I know what you are thinking, why would I want to outsource my marriage proposal?  I have the answer right here.  Coming up with original proposal ideas, finding the perfect proposal location, and executing the details of the proposal flawlessly is time consuming.  Aside from the time it takes, if you aren’t a professional, you could easily make a mistake that could cost you the whole proposal!  Can you really afford to botch your marriage proposal?  I am sure your girlfriend would say no!  So leave your marriage proposal planning to the professionals!  Learn more about The Heart Bandits, Marriage Proposal Planners and we’ll to take care of the stressful details for the following reasons:

You Are Still Involved

When I say “outsource my marriage proposal”, it means you are outsourcing the brainstorming and the event coordinating to a professional.  It doesn’t mean that some stranger is planning an intimate moment in your life and you are totally hands off.  You fill out a questionnaire that we have used on hundreds of clients which allows us to get to know you, your girlfriend, and your relationship.  Based on many questions and details you provide us, we are able to come up with complete and well-thought out customized proposal concepts for you to choose from.  You can tweak them as you see fit.

You Are Busy

Do you have any idea how many hours it takes to scour the Internet looking for proposal inspiration?  How about searching for the perfect outdoor venue with the best ocean views?  Leave all of that to a Proposal Planner!  An experienced planner like The Heart Bandits has done this hundreds of times and draw from their experience.

The Heart Bandits, running proposal errands so our clients don’t have to!

Save You Money

You heard me right, hiring a professional Proposal Planner will actually save you money in the long run.  An experienced Proposal Planner has connections throughout the industry to get you the best deals.  They also know how to negotiate and bet you the most bang for your buck!

Creating the perfect marriage proposal is very time consuming.  Luckily, The Heart Bandits are here to help because we are experts at creating perfect proposals and coordinating the venues, vendors, and personnel involved.  We can help you with creating proposal ideas all the way down to planning your proposal.   Contact us Today to get started on your dream proposal.


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