aunt or a distant cousin, and sometimes, they might not be a traditional wedding ring–they could be a promise ring, a brooch, or a coveted gem. Start by planning an honest discussion with the giver of the ring to get their blessing and make sure they’re willing to share the jewelry with your future partner.

If you think your girlfriend might want to make changes to the ring–such as adding small diamonds around the center stone or altering the ring to match her future wedding band–be sure to mention it when you’re talking to the giver of the ring. Certain family members might be opposed to alterations, while others might be completely open to it. No matter what, it’s important to respect your family’s opinions when proposing with an heirloom ring.

Choosing the Heirloom

If you have heirloom rings on both sides of your family, you’ll have to determine if one has more sentimental value than the other. If one has been passed down over five generations, but the other is from a distant cousin, the ring with the deepest history might be the most meaningful choice.

Also consider the people closest to your partner. Does one of your family’s heirloom rings belong to a deceased family member who made a major impact on your partner’s life? Proposing with this type of ring can be an emotional way to pay tribute to your loved one.

While sentimentality is one of the most important parts of your proposal, your bride’s style is important, too. Pay attention to conversations that happen among family members. You may find that your girlfriend frequently gushes over one of her grandmother’s rings or asks to try it on. At the end of the day, you want to make sure the ring has personal meaning to her.

The Next Steps

As you prepare to propose with your family’s heirloom ring, consider investing in a continued service plan so you can protect the antique for generations to come.

The Hearts Bandits can also help take care of the details of your proposal, making it sentimental and personalized for both of you. Don’t forget to think about how you’ll protect and store the ring–Ring Stash makes compact engagement ring boxes that are perfect for protecting heirloom rings!

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